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Jams and Chutneys / Basic Blackberry Jam
« on: August 12, 2009, 05:07:26 am »
Recipe Name: Basic Blackberry Jam
(although you could also use raspberries etc)

Makes: 2 Medium Bottles

500g Blackberries (thawed or fresh)
500g Granulated sugar (raw sugar is fine)
Lemon Juice - The juice from 1 medium lemon

Place all ingredients in bowl and cook for 40 minutes at 100 degrees on speed 2.
Check for a set - tilt bowl, stand it back straight and then look for gel at the top of the bowl.
If it needs longer cook in 5 minutes intervals (100 degrees on speed 2), checking for a set after each interval.
If you reach 50 minutes and it still isn't setting place a folded towel firmly over the MC and heat on Varoma for 3 minutes, speed 2 (be careful removing the towel as it will be quite hot).
Pour the jam into warm sterilised bottles.

  • You can use less sugar in this recipe, but have some jam setter or pectin ready in case it won't set.

  • To sterilise bottles give them a good scrub in hot soapy water, place them upside down on an oven tray and "bake" them for 30 minutes at 140 degrees.  Plastic coated metal lids can be sterilised by placing into a pot of boiling water for 1 minute.

  • If you have any left over jam place into a bowl, cover with plastic wrap and use within a couple of days.

  • If your jam bubbles too much, reduce temperature to 90 degrees for a couple of minutes.

Seafood and Fish / Prawn Linguini
« on: August 11, 2009, 01:01:02 pm »
Prawn Linguini

Serves 2-3

This is based on the Linguini with Squid recipe from the tmx Seafood Cookbook.

60g Oil
50g Breadcrumbs
50g Onion
1 Red Chilli
1 can peeled tomatoes
750g water
2 tbsp TM Vegetable Stock Concentrate
300g linguini
300g green prawn meat
(I use large green prawns, shelled, deveined and cut in half - you will need at least 500gs before shelling etc).

Place 30g oil into bowl and cook for 3 minutes at 100 degrees on speed 1.
Add breadcrumbs and toast for 2 minutes at 100 degrees on speed 3. Remove and set aside.

Into unwashed bowl place onion and chilli and chop for 6 seconds on speed 6.
Add remaining oil and saute for 3 minutes at 100 degrees on speed 1.
Add tomatoes and cook for 5 minutes at 100 degrees on reverse, soft speed.
Add water and stock and cook for 10 minutes at 100 degrees on reverse, soft speed.
Add pasta (breaking in half) and cook for 10 minutes at 100 degrees on reverse, soft speed, adding the prawn meat for the last five minutes of cooking.
Sprinkle with breadcrumbs before serving.


Note: Push pasta down with spatula during cooking and give it 2 or 3 little bursts at reverse speed 3 during the cooking time to ensure it is mixing in well with the sauce.

members' comments
rowi - I made the prawn linguini last night, and it turned out delicious!  Thank you for the recipe.

sueh - Thanks Chelsea. May family really appreciated your recipe. We came home soaked after a very wet walk and all agreed we wanted prawns and pasta. It was so easy and we enjoyed the meal. We might add some more prawns next time as my family love them and there just didn't seem that many to go around. The amount of pasta is just perfect for the four of us and we had 2 small lunch time serves left over for the freezer.

Mum to Four - Thank you for the recipe - one son had three helpings, husband had more and quote "this is the best meal I've had in a long time" and that was from someone who thinks prawns are over-rated. Guess we'll be having it again!

Tocco - Did this last week but without the breadcrumbs. Enjoyed.

JD - Thanks for the recipe Chelsea.  We had it for tea last night but I'd been rushed off my feet and hadn't checked the pantry for all ingredients.  No spaghetti or linguini so I used soba noodles instead, less liquid because they don't seem to take up as much as normal pasta and it only needed 5 minutes, added the prawns with 2 minutes to go as they were not the normal large size I buy.  DH had said not to serve him up a big meal but I didn't listen to him as I know how much he loves anything with prawns in - he ate it all, no complaints and really enjoyed it. I also did not do the breadcrumb topping.

Shazzy - Made this tonight and we all really enjoyed it. I was to lazy to peel prawns so brought already shelled garlic prawns and didn't have any vege stock paste so used a stock cube. Also didn't make the bread crumbs.  Will definitely make again. Thanks Chelsea.

Questions? Technical Issues? The Survival Guide / Olive Oil??
« on: July 31, 2009, 05:04:40 am »
I'm trying to get my head around olive oil (and other cold-pressed oils).  There are just so many types when I look on google, but when I go to the supermarket there only seems to be EVOO, pure and light available.  I know that pure and light both contain refined oils which I want to get away from, but how far can I go with cold-pressed EVOO - baking, frying???  I would love to know what other people use?
Chelsea  :) 

Hi All,

I am wanting to buy some rapadura sugar online to try in my baking.  I noticed that several websites use the names rapadura, muscovado and sucanat sugar interchangably and am getting confused.  I then noticed that Billingtons sell light and dark muscovado sugar and am even more confused.  I seem to remember the Billingtons is very strong and wondered if it would be suitable for general baking anyway.  Can anyone shed any light on the subject?

Chelsea  :)

I am a chocolate lover and am trying to replace my evening pleasure (a couple of squares of Cadbury's when the kids are in bed) with something that is a little better for me.  Cyndi O'Meara talks about chocolate on her website, but doesn't go into detail.  I'm saving for her books, but in the meantime I'm just wondering what type of chocolate she recommends?  I bought Green&Black's organic 85% cocoa this week with my groceries - but haven't got past the first square because of the bitter taste.

Chit Chat / Tassie News!
« on: July 14, 2009, 06:00:09 am »
Hi All,

I went to a fantastic tmx B2B cooking class last night (curries - yummy) and just have to share the wonderful Thermomix news.  Fiona (our Tassie leader) announced that she is going to be running "advanced" thermomix cooking classes (Hooray)!!!  I'm going to have to get very busy with my thermie to ensure that I am up to the "advanced" stage when the classes begin  ;D.  The pressure is on now other states (and countries)!!!

Chelsea  :)

Chit Chat / Preparing for the unexpected!
« on: July 07, 2009, 05:39:46 am »
Hi there,

I am trying really hard to remove packaged and processed food from our family's diet and am going reasonably well.  One thing I am struggle with though is preparing for the unexpected.  I do a weekly menu plan and stick to it pretty well, but it is things like unexpected visitors arriving when the bickie tin is empty and needing a quick family meal when we arrive home from a day out that throw me a bit.  We live out of town, which I guess makes it more important to be organised.  Where once I would have pulled out a "packet-something", now I need to quickly think of something to whip up (and need to have the ingredients in the cupboard ready to go) or have things ready in the freezer.

I would love some suggestions to help me out:
What is your morning tea for unexpected guests?
What is your quick "slap-up" thermomix tea for your family?
What do you keep frozen in the freezer for busy times?

Chelsea  :)

Cakes / Lime & Macadamia Fudge
« on: July 02, 2009, 06:17:45 am »
Lime & Macadamia Fudge

395g can condensed milk
500g white choc melts
150g macadamia nuts, chopped
2 limes (zest only)

Line a 18cm square tin with a piece of baking paper (so that the paper comes up the sides).
Place the lime zests in the  *: and grate finely (10 seconds, speed 8 ). Set aside.
Place the melts into the  *: and grate (5 seconds, speed 8 ).
Add condensed milk to the  *: and melt/combine (approx. 5 minutes, 50 degrees,  speed 1).  Check often and stop when fully melted.
Add zest and chopped nuts and combine (approx. 30 seconds, speed 1).
Tip into tray and refrigerate until set.  Cut into squares and keep in fridge.

This recipe was taken from the first 4 ingredients cookbook.
I prefer to handchop macadamia nuts (they easily over-process in the  *: ). I just give them a rough chop while the chocolate is melting.
If you use nestle melts (375g bag) and don't want to buy 2 bags , reduce your condensed milk to 300g so that it will still set.

members' comments

ILB - made this and licked the spoon after putting it into the tray. Think I would have done the zest of 2 limes, but it's hard to judge on such a small amount.
Note, Chelsea has since added the extra zest to her recipe. JD

Kimberley -  it was delicious. We loved it. Thank you for posting the recipe.

Cakes / $250 Cookie Recipe
« on: June 27, 2009, 12:53:27 pm »
$250 Cookie Recipe - Read my next post for the explanation.

130g oats
125g Cadbury chocolate
80g nuts (optional)
125g butter
100g brown sugar
120g sugar
1 egg
˝ tsp vanilla
150g flour
Pinch salt
˝ tsp baking powder
˝ tsp bicarbonate of soda
170g chocolate chips


Preheat oven to 180° and grease or line biscuit trays.

Blend oats in tmx to a fine powder (8 seconds, speed 8 ), set aside.

Grate Cadbury chocolate squares in tmx (5 seconds, speed 8 ), set aside.

Chop nuts if you are adding them in tmx (4 seconds, speed 5 ) , set aside (can combine with grated chocolate).

Place butter and sugars into bowl and cream (30 seconds, speed 5).

Add egg and vanilla and mix (6 seconds, speed 5).

Add flour, oatmeal, salt, baking powder, bicarb soda and mix (20 seconds, speed 5).

To add the choc chips, grated choc and nuts try reverse speed 4-5 and gradually adding the choc and nuts through the hole.  Note: the mixture gets very thick (like rum balls) and in the end I had work the last ingredients in by hand as my blades wouldn’t spin.

Roll into balls (no need to flatten) and place 5cms apart on tray.  Bake for 10 minutes.


See Chelsea's healthier version of this recipe here.

members' comments

Chelsea - The cookies are yummy, but still don't compare to the fudgy-wudgy ones in my books. . . .
I made these today but used some healthier ingredients (rapadura, white spelt flour, organic chocolate etc).  I think I will post it as a separate recipe so that it doesn't get lost in this thread.  
When made with roasted peanuts I think these are my favourite cookies of all time.

mum23 - these are very yummy! I had no problem at the end mixing everything in Thermy. (I forgot to add last bit gradually).

Chookie - thanks, a very good biscuit.   Not too sweet,  which is how we like them.  I think it is the oats that gives them a nice texture.    Will make them again although will modify a little.   Will melt the butter and chocolate to allow for easier mixing at end.   I used a small ice scoop to form the biscuits and chopped the walnuts by hand. Thanks again   Made 3 doz.

cookie - We love these cookies. Very moreish

bellesy - Made these, skipped the choc chips but I don't think it matters).  They were really wonderful.

Chrisie8 - Lovely cookies, made my very first cookies in my new TM.  Thanks heaps for sharing the recipe!  

Culidh - I've made these a couple of times and like them so much I do not allow myself to make them very often.

Denzelmum - 10/10.  Yum!  I made about 4 dozen, good size for little mouth.  Will make it again, with your healthier version.  Thanks, Chels!
Made another lot today, using all steel cut oats, no choc chip and jumbo size (a dozen).  Yummo!
Also made with white choc, my fussy DD said it's soooo yummm...

salval -  Yum! Thanks for the recipe!

Lynnie - they are sensational.  I used lindt chocolate as this was all I had.  Not sure if it made much difference.

Zan - Loved them. Used mostly dark chocolate.

Courton - Delish. The only comment I would add is that my cookies took nearly 15 mins to cook, not 10.


Recipe Requests / tomato chilli jam
« on: June 22, 2009, 05:51:24 am »
Hi All,

I'm after a tomato chilli jam thermomix recipe.  I have a recipe that I did convert once (with great difficulty), but I've lost the notes I made at the time (most likely my toddler ate them  :)).  I know that there is one with small quantities included with the lemon pancake recipe (from the lemon comp.), but I'm unsure if it is suitable for bottling (it just states to set aside to cool).

Any help greatly appreciated.

Chelsea  :)

Chit Chat / Flour for Baking
« on: June 19, 2009, 05:20:15 am »
Hi All,

I set a challenge for myself each week to replace one pantry/fridge item with something that is a more wholesome and healthy option.  I got a bit overwhelmed when I first got my thermie and thought doing just one a week might help.

My ingredient I am trying to "improve" on this week is flour for baking (basic cakes, biscuits etc).  At the moment I'm just using bleached plain and SR flour and occasionally wholemeal flour when a recipe calls for it specifically.  I'm certain I can greatly improve on this, but am a bit clueless as to what I should be trying.  I'm just wondering what other people use?  Do people mill their own flour for baking in their tmx?

I know Cyndi O'Meara uses organic unbleached flour in some of her recipes and have thought of trying this.  I've also heard that spelt flour can be good.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Chelsea  :)

Cakes / Easy Apple Teacake
« on: June 16, 2009, 05:28:59 am »
I haven't tried the apple teacake from the Aus cookbook, so I can't compare.  I do know that this is very easy and tasty though!

Easy Apple Teacake

Butter (60g)
Milk (200g)
Egg (1)
Vanilla Extract (half teaspoon)
SR flour (190g)
Raw Sugar (100g)
Pinch Salt
2 medium apples peeled and thinly sliced (preferably cooking apples or golden dels)
Cinnamon and sugar (for sprinkling on top of cake)

Preheat oven to moderate and grease and flour your cake tin (I use a 20cm ring tin).

Melt butter in tmx bowl for 2 mins, 90 degrees, speed 1.

Add milk, vanilla extract and egg.  Mix for 5 seconds on speed 5.

Add flour, sugar and salt.  Mix for 10 seconds, speed 5.

Tip batter into tin and poke apple slices into batter (doesn’t matter if bits stick out).  I do a fan shape around the tin.

Sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon.  Bake for 30-35 minutes.

Serve by itself, or with whipped cream and/or custard.  Enjoy.  :)

Photos by Maddy (many thanks  :-*):

You can find another version of my Easy Apple Teacake (which includes spelt flour and rapadura) on my blog here.

Members' comments
Trudy - I love how the sugar & cinnamon have formed a crunchy topping.  I'm sure it will taste as good as it looks.

brazen20au - I will say it was delicious!!!! i did make some minor changes - before I mixed the cake I used the tmx to chop 6 very old golden delicious apples.  Mixed them with cinnamon and sugar ( used raw) then put half the apple mix in the middle of the cake ( think I stirred it in a little) and half on top. Also did the whole thing gluten free.  It was soooooo moist and just beautiful, and I'm not a tea cake lover.
Today I left out the apples and added in 1 tab of cocoa for yummy chocolate cupcakes! (again GF, am about to blog it). dh pronounced my GF chocolate version of this cake as 'the best chocolate cake EVER' in between bouts of mmm and mmmmmmmmm.

christomo - Great tea cake. Made it yesterday and it is all gone. Very moist. Hit with DH.

maddy - I love this apple tea cake. I just increased the vanilla essence to 1 tsp of vanilla extract.

VHJ - Made this for morning tea using Brazen's idea to chop the apple in the TMX first. I had to cook mine a bit longer but I think the oven wasn't at the right temp. (didn't have my glasses on !!) I used 2 very tired & sad red apples & they were lovely. Thanks Chelsea.  

Chelsea - I must admit I have started chopping the apples in the TMX when I am in a rush.  It doesn't look as "rustic" but still tastes the same.

Tebasile - So fast and so delicious. I had to do some changes. I don't use SR Flour, had no eggs and no butter.
Instead of the egg I mixed 1 tsp ground chia + 1 tsp ground yellow flaxseed with 1 tsp Agave + 3 Tbs water. I used 190g sifted spelt flour + 2 tsp baking powder. Instead butter coconut oil and only 80g Turbinado.

obbie - very quick and easy. I used a apple slinky to slice/peel/core the apples. Thanks. I make this as a cake a lot, I will do muffins now as well.

Violin Cuddles - it was scrumptious! Thank you! I'm going to make into muffins to take to our preschool brunch tomorrow. I also used our apple slinkie and used 3 large-ish apples to up the fruit content.

Debbiebillg - So quick (especially when DH does he apples while I did the batter).  Yummy, yummy !  It reminds me of muffins I used to buy at a bakery near where I worked.  They were huge and the cake part had chopped apple in the bottom and then the top had something a bit like apple crumble topping on top, if was a kind of crunchy.  My DH (who never raves often) loved this.  Will definitely make again ! Thanks so much.  Used apple slinky and cut it in half.  One apple is enough to cover the whole cake.  

joynatalie - Loved it!  I also tried it with chopping the apples first and add a tiny bit of lemon zest.

Sharon1 - Our family loved this cake!  Thanks for the recipe!

lucjar - I just made this cake but substituted the butter with Nuttelex (Original), the milk with rice milk, the self raising flour with Orgran brand (wheat, gluten and soy free) Self Raising Flour (I cheated, I know) and the egg with Orgran's Nor-Egg and it turned out beautifully.  

I did cook it for a bit longer (approximately 10-15 minutes).  

My 'highly-allergic-to-practically-everything' son is so impressed. He can't wait to take it to Vacation-Care tomorrow so his friends can see he can eat cake like they eat.....Thank You!  The recipe was so easy and quick, I can foresee that it will become a staple in our household.

Cathy79 -  I made a double batch of the cake mixture, swapped 100g of flour for 100g rolled oats, and made muffins - about 16 large I think.  Delicious!

maddy - I made individual cakes, using Robert Gordon's muffin papers, placed in a Texas muffin tin. I added 1/2 tsp. cinnamon to the batter, and scooped 1 3/4 ice cream scoops of batter into each case.  Made 7
Cooked for 20 mins on 180oC.

astarra - I have just taken these (as muffins) out of the oven - they smell absolutely divine!!!! I made them with Nutelex and soy milk [DD (2) has just been diagnosed with severe intolerance to Sheep, Goat and Cow's milk.] and instead of sliced apple on top I swirled through some apple and raspberry puree I made this morning to go over the girls' porridge. So I have some pink swirly muffins now - girls are eyeing them off, bit hot just yet!!
So a massive thanks from here, a real quick, easy recipe SHE CAN ACTUALLY EAT!!!! 

ES - I made these in my ThermoChef for the kid and they got a big thumbs up. The only adjustment I made was to mix at speed 4 instead of speed 5. I made them into 12 large cupcakes, using my muffin tin and large cupcake papers. I used one green apple, and one red one. I left them with their skins on and alternated red slices with green slices. I used my Ikea corer/slicer and then cut each piece into thinner slices. I baked them in a moderate oven for 18 minutes.
I made these as cupcakes today- reduced the sugar, replaced 1/4 flour with wholemeal and only used 1 large pink lady apple. It made 1 dozen cakes and I cooked them for 17 minutes. I love this recipe as it is so quick, and doesn't need to be iced.

pandateddy - I make this tea cake all the time. My family loves it, even one family member who never eats cake at all. It is lovely and moist.

Decadent Dot - I made these today as muffins. They made 9. I have to say that they look and taste good.  I might even try these spiced up a bit with mixed spices. Whatever they will go into my favourites directory as a quick and easy answer to a guest coming round. They gave me a reason to test out my slicer/corer apple machine. I just held back on the peeling.

Merlin - I made this cake for the kids lunch boxes last week and it was eaten and well liked in their opinion- if any item in their lunchbox is eaten then it means a resounding success for me as there are plenty of things I send to school that don't get eaten and the school has a strict- no sharing of lunches and no throwing out of uneaten food- although how they police that I don't know! Unfortunately I can't eat this cake myself but the texture looked great and even better, the smell of apples and cinnamon cooking in the kitchen is always wonderful. I am making this cake for the school's Biggest morning tea next week.

Trish - I made this today and although really tasty I'm not sure what I did wrong?? It looked great and high, fluffy but it collapsed.  It was very dense and heavy after that too.

Chelsea's response - I'm not sure what happened? I have made dozens of these without a collapse. Did you use self raising flour or plain flour with baking powder?

funnyfarm2 - This cake is so easy and very delicious! My family demolished it very quickly. Will definitely become a favourite as always have the ingredients on hand.

Kimmyh - Made this for afternoon tea today. Very quick and simple to make. Lovely served warm. Will try with custard as a dessert next time. Great recipe thank you.

Amy - Thanks for this recipe Chelsea. I made it today, looks and smells delicious. It is for pudding tonight so I will report back later.
I think it will become a favourite here too. I left SD to get his own pudding last night, and when I came to the dining room I saw he'd eaten a whole quarter of the cake LOL

suzanne - it's my favorite at the moment.

CC - Just made this, smells wonderful and tasted great too.

Elkwin - so very very yummy. I added a few slurps of apple juice concentrate into the batter mixture and put dollops of dulche de lechy throughout before I put the apples and topping on. This will become one of my fav recipes, I always have the ingredients to hand and it's so simple.

JD -  I made mine in a ring tin, only a small cake but delicious.  How did you get your top so brown Astarra, mine and everyone else's is nowhere near as dark as yours.

astarra - When I made this as muffins, the tops were pale, but I put it one rack higher in the oven for the cake and it seemed to cook better the whole way through, also did not use fan forced, don't really know!!

kezza - Lovely cake - reminds me of the apple teacake Mum made when I was a child.


Chit Chat / UK Recipe Books
« on: June 07, 2009, 08:54:06 am »
Hi all,

I know this question has come up before but I have been searching through older forum emails and just can't find the answer (I have seen it mentioned before though). 

Do people generally think that the two main UK tmx cookbooks are worth buying?  Do they contain mainly different recipes to ours in Australia?  I'm considering buying them, but would like to know what they are like first.

Thanks in advance and sorry to bring this up again.

Chelsea  :)

Introduce Yourself / A new Thermomix Groupie from Tasmania
« on: June 04, 2009, 04:16:49 am »
Hi all,

My name is Chelsea and I am from Tasmania, Australia.  I am married with two beautiful little boys that I stay home and care for. My boys are aged 1 and 3 and are two very adorable little scamps.  We adopted our eldest son from Ethiopia and our youngest son is home grown.  Both of our boys have sensitivities to certain food preservatives and our eldest is also hugely affected by sugar (sends him troppo).  In my former life (that is truly what it feels like), I was a school teacher.  But enough about me . . . . thermie-talk is much more interesting I'm sure!   

I have had my thermomix for several months now and am still totally besotted with it. I use it everyday, an average of 5 times a day and suffer withdrawals if i am away from it too long.  Very sad I know.  To start with I thought I would just use it mainly for juices and meals.  As the weeks progressed I started to make lots more things (soups, cakes, muesli bars, drinks, breads, risottos, jams, sauces, butter, scones etc).  I have used it to cook dinner every night since it was delivered! The packets in my pantry were pushed to the back and were replaced with things like grains, dried fruits, lentils, nuts and heaps more fruit and veg.  We had never been really unhealthy, but looking back we did have far too many things from packets!  Now, I wizz up almost all of our food in the thermie and don't spend a great deal more time in the kitchen.  I'm addicted!!!

I look forward to chatting with you all and swapping some thermie recipes.

Cheers, Chelsea.

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