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Cakes / Chocolate Oat Cookies
« on: May 12, 2013, 11:29:39 am »
Chocolate Oat Cookies (Converted from Breville website)
Makes approx 24


200g dark chocolate (or use choc chips)
100g rolled oats
140g SR flour
15g cocoa powder
125g butter
70g caster sugar
70g brown sugar
1 egg


Roughly chop chocolate either by hand or in TM, set aside. (Cookies are big enough to take fairly decent chunks)

Weigh in the oats, cocoa and flour and turbo once or twice, set aside. (I like the oats to be visible)

Weigh in the sugar and butter and mix at speed 5 until creamed, scraping down the bowl as necessary.

Add the egg and mix for another few seconds.

Add the chocolate and flour mix and mix on speed 3 reverse until combined. Mixture will be very thick.

Roll into golf ball sized pieces and place on trays lined with baking paper. Flatten slightly with a fork, leaving enough room to spread.

Bake at 180 degrees C for 10 to 15 minutes or until just cooked. Biscuits will harden as they cool.

I sometimes add chopped nuts just to increase the antioxidants!  ;D

members' comments

Amy - I wanted to make them a little healthier so I used 1 large banana (85g) and therefore only 40g butter. I reduced each sugar by 10g and I used half choc chips, half walnuts. Delicious. I will try them the original way next time so I can compare but the banana I added goes really well with the oats and chocolate, yum!

Denzelmum - Made this for DD's lunch box. Cut down choc chip and sugar to 100g and turn out perfect.

deedub - used 100g of milk choc chips and didn't bother blitzing the oats/flour/cocoa first, just added it in after the egg and blitzed at sp5 for a few seconds, then added choc chips & mixed on reverse. I love these - just the right amount of sweetness for me, and the kids pronounced them 'delicious'! Great recipe, will be making regularly - thank you!

Cakes / Boiled Fruit Cake
« on: May 12, 2013, 10:59:22 am »
Boiled Fruit Cake (Converted from Quick and Easy cake book)


270g dried mixed fruit
150g butter
70g soft brown sugar
1 tsp mixed spice (I use a good shake of cinnamon and mixed spice)
220g orange juice (I use black tea, also nice with a splodge of brandy  :))
2 eggs
260g flour
3 tsp baking powder


Weigh fruit, liquid, sugar, butter and spices into TM bowl. Cook for 15 mins at 90 degrees, reverse and speed spoon.
Leave mixture in bowl to cool, approx 1 hour.
Add rest of ingredients, mix on speed 5 reverse for about 7 seconds or until combined.
Pour into prepared tin (I use 20 cm round tin) and bake in preheated oven at 150 degrees C for 1 to 1 1/4 hours or until a skewer comes out clean. Leave in tin for 10 minutes before turning on to a cooling rack.

This is a moist cake that keeps well. I sometimes add chopped nuts as well.
It's also very forgiving and seems to turn out even if I don't have quite enough flour or butter  :-[

members' comments

Tam - I soaked my sultanas in rum overnight and used half tea and freshly squeezed oranges.  Replaced the sugar with 50gms of rapadura and cut the butter down to 125 gms.

CC - Made your cake today Sue. Mine didn't rise as much as yours but at least it didn't sink in the middle. Still cooling so haven't cut it yet. Mine did take longer to cook, 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Cakes / Whole Orange Cake
« on: June 05, 2011, 07:08:10 am »
I printed out this recipe a long time ago, and decided to make it last week when I needed something quick and easy for afternoon tea.

It was so easy and tasty I wanted to leave a comment, but couldn't find the original recipe. After some searching, I am able to credit the owner. It's from LouisaGreen from the taste forums.

Whole Orange Cake

1 whole orange cut into quarters (skin, pips and all)
225g butter
3 eggs
1 cup sugar
2 cups SR flour

Put the orange and butter into TM bowl. 7 seconds speed 8. (the orange is totally blitzed!)

Add eggs, sugar and flour. 20 seconds speed 4 Reverse

Put into 20cm lined cake tin, bake 170 Fan Forced for 60 mins or until cooked.

I was worried that it might be too bitter because of the pith in the orange, but it was really nice, with a real citrus hit.

members' comments

bigTcup - This on is on the new iPhone app Robogormet - I made it the other day.  Really quick and easy & very tasty.

Shazzy - This was lovely (and very quick!). Added some poppy seeds and cooked in a bundt tin so took less time to cook.

cookie1 -  I've made this too. So easy and so tasty.

Nay-nay - This is so yummy! I was a bit worried about it being too bitter too but it is lovely. Pity it only uses 1 orange our tree is loaded!! Thanks sue_purrb.

foodiepep - I make this one all the time.  Sometimes I add poppy seeds and other times I sub half the flour for almond meal. 
I also make these as cupcakes and bake for about 15 minutes.

joynatalie - Thank you, this is seriously good and so easy!!!!  I think if I had to add anything it would be a light syrup drizzled on the top.

maddy - Turned into cupcakes this morning. It really is a lovely cake.
The batter made 22 cupcakes, which I filled to 3/4.
Cooked on 170c, for 18 minutes in my oven, middle rack.
I made orange cream icing, using the creamy vanilla frosting recipe here.
I must say, when I read it, I thought it was bizarre.....but my, it makes a very thick and velvety icing.
I omitted the vanilla extract, and added that weight in fresh orange juice, and 2 tsp. finely grated orange rind.
I've also made a Jaffa version of cupcakes by adding 50g Dutch cocoa, and reducing SR flour to 300g.....really yummy.

joynatalie - I am an incessant fiddler and always trying new ways!  I added a lemon to this and didn't like the result.  Today I added some rum type of essence and some shredded coconut and it is a nice change although the original is perfection!

O4aTimtam - Thanks very much Sue_Purrb (and LouisaGreen) this is just delish!  Although I did think it was just begging for a bit of chocolate (err, hint see user name!) I added a bar of Lindt Dark Choc Orange Intense.  I was going to blitz the choccy, but just added it in with other ingredients, broken into the squares, broken again and you ended up with nice melted lumps (if eating it warm of course).

Bedlam - This was delicious, so easy and flavoursome. Thanks.

johnro - This is a super easy recipe and tastes wonderful - copied Maddy's (thanks Maddy) suggestion and made these into cupcakes using the vanilla frosting, it certainly is a very different frosting but really easy to pipe and so smooth. Thanks for posting Sue and Louisa.

Brunette - I made this recipe today using a whole lemon instead of an orange - made the mixture into cupcakes and it was delicious.

Denzelmum - Have plenty of oranges from the backyard, made this and took it to work.  Made a big moist cake.  Yum.

dede - This recipe is delicious and the smell is superb. I will be making this again and again and again.

Hally - Made this, I have 20 lovely cup cakes. Thank you.
I have made this today using 2 small lemons. I took the pips out. I have a box of lovely cup cakes waiting for me to try and ice.

Chelsea - I made this once but it wasn't great (my fault).  I used rapadura but it really needed the sweetness of sugar.  Next time.

Narelle - I just made this - half SR flour and a cup of almonds ground.  I made them in to cupcakes and iced with an orange butter icing adapted from a butter cream recipe in the bimby chocolate cake thread.  YUM.  So so moist.  I'm going to use this as a dessert cake and make a warm orange syrup to serve.  So easy and delicious!

samanthahobbs - I found the cake quite bitter and a little bit dry.
But each to their own and maybe the oranges I used were not that great??  Although they were home grown from a friend's tree that are always lovely.  Maybe next time I wouldn't use the pips or the zest.  Something to think about.

Amanda - I made this and was a little worried when the batter was a bit dry, but it is a lovely moist cake - excellent recipe!

Honey joy - I made these in cupcakes last night, and added a simple syrup of orange juice and castor sugar over the top- delicious! The cake texture was much lighter than I was expecting and really moist - I made a dozen to take to a family do and they all went very quickly.

RM - Have made this twice now, what an absolute winner.  It dies worry you when you see the batter is a bit dry but the cake is surprisingly moist. It made 16 cupcakes in a muffin tin.  I iced them with cream cheese icing. (60g cream cheese, 30g butter, 11/2 cups of icing sugar and juice of half a lemon).

Frozzie - found this cake was moist the first couple of days...but after two days became quite dry..would definitely try icing it next time but nice flavour first day...didn't go much on it after that...the kids didn't like it which is why it took a couple of days to eat it.

Tam - This is a delicious and quick cake to make - it's my go to cake when I need something in a flash - it always impresses. Smiley
I sometimes make them into muffins and add a dollop of cream cheese icing. I freeze some also as my kids really love it. Thanks for a great recipe!!!

Wonder - I make all the time for my Mum and Dad  they love it and its very quick and easy to make. I do find that depending on how juicy the oranges are I sometimes need to juice a second orange to make the consistency right, although the batter is still much thicker than an ordinary cake. I've never actually tasted it (I'm not a cake eater) but is smells great when cooking and they say it's moist and lasts a few days.

Uni - in the oven now , the batter was very thick and dry looking so I added 1/4 cup of veg oil. I hope it's nice, DH is taking it to work for a fundraising and by mistake I added 1 teaspoon of cracked pepper instead of poppy seeds. I did try to take some out but not all of it.  It turned out perfectly.

DJ - Ok I bought oranges today. At Aldi they come in 6's. Can I whizz up and freeze an orange in a bag for this cake at another time?
Otherwise they may go mouldy before I use them all. Ideas please.
This tastes delicious but is fairly dense with the consistency of a pound cake.

Uni - I'm sure it will be ok to freeze uncooked oranges for this whole orange cake.

DJ - I will freeze one pulped and raw as an experiment and the others cooked and pulped.

Curry Diva - Awesome thanks. Orange cake has to have a "hit" of citrus like this.

shiverama - This is the best and easiest cake ever, I also made a lemon version - yum made on Sun and both had disappeared by Thurs.

berringamababe - Just made this but with a whole lemon because I have an abundance of them, looks yummo.

JulieC83 - Made this for morning tea today - was delicious and super easy!
Iced it with a combo of philly cheese/icing sugar.
I was surprised at how moist it was, considering how thick and dry the mixture was before cooking.
Will definitely make this again!
I baked mine in a ring shaped tin and it only required 40 minutes in my FF oven.

phatassphairy - this is my results .....I baked it in a rectangular tin at 150deg in a fan forced oven for 45 mins ..beautiful cake .... I like the texture and a flavour of this cake .... I used Gluten Free flour and I have made a dairy free frosting ....
I have a tribe in my house so when I have cake in the house I often mark out the portion size in the icing to help the cake go around a bit more cause if it was left to the skid lids it would be gone in 2 seconds .... but they have all got it in their lunch boxes today ... so I will get their verdict this arvo.
Kimmyh - yes I would agree with that ... it feels a bit like a butter cake.

Gert - Gathered the few ingredients together, reached into the fruit compartment to find no oranges but I did have tangelos.  So a cake was born. It looks yummy so far. I added poppy seeds and about to make some icing. I am thinking cream cheese with icing sugar and a bit of Cointreau. This cake was so easy even I could make it.

Jamberie - Wow! What a great cake! If ever I need to impress anyone who bags out my machine (or more likely if I want to show it off) this is one of the recipes I'll choose. In fact SIL and MIL are coming over next weekend and I might bake it for them to take home. I added a tbsp chia seeds and 2 tbsp of poppy seeds, cooked in a bundt tin. Everyone had seconds (or thirds).

Marina - These are great cakes - everyone loves them.

RosieB - This is so easy and the result was a hit.  The little white spots are puffed amaranth that I have been using to stop cakes sticking.  Looks cute and works a treat.  The crust has a slight crunch to it.
I substituted 3 large mandarins for the orange, and added 1 tbs poppy seed, 1 tbsp chia, and 1 tbsp cacao nibs.
It is heavenly. The amaranth works really well and so far I haven't had a cake stick when using it.  DGS likes the tiny popcorn sides.

pennyp - Made this cake, so most and the texture is beautiful.  I used a navel orange and there was a slight bitter aftertaste so I am going to try it with a valencia orange as it has less pith.  Going to try with mandarins too.

CC - Made this today as I need to take a cake to a friends house tomorrow. Fantastic easy recipe. I used GlacÚ Icing. I got the recipe off I used 3/4 cup of sifted icing sugar, 5g soft butter and 1 tablespoon of orange juice.( I needed a bit more juice to get it runny).

SuzieG - I made this today as cupcakes, I got 24 out of my mix. Then made some buttercream with added orange rind. Absolutely beautiful! Will become a regular.

ElleG - I made this cake today - it has been years since I made it. Lots of compliments, it smelt so good! I didn't change it to GF, so didn't try any. Next time.

courton - After reading all the wonderful reviews, I made this cake today but mine turned out quite dry. Wonder why?  My orange was on the small side.


Recipe Requests / Recipe for pickle "Branston" style?
« on: May 09, 2010, 07:01:47 am »
I haven't yet attempted any pickles or relishes, maybe because I just can't go past the good old English Branston pickle (expensive to buy in Australia).
Does anyone have a recipe that makes something similar? I would love to be able to make my own, and not risk supplies being cut off should the Branston factory burn down again!!
Thankyou, Sue

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