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News about Thermomix / Re: List of Demonstrators
« on: October 19, 2014, 03:01:45 am »
Hi I'm looking for a consultant in WA who can sell me a new thermomix. I'm not interested in having a demo, just want the machine. I have just sold my 31 to make room for the 5. Thanks

Chit Chat / Re: What's for Dinner Tonight?
« on: December 18, 2012, 09:46:49 am »
The Salami Fettuccine out of the EDC. I've made it once before and we enjoyed it. Changed it a little tonight though as I was prepping nice and early, decided to start cooking and then found out that my husband wont be home until later.
I left out the "add pasta" step, did everything else, tipped it into the Thermoserver, added the uncooked pasta and have now left it in the Thermoserver to cook the pasta.  30-40 min everyone should be home and pasta is on the way to looking perfect.

Chit Chat / Re: Trifle recipe
« on: December 14, 2012, 11:38:40 pm »
My mum used to make Trifle, which im sure is one of the reasons my husband married me - He loves my mums trifle, anyway, she moved to the UK, so I had to recreate the trifle...
Jam sponge roll Sliced and spread around the bottom and edges of a large bowl
Drown it in alcohol - Mum used to use Sherry, I prefer either Peach Schnapps or Cointreau
Drain a tin of "fruit salad" dont throw the syrup/juice out
Spread the fruit over the (now very drunk) jam roll
Make Jelly as per packet instructions, but instead of adding cold water, add the reserved Fruit Juice/Syrup
Pour the slightly cooled Jelly over the fruit
Put it in the fridge to set
Make Custard, allow to cool slightly
Pour over set Jelly
Put it back in the fridge
Whip Cream
Spread cream over set custard
Top with sliced strawberries and crushed chocolate flake.
Watch it disappear.

I have also made a chocolate trifle
Make a Chocolate Swiss Roll
Use this as the base
Drown that in Cherry Liqueur
add fruit
Chocolate Custard
Chocolate cream
Very Sweet but YUMMMMMMMMM

I love Christmas, Means I get to make all of the yummy sweet treats.

Recipe Book Recipe Reviews / Re: Recipe Review Chicken in Yoghurt
« on: November 18, 2012, 10:44:54 am »
This is going on the "Cook Me Regularly" list. A hit with the "i dont eat spicy food" 15 year old daughter and the "that B****y Machine is so noisy" thermomix hater husband, They were both impressed, as was I. I even made Nann bread from the Indian Cookbook, and that worked too. Next time I will divide the dough into about 10 pieces instead of the recommended 6, as they were huge and very thick by the time they cooked.
The Chicken in Yoghurt did have lots of sauce and I will try reducing the yoghurt a little next time, but lots of sauce, makes good use of the Nann Bread.
Loved It!

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