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Introduce Yourself / Re: Another newbie from Canberra
« on: November 07, 2013, 05:52:55 am »
I just have a padded base, no foam piece?  I'm going to a demo next weekend so plan to ask the Consultant about it.

I'm really hoping I didn't throw out the foam piece thinking it was just packaging, I don't remember!

I don't use it much and once the bowl is full it's hard to tell if it's on correctly because you can't see the gap between the blades.
I'm assuming that's what happened, just wouldn't have thought that I could have mis-placed it four times!  The soup cooked well without it.  ;D

So if its costing you $1.10 per slice, and your selling them $2.50, that is 125% mark up. pretty good. :)
Actually it's not quite that high.  She hasn't costed in packaging, transporting, licensing, equipment purchase/replacement or electricity costs, let alone labour and time.  It's more likely closer to only a 50% markup or even less.

I rarely use the butterfly. I only put it in if the recipe specifically says to use the butterfly. Eg like making butter.

I have no idea why your butterfly would jump off. I guess you had put it on correctly ?
If I'm following a tmx recipe then I only use it if stated.  If I'm converting another recipe, which I'm doing a lot lately, then I have to guess....

I thought I was putting it on correctly, however once there's soup in the bowl and you can't see the blades then it's hard to tell.   ;)

Introduce Yourself / Re: Another newbie from Canberra
« on: November 06, 2013, 08:02:28 pm »
Welcome Melinda . Remember when travelling with your Thermothingy to keep it on it's side and not upright .

I've bought the Tmx bag to carry it in.  I had no idea that it was meant to go on it's side - having said that, I haven't yet worked out how it's meant to all pack in the carry bag as there were no instructions with it.

Desserts / Re: liquorice ice cream
« on: November 06, 2013, 09:52:25 am »
If you are too heavy handed,  with the Alcohol ,  it won't set at all.  Tastes good though.
Now that could be a problem....  LOL!

Thanks for that, I just wanted to check that I hadn't misread or anything.  Unfortunately my ice-cream bowl has been in the freezer all winter and is full of ice crystals, so I have to thaw it, clean it and then refreeze before useing.  On the bright side, I'm away at a conference from friday until sunday, so I can look forward to making this on monday!

Introduce Yourself / Re: Another newbie from Canberra
« on: November 06, 2013, 09:47:28 am »
I've used it three times today.....  Definitely loving it a lot more than I was.

At one point I was considering selling it, now I'm planning to take it away with us on holidays.  Actually, taking it with me saves it from going on a removal van (we're moving to Perth in eight weeks) and will also feed us while at the in-laws (they're a very DIY family when it comes to cooking.....).

rang head office and the blades were replaced no worries ... only a few weeks left of my warranty ... phew!!!
How long is the warranty on the tmx?  Just curious, I don't need to make a claim!

Tips and Tricks / Re: Composting
« on: November 06, 2013, 09:15:13 am »
I have 3 Bokashi bins, in which you put all of your kitchen waste, then a layer of fermented grains, sort of pickles the mixture. I then leave for 3 weeks, hence the 3 bins, after 3 weeks I empty the first bin into a trench in the garden, cover with a layer of soil and in 3 weeks it has all been eaten up by microbes. My very sandy soil in Fairview Park, SA has slowly been transformed. :-*

I love my bokashi bins as well, they just take ages to get full enough to dig in!

We're only three people in the household, although we eat a LOT of veg.  However up until very recently we had 4-5 chickens so most of our scraps went to them or into the worm farm.  The bokashi only receives stuff the worms and chooks won't eat - onion, citrus, meats.

I've always blitzed my worm feed in a blender, before I had the tmx.  I don't have any problem putting it in there, it all gets washed!

Hehehe, when our neighbour found out we no longer had chickens she asked if I would mind giving my kitchen scraps to her chooks now!  It's not a problem, I hate wasting the scraps (we're about to move interstate so no worms, chickens or bokashi) and she gives me eggs.  Win-Win!

I thought the butterfly had to be used for pretty much any liquid that you you were thickening, particularly custards, lemon butter and the like.  However we've just had a brief discussion on custard in one of the other threads, and there are a couple of custard recipes that don't use it.

So when is it best to use the butterfly and when can I leave it out?

Also, I was making lentil soup the other day, and every time I turned it on, just up to 3, the butterfly would pop off the blades and rattle around.  After replacing it four times I took it out and cooked without it - can anyone suggest why it wouldn't stay in place?


I had some up until recently and gave it away as we're about to move to Perth.

Originally I bought a Scoby and starter liquid from a seller on Ebay, you could try that.  I bought mine six years ago so can't direct you to the same seller - just do a search for kombucha.

I made it for several years, loved drinking it.

Recipe Requests / Re: Help pls with UK 'birds eye' type custard....
« on: November 06, 2013, 08:35:16 am »
The custard for this Vanilla slice recipe is very, very thick and doesn't use the butterfly either.
It's a good thing I'm busy the rest of this week and away on the weekend, or I'd be spending it all in the kitchen - that vanilla slice looks amazing!

Recipe Requests / Re: Help pls with UK 'birds eye' type custard....
« on: November 06, 2013, 08:27:25 am »
I don't use a butterfly for my custard Mel B. so you could do it without. It would be horrid to blitz and forget the butterfly.
And knowing me, that's what I'd do....   ;)

Desserts / Re: Coffee Liqueur Custard Tart
« on: November 06, 2013, 01:24:24 am »
Do you think I could just make the custard part and serve it? I want to make a nice dessert I haven't tried for guests but one needs to eat gluten free. Another thought is to make pastry using spelt flour.
I realise this topic was months ago, however spelt flour still contains gluten.  Spelt is simply an older variety of wheat and is not suitable at all for coeliacs. 

Desserts / Re: liquorice ice cream
« on: November 06, 2013, 01:22:18 am »
600 mls. thickened cream
250 mls milk
3/4 cup raw caster sugar.
good splash of Vanilla
100 mls of Liquorice Liqueur
a generous handfull of soft eating Liquorice cut into 1 cm slices.

Measure all ingredients into TMX bowl .EXCEPT SLICED LIQUORICE,   and mix, speed 5 for 30 seconds.
Tip into Ice Cream machine and process until nearly set.
Add sliced Liquorice and churn for a further minute.
Pour into dish and freeze.
This mix will not set hard because of the Liqueur
Can add liquid Chocolate after sliced liquorice and then have "Chocolate Bullet " 

So you don't cook this at all?  I've only ever made ice cream from a cooked custard base - this looks soooo easy, and licorice is a favourite of all three of us in this house!

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