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Cooking for me and you Book 1 - Links to reviews
« on: February 12, 2014, 02:05:03 am »
This book is available through Head Office or your consultant.

08 Five spice powder
08 Curry powder 
09 Curried almonds 
10 White balsamic reduction
11 Lemon and caper aioli
12 Yoghurt and jalapeno dressing
13 Indulgent hot chocolate 
14 Spiced hot chocolate 
15 Dairy free hot chocolate 

16 Green smoothie 
17 Apple pie smoothie 
18 Peach, raspberry and banana smoothie
19 Beetroot smoothie 
20 Breakfast bars 
21 Coconut and quinoa porridge with toasted almonds
22 Potted scrambled eggs with asparagus 

23 Chicken and port pate
24 Lamb and barley soup
25 Spicy cauliflower soup 
26 Traditional chicken broth with angel hair pasta
27 Pork San Choy Bau
28 Prawn stir-fry 
29 Thai beef salad with noodles 
30 Quinoa salad with mango salsa 
31 Broccoli and three cheese pasta bake
36 Pancetta, pine nut and ricotta papardelle

37 Pork and apple cider stew 
38 Mediterranean vegetable bake
39 Spinach and ricotta patties with tomato sauce
40 Asparagus risotto 
41 White fish and lemon risotto
42 Prawn and saffron risotto 
43 Steamed salmon with broccoli pesto
44 Asian-style mussels 
45 Miso chicken and rice 
46 Five spice duck with mushrooms and Asian greens
47 Lemon chicken with crispy potatoes
48 Lamb rack with port sauce and parsnip puree
49 Shepherd's pie with butter bean mash
50 Lamb and feta meatballs 
51 Bolognaise sauce for two 
52 Slow cooked Mexican beef 

54 Pearl barley bread rolls
55 Fig, apricot and tea bread 

56 Custard 
57 Cloudy apple cider jelly
58 Stewed apple with walnut crumble topping
59 Saffron and cardamom poached pears 
60 Frozen strawberry cupcakes with white balsamic reduction
61 Baked chocolate ricotta cakes with blueberries
62 Steamed pistachio cheesecake with mango
63 Pecan, apple and carrot pudding
64 Chocolate custard souffle 
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