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Breakfast / Don't like cereal? Try these muffins
« on: August 04, 2013, 02:03:04 am »
I don't like cereal. But I know with all the nutrients it's supposed to be good for me.
But I do like muffins. These are handy to keep in the freezer for those times when I'm running late -which is more often than not!

The recipe is inspired from one I found on The Healthy Food Guide Magazine website a couple of years ago.

120g milk
120g apple juice
1 banana
1 egg
150g yoghurt

230g wholemeal flour
4 Weet-Bix
30g rolled oats or other cereal
70g sultanas
2 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp mixed spice
-some cardamom might be nice too, but I've not tried that yet.
-if you like a sweeter muffin, you might like to try adding maple syrup or agave syrup

1)   Put the milk, juice, egg and yoghurt in the bowl. Add the banana, breaking it into 2-3cm chunks with your fingers as you go.

2)   Turbo for half a second 3-5 times until the banana is blended in.

3)   Add the flour, rolled oats, sultanas, cinnamon, mixed spice and weet-bix (crushing with your hands as you go).

4)    :: for 3-5 intervals or until the mixture just comes together -taking care not to over mix.

5)   Spoon into a greased muffin tray (I made 20 individual muffins) and bake at 180oC for 15-20minutes depending on your oven.

Yummy yummy yummy.
I made this exactly as the recipe suggested. The mash was a great texture for all ages, three generations enjoyed this one and are all happy to have it again.
I'm very happy with the purchase of this book  :)

 I had a bit of trouble getting the right temp on my stove, so that's why the cutlets are a tad too brown in the pic.

Linked JD

I made these delicious morsels tonight. I followed the recipe except I made quenelles and didn't flatten them. I found a dessert spoon to be a good size for us. Some people might like more salt. They were enjoyed by three generations and are the easiest way I've found to consume broccoli  :)

Breakfast / DIY Super Quick Quick Oats Sachets
« on: June 14, 2013, 04:34:16 am »
Hope this helps someone... I do prefer TMX porridge with apple & sultanas etc but when I'm in a hurry for work, this is fine.

Those oats sachets are super convenient, however at $1.29/100g compared to home brand quick oats at 17c/100g, you pay a lot for the packaging. With a few trials, this is what I've done to make my own....

Each sachet has 33g of oats and requires 125ishmL milk or water.
This is the equivalent to approx 1/4 cup oats and 1/2 cup milk/water.

You will need:
a packet of quick cook oats
I also bought a large air tight container
a cheap set of measuring spoons
optional: paper bags/zip lock bags/reusable containers

I poured approximately half the packet of oats into the TMX.
Then pressed Turbo 5 times.
Poured this into my large air tight container.
Repeated with the other half of oats.
Done. Almost.

I keep all the oats in the large air tight container and the cheap 1/3 cup measuring scoop and the 1/2 cup measuring scoop live in there too. That was so I don't have to search around the drawers for the exact size I need etc.

To make quick oats quickly:
Then when I need oats in a hurry, I put a small scoop (1/3) of oats in a bowl, add a large scoop (1/2) of milk and then put it in the microwave for 90 seconds.

Alternatively you could make your own sachets with paper bags or zip lock bags or reusable containers (great for camping/travelling with a little one). I imagine this might be useful when DD is old enough to make herself breakfast.

Recipe Book Recipe Reviews / Apple Pie EDC (2013a) pp175
« on: May 21, 2013, 02:24:51 am »
This was a nice simple recipe.
I did find the dough too sticky so added about two tablespoons of flour during the kneading. I also heavily floured the rolling surface as after chilling for 30minutes as it was still sticky.
I loved steaming the apples in the Varoma (in my previous attempt I boiled them in the  *: and they boiled over  :o luckily I got to them in time to avoid serious damage).
Next time I will try to add some sultanas during the steaming, not because they were needed, but just because I like them.
I will also make the pastry  before the filling to save time.  The pastry can chill in the fridge while the apples are steaming.
As the size of apples changes so much I would prefer to weight to be listed instead of number of apples in the recipe (recipe said 6 and I used seven -650g).

I also sprinkled some sugar over the top before cooking for presentation.
I served it with ice cream, however others like CC might prefer clotted cream or custard like Amy :)

(Edited to add weight of the apples)

Chit Chat / New thermomix Jars
« on: May 03, 2013, 04:27:15 am »
These do look nice...and I do like the carry case....and I can think of many uses...but I don't think I like the price...

They are on the Thermomix Australia website

Special Diets / Gluten Free Bread (that even non-coeliacs like!)
« on: March 03, 2013, 04:01:28 am »
I hope this is ok to do, this recipe was just so fantastic, I need to link it for others to try.

It was dense like many other GF breads, but at the same time light and airy!
Also great as there aren't too many unusual ingredients. I made it for my coeliac brother but the whole family enjoyed it.

It's from Me & My Thermie's facebook page see here . It is a tweaked version of Quirky Jo's recipe and another one from GlutenFree4Kids.

-the consistency is like a thick cake batter, so don't expect a 'dough'.
-instead of milling chickpeas I used the same weight of chickpea (besan) flour
-instead of milling almonds I used almond meal, then mixed the besan flour and the almond meal on speed 7 for about 10 seconds

Chit Chat / What are you having for dessert?
« on: January 14, 2013, 09:39:35 am »
I love hearing what people are having for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but what about dessert or sweets? I'm always up for a late night nibble of something sweet & would love to have inspiration!
Tonight we had coffee and doughnuts :)

This recipe is for those of use who like fluffy pizza bases but still like the crispiness of thin bases. I don't think I'd call them 'thick' bases though, you'll have to try them to see what you think!

The sauce recipe can be made ahead, but I make mine while the bases are rising.

Name of Recipe:     Fluffy Pizza Bases (with hard crust) (pizza sauce below)

Number of People:  How hungry are you? Approximately 3 30cm pizzas and enough sauce for 6 30cm bases


Fluffy Pizza Bases:
  2tsp dry yeast
  1/2 tsp salt
  420g baker's flour (although I'm told plain flour is ok too)
  10g olive oil
  250g warm water

Put all ingredients in TMX (preferably in the order listed) and knead 2minutes/ ::

Place in a greased bowl and cover with clingwrap and place in a warm (draught free) place until doubled in size (in my climate I find the car is a good place!)

Divide the dough into 3 portions and roll out each one on a floured surface.

Top with your favourite toppings and cook using your preferred method (pizza oven, regular oven, bbq, etc).

You can use 1/2 wholemeal flour and 1/2 plain flour, you'll probably need an extra 20-30g of water.

For Calorie counters, if this is made into 6 bases, the count is approx 275Cal per base. Therefore, if made into 8 bases, the count is approx 207Cal per base (toppings additional).

Name of Recipe:     Pizza Sauce (with hidden veg)

Number of People:  How much sauce do you like? Approximately enough sauce for 6 30cm bases


Pizza Sauce (with hidden veg):
  4 cloves garlic
  2 onions
  20g olive oil
  1 carrot
  1 zucchini
  2 fresh bay leaves (optional)
  620g tomatoes (fresh or tinned)
  10g fresh basil
  10g fresh oregano
  70g red wine
  2 tsp sugar
  Dried mixed herbs to taste (optional)

1) Place onion and garlic in TMX bowl and chop 3sec/speed4

2) Add 20g olive oil and cook 4mins/Varoma Temp/Speed1

3) While cooking add roughly chopped carrot as you go

4) Scrape down the bowl and add roughly chopped zucchini, bay leaves and mixed herbs (if using). Cook 3mins/Varoma Temp/Speed1

5) Add tomatoes, basil and oregano. Place MC on, chop 10sec/Speed7. Remove MC

6) Add red wine and sugar. Cook 20min/Varoma Temp/Speed1 -you may need to place the basket on the lid to prevent splattering

7) Scrape the bowl, including the base to limit/prevent sauce sticking to the bottom

8) Cook for another 15min/VaromaTemp/Speed1 -don't forget to put the basket on!

9) Allow to cool a little before putting the MC on and slowly pulverising the sauce from speed one to 9 until you get the consistency you like. Season thoroughly with salt and pepper

10) Top your pizzas :)

*When I made this I was going for the "supermarket" taste without the additives. I think the dried mixed herbs add to the "supermarket" flavour so you may or may not want to use them.
*Capsicum, celery and other veggies would be great, I used carrot and zucchini because that's what I had.
*Different batches of tomatoes will have different colours. Use canned if you want a really red colour.
*This does stick to the bottom of the bowl a bit, but it was easy to get off with my fingernail/scrubbie
*This sauce should make about enough for 5 or 6 30cm pizzas, depending on how much sauce you use of course!
*I like this amount because I make it once and there's enough for two (or more) meals, I freeze it in zip-lock bags
*The orginal recipe was based on the AWW Italian cookbook, but there were a lot of modifications.

members' comments

AB - it was really nice, I put lots of veggies in the sauce, celery, broccoli, carrot ,onion, garlic and some kale. I used a tin of Italian tomatoes and about a tablespoon of my veggie stock ( not much salt in mine) it was tasty only put a small amount of salami cheese and a few olives on the top.

TAT - I didn't make the sauce, I'll be more organised next time! We did try the dough though and it was so delicious and so easy to prepare. It made 3 large bases and it was so easy to work with and really easy to use. The base was fluffy just like Jamberie said, and yet the crusts are still crunchy! Awesome recipe!

cookie - I am just making these for the second time. I really like them. Thanks.

JD - Made both base and pizza sauce.  Thumbs up from us, best pizzas I've made.  Thanks for such a great recipe.

jo nz - I made this base last time we had pizzas and really enjoyed it, so using again and this time with the sauce too (had other sauce to use up last time).  Pleased to be getting a few extra vegies in there - I do load our pizzas up with toppings but it never seems like that much veg.

Brumington - I use the pizza recipe often. We really like it and it is very easy to work with. I also used it to make pizza scrolls in the week and they turned out really well. Very soft even the following day. I froze the remainder so will report back how they defrosted when I know.

Kimmyh - Made the pizza sauce and it is delicious. Used home grown tomatoes and cooked for an extra 10min to thicken up. I did blitz till smooth at the end as I like smooth not chunky. Have frozen in batches, ready for pizza night. Thanks for a great recipe. Another thing deleted from my shopping basket.

Cookie - Last night I was rushing so they really didn't get a first rise. I gave them a bit longer rolled out to rise and they were still lovely and fluffy. Thanks.

Jamberie - Made this again today. This time I didn't have any carrots but I did have baby spinach. I added two big handfuls of baby spinach along with the tomatoes. No one could tell there were hidden greens.

Drinks / Green Breakfast Smoothie for Beginners like me! -dairy free
« on: December 30, 2012, 02:42:24 am »
I decided I needed to get some more 'greens' into me and I thought "Green Smoothies" would be a good way to do it. When I was researching different recipes I found they weren't quite specific enough (ie a bunch of greens, some water etc) and as I am new to green smoothies, I wanted a foolproof recipe that doesn't taste 'green' & kept me full until at least morning tea. I think this one fits the bill -even my 2 year old loved it!

Name of Recipe:        Green Breakfast Smoothie
Number of People:     1 or 2

150g banana (or 1 large or 2 small)
30g greens (for beginners silverbeet with white stalks removed or baby spinach are not too strong)
20g blueberries (roughly a handfull)
160g pineapple (peeled but you can leave the core if you choose)
100g ice (if the fruit are not pre-frozen)
200mL cold water (variable according to your taste)
130g pear (or one pear) -this is optional


*Put banana, greens, blueberries, pear, pineapple & ice (if using) in TMX bowl and pulverise 30secs/speed8

*Add approximately 200mL cold water and pulverise for 1min/speed8

*I like to use cold fridge water
*When adding the water I add enough to reach the 1L mark inside the bowl.
*This amount gives me 1 large glass, DH 1 smaller glass and DD (age 2) 1/2 a glass.
*As we have more and more of these 'green' smoothies, I intend to cut down on the sweet fruits and add things like LSA and other "superfoods".

News about Thermomix / Converting Soups in the TM Amendment
« on: December 18, 2012, 06:37:48 am »
I received a letter from Thermomix today about conflicting statements with the TM31 instructions and safety precautions. In my next post I'll post a picture of the amendments for you to note.

Moderators- if this is not the right place for this thread, please move it :)

Main Dishes / Beef 'Risotto' with basil, peas and parmesan cheese
« on: October 09, 2012, 11:49:21 am »
Name of Recipe:     Beef 'Risotto' with basil, peas and parmesan cheese
Number of People: Serves 4-6 depending on appetite
60g parmesan cheese
1 clove of garlic
1 onion, quartered
90g butter or margarine
100g tomato paste or pizza sauce
400g tin tomatoes (crushed)
70g (or 1-2 tbsp) vegetable stock paste
500g beef mince
300mL water
200g (1 cup) long grain rice
1 cup frozen peas
1/2 bunch of basil (or if basil is ridiculously expensive and you can't grow your own, 2 tbsp 'gourmet garden' 'tube' style basil is fine)

1. Put the parmesan in bowl and pulverise for 8-10 seconds on speed 9, set aside.
2. Place onion and garlic in bowl, chop for 3 seconds or so on speed 6.
3. Add butter/margarine, cook 4mins/Varoma Temp/ Speed 1/MC off.
4. Add tomato paste (or pizza sauce if using), can of tomatoes and stock paste, cook 5 mins/Varoma Temp/Speed  ^^, you may need to place the basket on the top of the lid to prevent splattering.
5. Add mince, cook 8mins/Varoma Temp/Speed  :-:^^ or Speed 1 depending on mince.
6. Insert butterfly, add rice and water, cook 17mins/100oC/ :-: ^^.
7. In the last minute or so, add the peas, basil and parmesan cheese til combined.
8. Place in Thermoserver until the rice is to your liking.

This is a family favourite recipe (pre TMX) adapted from AWW The Minced Meat Cookbook.
This cooking time gave us an al dente type feel to the rice, but you might find you need to adjust this to your liking.
It is a very forgiving recipe where we regularly substitute different stocks, pastes etc depending on what we have around. Basil and parmesan are staples though. Basil is difficult to grow here during winter so we have resorted to the 'tube' style which works really well in this dish.

members' comments

phatassphairy -  OMG, it was a hit in the house and my hubby, son, daughter, 2 grandsons and myself all enjoyed it. I used beef stock,  
added 1/2 cup of frozen peas carrot and corn (cause that is all that i had left in the freezer)  in and cooked for 2 mins at the end. I used 6 large basil leaves and i sort of chopped them into fine slithers ......

Amy - it smelled absolutely delicious while cooking! It was a perfect recipe. Quick, easy, tasty, and plenty of leftovers.

JD - Wasn't sure if GS would eat risotto but knowing how much he loves spag bol, I thought I'd make this. Makes heaps and went down well with the 3 of us thanks Jamberie.  I added carrot and celery with the onion but had to pick out the peas from his plate  :-))

GF - I only had 5 gm of butter in the fridge so used that and probably a tablespoon and a half of olive oil.  Didn't have frozen peas so added some chopped zucchini and broccoli along with the basil.  It was an absolute winner!!  Served with large salad.  Added to the hallowed book of family favourites!!  Thanks, again!!

JD - I had enough leftovers for lunch again today so thought I'd try and make it look a bit different to fool DH. Cooked some pasta, added it to the risotto mix, had a frozen pack of cheese sauce so thawed that and poured it over the top.  Topped with breadcrumbs and cheese and stuck it under the grill.  Yum, loved it.

TAT - so yummy! I made it, put it in my thermoserver and took it on a 10 minute walk to my friend who had just been admitted to hospital. It smelt so good, I think we made all the nurses and other patients pea green with envy! A great recipe, and as the patient was a pea-hater, I substituted frozen corn which worked just as well. A big hit at home and at the hospital! This recipe is a keeper!

astarra - Yum...this is delicious. I didn't have peas so used frozen corn instead and the gourmet gardens tube I thought was basil was actually basil,oregano, garlic and bell pepper, so used that - yummo! Thanx Jamberie for such a flavoursome lunch!

Mills - Loved by all in our house, such a cheap easy meal and such a great way to use mince.

CC - It was a hit in this household as well Jamberie. Thank you. Got leftovers as well.

Kimmyh - We loved it. Thanks Jam, will be a regular in our house. I used basmati rice as recipe asks for long grain. Is that right, or should I have used risotto (arborio) rice?

Answer - either works.

buzzbee -  made this tonight with chicken mince instead of beef mince - it was delicious! The whole family enjoyed it and I will definitely make it again. Thanks for the recipe.

Questions? Technical Issues? The Survival Guide / Quick Dinner Ideas
« on: September 01, 2012, 01:24:26 pm »
One of the reasons I bought my TM was to be able to make quick dinners when I've worked late or have had one of 'those' days (and avoid take away food as much as possible). I like the idea of stocking my fridge and pantry with a few items that are always available for a quick far Pasta Faglioi and risotto are ok but I'm needing a bit more inspiration, and also wondering if there is a magic quick dish I need to know about!

So my question is:
What do you make (with your thermothingy) on 'those' nights when you don't want to spend a long time in the kitchen but have hungry mouths to feed asap?

Any ideas are greatly appreciated and then I'll be able to adjust my pantry staples accordingly!

I did a few searches for fast and easy meals but didn't find anything, but I do apologise if there is a similar thread elsewhere and I've never started a thread before so I'm hoping I've put this one in the right spot -moderators, please feel free to move if need be  :)

Introduce Yourself / Hi from Cold Canberra!
« on: July 25, 2012, 11:35:21 am »
Hi everyone!
From cold Canberra! I love cooking all sorts of food with my husband and two year old daughter for our extended family and friends. My cooking heroine is most definately Nigella Lawson, but I have an eclectic repertoire of cookbooks!
I thought as my first post I'd say a very big thank you to so many Forum Thermomix members who have already helped me so much in my quest for a thermal cooker! I have spent many hours (maybe even days) reading hundreds of posts here on the forum helping me decide on purchasing a TMX, TMC, Bellini or the HMP.
I think I am 99% sure I will buy  TMX at my demo next week, I love the worldwide support network of users and that the TMX has stood the test of time, I also like the idea of Varoma cooking (can't wait to cook Nigella's Meatballs with pasta). My 1% of doubt comes from a recent post from another newbie a day or so ago who said they have a HMP (I'm sorry, I'm still learning about the forum and can't link the post on my ipad) and some members said they have HMP envy!
I guess I'll make my decision next week when I taste the proof in the custard!
Thank you so much for your help so far! Either way, I'll be visiting regularly and hope to repay with some converted Nigella recipes to share!
Happy days

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