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Carrot and Coriander
« on: June 12, 2012, 04:00:37 pm »

Name of Recipe: carrot and coriander
Converted/adapted from The Soup Bible edited by Debra Mayhew

Number of People: 4 - 6 depending on main course or starter

Ingredients: 50 g butter
3 leeks (or 2 large leeks) cleaned and cut into 4
450 g carrots or 3 large carrots peeled and cut into 4
3 t ground coriander (15ml)
S & p
I litre good chicken stock ( or whatever stock you like)

Garnish Greek yogurt or natural and chopped fresh coriander

Preparation: put butter in  *: add carrots first then leeks, chop on 4  even sized. I am not 100% on timings so watched carefully.
Sweat 10 mins 100 speed 2
Add coriander for another minute as above.

Add 1 litre chicken stock. Cook until done speed 2  :-:  mine took 17 minutes today. The original recipe had sliced veggies and after sweating suggested cooking 20 mins or until done.

Blitz until smooth. Add either more stock or a bit of milk if too thick. If too thin use less stock next time. ( Personal preference)
Add 2 T Greek yogurt, just mix in.
Taste and adjust seasoning if

Serve in bowls with 1 spoon yogurt in bowl and scatter chopped fresh coriander over top,

If freezing omit yogurt, and add on reheating.

Photos: [/img]. 

Tips/Hints: if you like bitty soup omit final blending. I wore oven gloves and put my hand over top of MC while blitzing. The quantity reached just below the max marker.
the original recipe suggested 1.2 litre but that is runny. My own preference is for thicker soup so I put less than the litre in. It does also depend on size of leeks and carrots.

Today I used parsley as had no coriander.

Sorry cant remember how to post photos via iPad, it is soup and orange will that do?
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