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Chit Chat / My Pancake is recipe of the day on Thermomix forum!
« on: February 12, 2013, 01:15:39 am »
 ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
So excited!
Just went onto fb and there are my pancakes!
Thanks Maddy for posting them a while back

Happy pancake day everyone

Rara xxxx

Made this tonight for my husband and kids.
It was a huge hit!
Served with rice and salad.

The changes I made:
- used mince
- fried the onions and garlic for the meatballs for 3 min, varoma temp, speed 2
- used dried herbs (because that's all I had) and forgot to put in the mint
- used pankro breadcrumbs (that's all I had)

for the sauce
- fried onions and garlic for 3 min, varoma temp, speed 2
- cooked the wine for 2 min, varoma temp, speed 2
- used dried herbs
- blitzed the chunky tomatoes (only because Ellie doesn't like the chunk)
- did not add sugar
- cooked the sauce on speed 2 not on reverse.

It made heaps.

My family rated this 5/5
I (the vego) rated this 5/5 for simplicity.
Will definitely make this again.

Rara x

Recipe Book Recipe Reviews / Lasagna al way of cooking pg107
« on: October 20, 2011, 03:07:33 pm »
There were a few first for me in this recipe:
- fresh lasagna sheets
- bolognese sauce cooked in tm.... Was very surprised how well it turned out

I made everything according to the recipe except the béchamel sauce.  I made this instead using maddy's tweaks

It made a huge, heavy tray of lasagna!  Kids and OH said it was the best lasagna ever ;D. So happy!!
I also made a veg style using fresh ricotta, spinach and mushrooms

I am giving this recipe a 5/5.

It is a time consuming recipe if you are making your own lasagna sheets.  BUT well worth it.

Desserts / Crumble topping
« on: May 10, 2011, 01:30:21 pm »
Name of Recipe: Crumble Topping
Number of People:
100g butter
80g rapadura sugar or brown sugar
80g plain flour
20g coconut
100g oats

Place butter in TM for 2 min on speed 2 at 100c
Once this has melted add all the other ingredients in TM for 1 min on  :: until combined.

Sprinkle on top of your favourite stewed fruit and bake in oven until golden.
Top with vanilla icecream.



I made stewed apples and pears.

Rara x

Members' comments
maddy - Loved the crumble Rara. Cooked for 30 mins - 180c, and used the "My way of cooking" to cook the apples.

johnro - Thanks Rara - this is a great topping I used it on rhubarb and apple - thank you from 6 grateful diners!

Trudy - Yum!   We enjoyed this Rara.  Thanks so much.

Lellyj - Thanks for this recipe.  I had it with apples and mixed berries.  I didn't read the instructions properly, just chucked the ingredients in and didn't melt the butter first so I just mixed on reverse for a few seconds. It worked fine.

Bubbles - I used this over the top of the stewed rhubarb, apple & strawberries from EDC and it was delicious, will definitely use this for crumbles from now on-thanks.

courton - Yummy topping - made stewed apples wiith dede's apple crumble recipe. Lovely dessert combo.

Kimmyh - Made this last night and put on top of stewed apples and pears. Delicious and love the oats. This is my go to crumble recipe from now on. Thank you.

Rara1 - Lately I have tossed through slivered almonds - delicious!

Bread / Easy peasy cheesey scones
« on: April 08, 2011, 11:06:53 am »
Here's a really quick and easy recipe adapted from this recipe

500g sr flour
300g milk
260 - 300g grated cheese

Pre heat oven 1800
Grate whatever cheese you have.  I used cheddar, mozzarella and parmesan.
Add milk and flour.
Mix on speed 3  :-: for 30 seconds.
Spoon into greased muffin tins and cook for approx 10 min.  (Try not to overcook)

Delicious with soup.

Desserts / Florentine Slice
« on: February 27, 2011, 02:18:08 pm »
Name of Recipe: Florentine Slice
Number of People:
Ingredients: 125g dark cooking chocolate (I used cadbury)
                           3/4 cup sultanas (sorry didn't weigh anything)
                           1/2 cup dry roasted peanuts
                           100g glace cherries
                           2 cups of corn flakes (I used special K)
                           2/3 cup of condensed milk

Preheat oven to 1800
Grate chocolate for  5 seconds on speed 8
Melt chocolate on speed 3, 500 for 2 minutes
Pour the melted chocolate into a 20 x 20 square cake tin lined with baking paper (scape out as much chocolate as possible...I used a silicone spatula)
Refrigerate until set
Don't wash out bowl
Chop cherries for a couple of seconds
Throw in all other ingredients and mix on  :-: for 20 seconds on speed number 3 with the aid of the spatula
Using the back of the spoon press mixture firmly over set chocolate
Bake in the oven for about 15 minutes
Remove from oven and let cool before you cut into slices


I needed to use up the last pack of glace cherries I bought which I did not like.  I didn't chop the cherries up and I think this will make a huge difference to the slice.
You could substitute the nuts for macadamia's, hazelnuts, almonds or whatever you have in the pantry.

4 out of 6 kids loved it
2 out of 3 adults loved it

Members' comments
Jakodai - I made this today, it's quite nice. You have to be VERY careful with the glace' cherries - I ended up with cherry puree... I also didn't think there was going to be enough chocolate, but in the end it was perfect. The slice was a bit softer than I'm used to with florentine 'biscuits' but it was still quite full of flavour, maybe I just need to cook it for longer? I was worried about the chocolate being baked - I've never baked chocolate this way before.

Vegetarian / Rara's Carrot & Felafel Balls
« on: February 22, 2011, 12:52:28 pm »
Name of Recipe:  Rara's Carrot & Felafel Balles
Number of People: I managed to make 10 rissole size
Ingredients: 1 can of chickpeas rinsed and drained
                           1 spring onion
                           1 garlic clove
                           200g of carrot cut into chunks
                           30g parsley
                           1 tsp of ground cumin
                           1/2 tsp baking powder
                           4 tblsp plain flour
                           salt & pepper to taste
                           extra flour for dusting
                           oil for frying

Preparation: Throw all the ingredients into TM for 20 sec on speed 8. 
                           Scrape down bowl and give it another whizz for about 5 sec until it looks like a paste.
                           Shape into rissole shape and dust in flour.  Place on tray lined with baking paper.
                           Refrigerate for at least half an hour.
                           Heat oil and shallow fry until golden.


I added flour as I found that the mixture was too wet and couldn't see how it would "stick" together.
Absolutely delicious!!!
I had some lebanese bread and made felafel rolls....YUM   5/5

This is the original recipe which I tweaked

Desserts / Rara's Cherry Bites
« on: February 22, 2011, 12:25:28 pm »
Name of Recipe: Rara's Cherry Bites
Number of People: Approx 30-36 depending on size
Ingredients: 200g glace cherries - Big Sister brand is best
                             200g condensed milk (half a can)
                             2.5 to 3 cups of desiccated coconut
                             1 drop of red food colouring (optional....I use hullabaloo food colourings)
                             200g good quality dark chocolate (I use cadbury milk)

Preparation: Place cherries in TM and pulse for 1 - 2 seconds.  This will depend if you like chunky cherries or a more smooth texture.  My kids prefer smooth
Add the rest of the ingredients except the chocolate and  :-: for 20 to 30 seconds on speed 2/3 with the aid of the spatula.
Roll into bite size balls and place on a tray lined with baking paper.
Place in the fridge to harden up (about half an hour)

Melt chocolate (I use the double boiler method as its easier to dip and coat the balls)
Dip and coat balls in chocolate and place on a lined tray (I use the same tray)
Back in the fridge they go for about 20 minutes.

Viola......cherry bites!


Tips/Hints:  I used a different brand of glace cherries as my stoopidmarket had sold out/discontinued the brand I usually buy.  I was disappointed with this batch as it didn't have the "cherry taste" nor the red colour (more like purple :o) Big Sister is the best brand to use for this recipe.

Members' Comments
LeeJ - I had the Big Sister here, still used some food coloring, they came up a treat with some milk chocolate.
Took some to a mums group today, there were none left when I left. 
My hubby like them 'more' then cherry ripes, apparently the flavour is just right. Thanks Rara, they will be a party favourite, I'm sure.

maddy - YUM Rara!! These were a big hit. I did put 3 cups of coconut into the mix, but found it was not wet enough to roll, so added a little more condensed milk.  I think next time I will stick with just the  2 1/2 cups of coconut.

JD - I did the first stage of these last night and will coat them in chocolate this morning.  I made 56 balls, how many did you get maddy?  I figured the smaller the better calorie wise and I will have even more to give away to others to try.  I used latex gloves and mine are the size of a 20 cent piece. Had to melt more chocolate because of the extras though.
I find them moister than the actual Cherry Ripe Bars - my SIL loved his when I gave them to him for Easter and immediately said to my DD, you must get the recipe off your Mum for these.

maddy - I'm fairly sure there would have been around low 40's amount. Will probably halve recipe if they are just for us next time.

Chookie - Rara,  had a bread demo today and offered your Cherry Bites with coffee . I'd made 40.   What they didn't eat they took home.   They loved them.  I didn't mind as I love them also. Next time I make them I will put 2 drops of vanilla in. Thanks for this recipe.

MJ - Rather than vanilla, add a couple of drops of cherry flavouring if you can get hold of it.

earthmumma - I loved the idea of this recipe, but really don't like glace cherries.  I was in my local wholefood store and - bingo - they had a packet of dried tart cherries.  I thought I would try them out.  I blitzed some almonds into paste with a little raw sugar, then added the dried cherries and some shredded coconut and blitzed this on speed 7-8 until I liked the look of them.  I added a tablespoon of boiling water and stirred them until them came together.  I then rolled them into balls (refridge) then melted some chocolate and coated them.  They were really yummy and the kids were rapt - didn't make a big batch though about 20.  Anyway thanks for the idea - certainly a great treat.

hools003 - WOW... Is all I can say. Impressed the whole family and a neighbour that popped in! I thought I'd finally make these today. I made half dark and half milk chocolate. Dark was more authentic. Think I'll have to make more tomorrow as I still have half a tin of condensed milk left. The batch made disappeared very quickly. Just have to get some more cherries in the morning.
Thanks Rara, they are just brilliant!

JD's dipping method - I used one of those small dessert forks, held it up to let the excess drip back into the bowl then used another fork to push it off onto a tray. I then just added a few more drops of chocolate to fill in any holes in the top.  Not messy at all for me.

cookie1 - I cheated and bought a chocolate dipper thing a ma jig from the kitchen store. I'm sure it was less than $10. These were delicious.

johnro - Thanks Rara for this divine sweet bite - DD and I did the dessert and sweet bar for a wedding last night. DD used a choc fondue to keep choc melted and used a choc dipper swirler (I think this is what cookie referred to).  The cherry bites looked like rose buds - used both milk and dark chocolate and they were put in a large brandy balloon at the sweets bar.

Chelsea - I made these yesterday for an Easter gift and they are very moorish (I had to sample Grin).  I just used two forks and that worked well without any mess.  I didn't add the food colouring and they were a nice pinkish colour. I used couverture chocolate as a special (and slightly healthier) touch.  I am looking forward to trying them with dried cherries next time.

foodiepep - I made a double batch of these and used a small spiral dipping fork.

Marina - I made these again over the weekend and used a spiral scoop (sorry, useless explanation, I think it's original purpose would have been to remove small cooked or fried items from the wok or pot) which I purchased from one of the local Chinese shops, it made this a whole lot easier than any method I have used in the past.  Thanks for the inspiration to try this method everyone.

Millipede - Oh my. I just made a batch. These are delicious. They taste just  like a cherry ripe only healthier!  They  are hand made so they must be healthier right?

RosieB - I gave these a try today with a few little tweaks. 
They are for the grandson's 'school breakup party' so I wanted to avoid artificial colours and flavours.
I used Glace Cherries with no colours or flavours so the balls are a creamy colour and a bit bland (I think I will add cherry brandy flavouring for our adult variety) and I rolled them in sprinkles that are also artificial free.
I am happy with the result and DH gave the thumbs up.

nola276 - I think it's official, Rara's Cherry Bites are the 8th wonder of the world Tongue  Even Cherry Bites that look like they have battled Hedgehogs, taste great.

Moo2 - Made these tonight. Seriously yummy!!!  Had to eat some before I even dipped them in Choc.  Will be even better once I have put he Choc on them I am sure. I used the Big Sister as you suggested Rara and they are great. Thanks.

GF - we did enjoy them! They didn't last long at all - made them as part of dessert for a pre Christmas lunch for my daughter and her partner.  Did half in milk chocolate and the other half in dark.  Couldn't find a Cadbury's dark block so had the Cadbury's milk and Lindt 85% cocoa dark.  The milk choc ones tasted fine but I must say that the Lindt was just so much easier to work with and we had the little balls done in half the time it took with the Cadbury's.  That little dipper/strainer from the Asian grocery shop was just brilliant for dipping the balls into the chocolate.

snappy - I've just made a batch of these to take over to SIL's house for Christmas lunch tomorrow.  DH and the boys are sneaking in and taking a few so I'm hoping there will be at least some left to take - they have the seal of approval from our house.

Delightful Den - I have made these twice. Once with DD helping her make food for a party. They were nice but she had cheeped out on the glace cherries and the colour and flavour were not strong.

The second time I made them as my goodie bag item for the Gracetown Forumfest with a couple of tweeks.

200gms dried cherries
enough cherry brandy to cover
150gm sweetened condensed milk
2.5 to 3 cups desiccated coconut

place cherries into small sauce pan an pour over just enough cherry brandy to cover. I didn't actually cover them completely just about halfway up the sides of the very top cherries in the pan. Heat on a low to medium heat until just starting to boil. Remove from heat and let stand until most of the brandy is absorbed, about an hour or two. Follow Rara's recipe as above.
Oh yeah and after you tip the cherries and unabsorbed brandy into the TM bowl lick the pan clean of all juice.

Zada - Just made these, they are yummy! Thank you.

Amy - I made a triple batch of these for a bake sale fundraiser.
Just a tip for anyone as stupid as me... don't try a triple batch all at once, MESSY.
But I saved the mixture and mum says they taste awesome... "BETTER THAN CHERRY RIPES!!!"
Some are a bit messy, but what can you expect at 1am.

Courton - I am half way through making these. After 3 Hours the mixture is not hard. Maybe the rum soaked cherries have something to do with this.
Leaving it overnight and investing in a choc dipping spoon seems to have done the trick. Thanks everyone. Lindt dark choc made it easy to coat the balls.

Jeninwa - these are a family Christmas favourite. I add 3 drops of cherry essence and red food colouring. So much easier to make than the old days before thermomix.

Obbie - I just made a double batch of these in cherry, and another double batch in apricot. Just need to say YUMMY, went down so well last night.


Cakes / Rara's triple choc muffin tops
« on: February 09, 2011, 02:28:00 pm »
Rara's Triple Choc Muffin Tops - Makes 12

160g sr flour
150g plain flour
180g milk
100g raw sugar
2 eggs
70g light olive oil
1/2 tsp baking powder
25g cocoa
125g cadbury milk choc bits
125g cadbury dark choc bits

Pre heat oven 180c
Grease muffin top pan (purchased at woollies)
Place all ingredients except choc bits in TM and mix for 40 sec on speed 4-5.
Add choc bits and mix for 15 sec on speed 1 using spatula to incorporate choc bits.
Spoon into muffin top pan and cook for 10-12 min or until cooked. Do not over cook!
*You could use a muffin tin but will need to cook for around 20 min*


My 4 yr niece can't have dairy so I have also been able to successfully convert this without using dairy and refined sugar. I have found dairy free choc chips, used cacoa and agave.
Muffins can be frozen. 
Would work using patty tins too. Just cook them for less time.

Members' comments
cookie1 - the taste is wonderful. The  mixture seems very stiff, is this correct? I did get distracted mid recipe. They are like a cakey/biscuit? As I said they taste lovely anyway, I was just a bit concerned as I thought I may have left the milk out. (I don't think so though). Mine look exactly the same as your photo.

Rara - Yes cookie the mixture is quite stiff and it tastes more like a cake. 

Chookie - These are wonderful,  thanks Rara.   I didn't have the correct tin so cooked them in what I had.  Made 45 little ones for the GC lunches. One of our favourites.

maddy - whipped some up tonight for a lunchbox treat for the kids. Only had half the choc chip amount, so subbed the rest with chopped up maltesers. Yum!

JD - They are excellent but I still find them too big for me - I'm happy with half of one as I am sure most of my visitors would be too. Thanks for the recipe Rara.

andiesenji -To get a thinner, flatter or muffin top of even thickness, use the back of a spoon, dipped in water, and swirl the batter out from the center so it is higher near the edges and there is a bit of a dip in the center. The center always rises more and this will allow a more even rise.  This doesn't work if the batter is very thin but for most muffin or cupcake batters, it works quite well.

CC - they are yummy,thanks Rara.
Johnro - These were a big hit yesterday when made - 2nd batch in oven now with white choc chips, so they are not quite rara's triple choc muffin tops - thanks Rara for again satisfying the choc addict in me!!!!!

Hally - so easy and yum. Next time might reduce chocolate chips and add macadamia nuts. A very easy and tasty recipe.

Dede - I just realized I have yet to leave a comment on these as I have made them several times now and they are always a hit with the kids. I am sure I will be making these for many years to come.

VieveMS - Wow, talk about super easy and quick.  I used my new funny face pans. Next time I'd do a better job of mixing in the choc chips as my first batch was definitely more chocolatey than my last batch.  Thanks for the recipe Rara.

O4aTimtam - boy those triple choc muffins are so decadent.

Introduce Yourself / It's time to confess......
« on: February 09, 2011, 02:16:32 pm »
That I have been lurking this site for the past 18 months.
I have made many of the recipes (thanks to maddy, julieo, quirky, cookie, and others).
Love reading what everyone is cooking with their me inspiration to try new recipes.
So I should thank you lovely ladies (& gents) for a fantastic forum.

Oooh forgot to mention that I have had my Mr T for about 18 months.
Could not and would not live without this incredible beast!!!

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