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Celeriac, Potato and oil soup!
« on: April 07, 2014, 10:14:54 am »
Celeriac potato and truffle soup

3 spuds
1 celeriac
1.4 kilo of stock
1 onion
Seasoning (salt, pepper and anythen else.)
1 small tb of Greek yogurt
oil (Olive, Macadamia, sunflower, truffle, hemp or what ever oil you can get your mits on.)

Cut up the onion and cook it in a tm with some butter until pure white. 100 for 2 mins
Prep the Celeriac and spud, cut up in small bits.

Throw the vegies into the onion mix with the stock and bring to boil(100), then simmer for 40 mins (60) until veg is soft.

Add the Yogurt and blend the entire thing to smooth.
Add the oil of choice.

Pour it into your bowl and sprinkle with seasoning of your choice.

This is a very nice dish I did it just now for the first time. I made 1.5 liters worth.
It is Delicious and an invention of Jamie Oliver.
Sorry for the lack of translation to TM recipe, I work traditional recipes into the mix now and do not think about reverse and all that.

Anyway try this it is super nice to good health.
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