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Special Diets / Re: Paleo and Gluten Free "Inside Out" Loaf
« on: March 22, 2015, 10:45:41 am »
do you think it would be a drama to the loaf if I took out the cheese? as my dd is DF

and the olives as she doesn't like them .. maybe sub roasted pumpkin or roasted onion .

Special Diets / GF and DF beef cakes.
« on: March 22, 2015, 10:40:03 am »
I have been making these for my daughters lunch box .......

500 grams of beef mince
small onion
2 garlic cloves
small carrot
2 small yellow squash (or 1 large)
chick peas--- a tin the size of baby food
lentils -- a tin the size of baby food
1 egg
1-2 slices of GF day old bread. (or the crust ends)
1 teaspoon of GF soy sauce
2 teaspoons of dried mixed herbs
1 flat tablespoon beef stock powder (I use massel )
1 tablespoon of GF BBq sauce (I use fountains)
2 tablespoons of GF Tom Sauce (I use Dick smiths)

open chickpeas and lentils, tip into a strainer and rinse them and leave them to drip off excess moisture.
place the bread and turbo for a few seconds ..... to appear like a chunkier crumb. remove and pop a side.
place onion, garlic, carrot, squash into bowl and turbo til nice and even looking ... maybe a couple of pushes over 10 - 15 seconds

add in the rest of the ingredients though only add in 3/4 of you bread crumbs ... place on  :-:  speed 2 ,,20 sec .... and use your spatula  to encourage mixing through the top hole.

then scoop them out and roll them and flatten them in to beef cakes and pan fry or grill on bbq .

note if you wanted to hide the chickpeas and lentils from the kids .. add them in with the onion carrot etc.

I will get pics soon and edit the post when I do . I hope you enjoy.

Chit Chat / Re: so glad i have a thermo ....
« on: March 22, 2015, 10:14:40 am »
Wow PAP that's a lot of hard work - I know banding isn't a magic fix and you should be proud of the effort you have put in to achieve your goal!

you are right it is not .... there has been so many things that I have changed in my journey ... and it is a mental discipline as much as a physical adjustment ..... but no regrets ... and would I do it again ... in a heart beat  :)

maybe SkinnyAssPixie

thank you ladies for you encouragement over my journey I am truly thankful for it .


Chit Chat / Re: so glad i have a thermo ....
« on: March 22, 2015, 02:40:35 am »
hey ladies ..... sorry it has been so long ... but I managed to lock myself out of the forum ..... any way today I have managed to get in ..... so I thought I would like to share my up dates ... before I go sniffing about any new recipes .

I am now floating around 84ish kgs ... I really don't weigh myself so much ....

so this is me before I had my banding .... and me in feb 2015

Chit Chat / Re: Soft boiled runny eggs & hard boiled eggs
« on: November 08, 2014, 04:01:00 am »
I'm not sure where I got this from (on this forum somewhere I think  :) :)) but it has always worked for me. I only do one "layer" of eggs in the basket.

1.Place 500g water in TMX.
2.Place eggs in basket and program Temp Varoma, speed 1 and times as follows:
(I would say these times are for very large eggs)
11 mins  - liquid yolk and creamy white
12 mins - creamy yolk and firm white
13 mins - softish yolk
14 mins - quite firm yolk
15 mins - hard boiled eggs
If your eggs are small, reduce time.

this is awesome :)

Chit Chat / Citrus Fruit...
« on: June 09, 2014, 02:44:18 am »
Hello ladies .....

I have lots of citrus fruits at the moment ..... I have mandos, oranges, and tangelos..... I am looking for some recipe suggestions on how to use them up ......

they don't have to be thermo ....

and I would like to do some sort of roast ...... as I have never cooked a roast with citrus .... but I was thinking maybe something to go with pork or chicken .....

Any ideas would be great ......cheers Sammi

hello everybody ....

I am going to make this tonight .... I have never done it ... as I have a slightly different recipe that I use ... but I thought I will give the EDC a bash ... so we will see how I go ....... but loving the reviews :)

Desserts / Re: Glazed Kiwi & Lime Tart with Pistachio Crust - with photos
« on: September 15, 2013, 01:36:31 pm »
I was just wondering .... what sort of pistachio nuts did you use? are they raw or roasted?


rang head office and the blades were replaced no worries ... only a few weeks left of my warranty ... phew!!!

oh dear................................. :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[

the shaft in my blades seems to have stripped themselves or something .................... my heart is so heavy about this .... I was making the lasagne ..... I was mincing my meat ..... I pre chopped it into cube size chunks and it was just over 200g ... and I was doing it with the pulse button .....I have made this recipe a million times!!! ....never had this problem,,,,, all of a sudden a screeching /whistling sound came from my thermo .... I turned it off and pulled the meat out .... pulsed it again ... blades did a spin .... put the meat in and they just sit still. :(

so I guess I will have to contact HO..... what is the best way to do this?

the lady who I got mine through is long gone .... and I do not know of any other consultants in the cairns area.

 so I hope everything can be sorted easily .......sad and stressed .....esp cause I have friends coming over for dinner with a 3 course meal planned .... oh well looks like back to the kitchen doing it the ole fashioned way ....what a culture shock!!!!1

Chit Chat / Re: so glad i have a thermo ....
« on: March 26, 2013, 05:34:22 am »
i know i would post a pic ..... and maybe on school holidays i will get too it ...please forgive me for my slackness  :-)) :-)) :-))

but i am 97.5 kgs atm ..... so that is about a 27 kg loss ..... (but if i could stop eating those bloody maltesser bunnies...lucky they are just out at easter time).

My next goal is to be -30 by oct ---- that will be 12months since my op.

Main Dishes / Re: Mrs Duck's Chicken Curry
« on: March 26, 2013, 05:30:25 am »
do you think i could sub a tin of coconut milk then top with (lactose free) milk ? ..... i am looking for  nice "yellow" coconut curry ..... something that usues raw chicken ... and it a thicker sauce ..... any suggetions?

Condiments and Sauces / Re: Sweet Chilli Sauce
« on: February 09, 2013, 08:18:21 am »
i am onto about my fourth batch of this ... and only one jar has been shared  +_+ .... i love it, so i can never see a jar of sitting about for 6 months  ;)

Main Dishes / Re: Honey & Soy Chicken
« on: February 09, 2013, 08:09:17 am »
Kulsha ..... i love the sound of the lemon .... i might try this next time.

Chit Chat / Re: so glad i have a thermo ....
« on: February 09, 2013, 07:50:52 am »
thanks guys for asking ..... i am currently @-24 ..... soooooo close ..... but i am being so naughty and having chocolate every day  :-)) :-)) :-)) and a little alcohol (cause hubby has been home for 6 weekes holidays.....and on that note we are going out tonight to join in on some chinese NY feasting  :-)) )but oh well i am still happy with where i am at.

i have had to get rid of 6 garbage bags of clothes ..... not one thing i owned pre surgery can fit me anymore........ i actually had a funny moment a while back and forgive me if i am repeating the story .... but i had on my daggy jarmies on a sat morning ... doing the washing ... and i bent down to the basket, went to peg up some clothes and my jarmie bottoms just fell to the grass!!!! Geeezus lucky we have i high fence or other wise our neighbours might be suing me for trauma insurance.

But i feel great, in fact i said to my hubby last weekend that i feel like my life is full of "awesomeness" less than 6months i have lost 24 kg and kept it off, i have started a new job (prep teachers aide), i can shop in regular clothes shops..(i am currently a regular size 14/16 top and a regular 16/18 pants.) ..i have joined a gym and love it!!!!  i just need the winning lotto ticket and I'd have it complete.....

as for photos i will get onto it in the next few days .....thanks for taking an interest

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