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Re: Queen of Puddings
« Reply #60 on: March 27, 2018, 02:14:12 pm »
Judy, any recipe that uses jam would be ok. I love the challenge of using  Ď mistakesí.
CC, you surprise me.  I thought Queen of Puddings was a classic English Pud.
You are right Chookie, Queen of Puddings is a classic English Pud but I have never eaten or made it. When growing up my Mum seem to make endless Rice Pudding for dessert seeing it was my Dadís favourite LOL

It is of a jam consistency Chookie and therefore will not be a problem using up.  Iíve had enough quinces given to me for 2 more batches of paste so will not cook the next batch so long.

Denise, do try this recipe - you should have all the ingredients on hand and if you donít have cream you can use all milk instead as Iíve done on a couple of occasions.
I might try it one day Judy but DH isnít keen on meringue :-))
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