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Introduce Yourself / Hi All :D
« on: December 11, 2012, 11:37:37 pm »
I live in western Sydney, and just got my thermomix a couple of days ago. I love to cook - have never expected the thermie to be a magic kitchen machine that I would cook everything in, but since I already cook everything from scratch I knew I would use it. I have killed many blenders, food processors and mixers over the years (and I'm only 28, haha) as they just haven't been powerful enough for my needs. Many of my online friends have thermomixes (a few of which must be members here), and I have known about them for the past 6 years at least.

I have 3 kids - 16, 6 and 4, with another one on the way (I am only 7 weeks pregnant though, so very early days). 

So far I have made:

- Veggie stock concentrate at delivery demo
- risotto - This made so much. We had enough left overs to feed two more people.
- coconut icecream
- fruit salad sorbet
- coconut pineapple sorbet
- cashew, corriander, nutritional yeast, capsicum and lemon juice puree for 'cheesy' kale chips.
- green smoothie (which was very good! I've missed them since my glass blender died a few months ago)
- carrot and coriander soup from the EDC (too salty.. had to then make unsalted pumpkin puree to add to it)
- porridge
- scrambled eggs - too much effort to clean up. Will stick with the good ol' frypan for that one.

Today I am planning on making some chicken liver pate from the super kitchen machine blog.. I believe the recipe is from a forum member? And the beetroot salad that is done at demos.

I've already been lurking for a couple of weeks (since I ordered!) so am looking forward to contributing.

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