Author Topic: Quick Fix - Every Occasion, Steamed Garlic Mussels with Garlic Tomato Sauce p113  (Read 2391 times)

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I don't eat mussels so I can't say how I personally found this dish, but served it as an entree and those who did thoroughly enjoyed them and did not leave any in the dish. They were very happy slurping and wiping up the juices with crusty bread. 5/5
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I love how many recipes you've made already CreamPuff! So impressed and very happy to hear you are enjoying the book :)

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I made these last week, and they were delicious.  The sauce is really tasty and will be a good alternative for anyone who doesn't like really hot chilli mussels.  I also made some crusty bread to slurp up the juices with too.  5/5