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Introduce Yourself / Re: Hello from SA
« on: August 12, 2009, 07:14:13 am »
Hi, I'm just checking in.  Have been reading heaps of back posts and am enjoying doing so, have been having fun with thermie, mostly good results but enjoying it none the less.  Hope to be able to add to all your great tips and recipes at some stage, but for now just happy to read and learn from such a wealth of experience.   :D

I did make a delicious soup that I found on a Canadian website, will have to post that somewhere with a photo, maybe in recipe exchange?

Introduce Yourself / Re: Hello from SA
« on: August 08, 2009, 04:50:40 pm »
Oops sorry Judy, thought you went for the Crows (where's the embarrassment smilie?)   :D

Thanks Cookie, nice to be here.  ;D

Introduce Yourself / Re: Hello from SA
« on: August 08, 2009, 12:35:51 pm »
Thankyou  for your warm welcomes  :D

Judy, hello  back to a fellow South Aussie, I see you follow the Crows, me too!  :D

Thermomixer, I already love my machine, I so enjoy experimenting with it, it's all new still, but I am having fun.

Hi Brazen,  in fairness to my consultant, who is a lovely girl, she did say that the TM had helped her in the kitchen because she hates cooking, and I'm hoping as she becomes more confident it will shine through in her demonstrations.  :)

Shayla, I'm sorry I didn't acknowledge your mash recipe.  I have been reading that many posts that I neglected to record whose recommendation it was.  Thankyou for posting it.   ;D  I did try sauteeing the onion in the TM the first time I made the soup, but found it didn't caramalise enough, but that's ok, it's not a hassle to do in a frypan and the flavour makes it worthwhile.  :)

Trudie, Hello,   :D  I already love it, I've used it for 3 things today.  How good is it to set and walk away instead of having to stand and stir. Brilliant!

Introduce Yourself / Hello from SA
« on: August 08, 2009, 02:29:24 am »
Hi my name is Julie and Iím from SA.
Hadnít seen much info about the TM, but I was aware of it.  After seeing it on MC, it renewed my interest again enough so to contact HO to enquire about a demo.  Within 2 days a local consultant had contacted me but seeing it was only me interested in seeing one she said sheíd contact me when she could organise a demo in her own home.  A week later, she rang and we set up a time and place.  The demo didnít exactly set me on fire, in fact Iíd gone there expecting to order one that night, but came away unsure.  In the demonstrators defence sheíd only had her machine for 3 months and said upfront that she didnít like cooking, so I think that really made the difference.  Anyway after reading through this forum and thinking all you lovely people canít be wrong, I became enthused again and 3 days later rang and ordered one.  Paid my money that day (last Thursday) and on Monday arvo she rang to say it had arrived and would deliver on Tuesday afternoon.  Was very impressed with the speedy delivery and couldnít wait to get started.

By the time it was all washed and a set up in itís place I didnít have much time left to play with it, but as I was cooking fillet steaks, baked potato and salad that night I decided to do something simple that Iíd seen on the UK site, which was frying some pancetta slices in a dry frypan, allowing to cool then breaking into pieces and then blitzing in the TM bowl to make crumbs.  These I sprinkled on top of the baked potatoes that first had a little butter, grated cheese and a small dollop of sour cream, then the crumbs.  Was a nice flavour boost and looked good too.  What I didnít use have been put in a sealed container in the fridge to use up in other ways.  I was very impressed at how small it made the crumbs.(would be nice sprinkled on a pizza that had just been taken from the oven).

The following day I firstly made the veg stock concentrate but I used a different recipe than in the book which included an onion and 2 leeks.  Made it but only added 2 tsp rock salt as I didnít need to preserve it and I prefer to add any salt to the meal Iím cooking to have control of the saltiness.  As soon as it had cooled, I measured out level tablespoonful and put into ice cube trays and froze them, then once frozen removed to a zip lock bag.

I then made pumpkin soup and sautťed the onion in the TM bowl and used the veg concentrate that Iíd made.  Very easy and the colour and texture was wonderful (deseeded and peeled the pumpkin) but I really didnít like the way it tasted which was very oniony and not as nice as I usually make. 
Was a little disheartened at first, wondering was it the machine or the ingredients, so yesterday I made some more only using my usual stock and also fried off the chopped onion in a frypan until tender then added some spices and stirred until aromatic, then  added this to the chopped pumpkin in the bowl and proceeded from there.  It turned out great and as nice as my usual soup I make on the stove top.  Success!

Of course this led me to make up another batch of veg concentrate only this time I followed the recipe in the book, plus added a little sweet potato too and I again fried off the onion to remove the Ďrawí taste.  Was very happy with the taste of this and froze in the ice cube trays again.  I think I will use 1 cube of this and maybe Ĺ of one of the other until all used up.

Last night I made Mediterranean Lamb done on the stove top and in the oven and could see that mashed potatoes would be the perfect accompaniment. I remembered reading a post from someone on here about doing them in the strainer basket but using water like normal and not milk as in the book, so following her lead I made the mash this way and after removing the water from the bowl, added the butterfly whisk and then threw in some cubes of butter and some milk to the still hot bowl, dropped in the cooked potatoes and combined for about 20 seconds. WOW they were the creamiest, smoothest, mash Iíve ever eaten.  This will be the only way Iíll make mash now.

Iím slowly but surely getting used to this wonderful machine and am enjoying testing what it can do.  I can see it will be a big help to me in the kitchen and learning the best way for it to cook the food that we like.  Some things just have to be cooked on the stove top or oven, but thereís so much that the TM can do that Iím going to really enjoy this journey.

Thanks for reading what I didnít mean to be such a long post.  I hope Iíll be able to add to your wonderful forum in some way.

Julie.     Oh and Hi Cookie1   ;D

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