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Recipe Requests / Re: Help pls with UK 'birds eye' type custard....
« on: November 06, 2013, 01:19:09 am »
Ok I am going to just add it here  ;D

Thick Custard
This recipe , contributed by Janie Turner, makes a lovely thick custard (like birds) with no artificial ingredients, " my children will finally eat home-made custard now."

500g milk
6 egg yolks
70g sugar
1tsp vanilla extract or vanilla bean paste
20g corn flour exactly, weighed in a tsp at a time to avoid adding too much

1. Put all ingredients in the TM bowl and cook 7 minutes/90Cspeed 4
2 for an even smoother finish, mix 15-20sec/speed 8. Pour out into a serving jug

Tip: this is the perfect consistency for a trifle

Is this with the butterfly in or out?  Obviously it would be out if you were blitzing it at the end on speed 8, but in during the cooking?

Introduce Yourself / Another newbie from Canberra
« on: November 06, 2013, 01:11:44 am »
Hi Everyone,

I'm Melinda, and I live just outside of Canberra.  I've owned my Tmx for about a year and a half now, however I hadn't used it a lot except for smoothies and soups.  Then a couple of weeks ago I made the Thai Red Chicken curry from the EDC, in desperation as I didn't know what else to make for dinner that night and I luckily had all the ingredients!  Since realised how easy it was I've been making sure I use it a lot more, and converting a lot of my current recipes over.

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