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Vegetarian / Butternut Pumpkin and Hazelnut Lasagne
« on: May 02, 2011, 11:49:49 am »
Butternut Pumpkin and Hazelnut Lasagne:
8-12 serves:

100g Parmesan
250g Mozzarella

For pumpkin filling
1 large onion, quartered
2 cloves garlic, peeled
2 T unsalted butter
1 large butternut pumpkin, peeled, seeded, and cut into 1cm pieces (approx 900g of cut pumpkin)
Salt and pepper to taste
2 tablespoons chopped fresh flat-leaf parsley
2.5 T chopped fresh sage
1 cup hazelnuts (4 oz), toasted , loose skins rubbed off with a kitchen towel, and coarsely chopped

For sauce:

EDC bechamel sauce recipe, modified
750ml milk
75g Flour
75g Butter
Bay leaf

For assembling lasagne

12 (7- by 3 1/2-inch) sheets no-boil lasagne (1/2 lb)

Adapted from


Toast hazelnuts in thermomix if not already toasted.  I haven't done this in the TMX yet so would welcome suggestions on how best to do this! I toasted mine for 20 min in the oven under the grill while the pumpkin was cooking.

Grate Parmesan sp 9 5 sec, set aside.  Grate Mozzarella sp 9 5 sec, set aside in same bowl as the Parmesan

Add white sauce ingredients to bowl, cook 11 minutes at 90C on speed 4 or until desired consistency reached.  Pour into bowl (or thermoserver), add bay leaf and stir.

Wash bowl

Chop garlic and onion sp 5 1 sec.  Saute in butter 90C, sp 1 reverse for 5 minutes.

Add pumpkin, sauté 100C, sp 1 reverse for 20 min.  MC on.

Stir in sage, hazelnuts and parsely sp 6 for 4 seconds

Preheat oven to 220C
Spray 3L dish with olive oil spray.
Spread 2/3c of white sauce over base and lay 3 lasagne sheets over this.  Top with layer of pumpkin filling, more white sauce and cheese.  Top with 3 lasagne sheets and then white sauce, filling and cheese.  Repeat once more, then top with white sauce and cheese.  Spray a piece of foil with olive oil and cover lasagne tightly.  Bake in the middle of the over for 30 minutes, remove foil and bake for further 10-15 minutes.  Remove from oven and let stand 15-20 minutes.


The reviews on the website complain about how much time this takes.  The cooking/standing is an hour but I had it done in under 2 hours from ingredients un-prepared (ie pumpkin not cut up) in the fridge to on the table.  It was my first time making this but won't be the last!

Questions? Technical Issues? The Survival Guide / Varoma problems?
« on: December 04, 2010, 03:06:04 am »
Hi all,

So I still haven't had that Varoma demo (DD2 arrived and is making her presence felt!) but I've been using it for a couple of things.

Can I just say how great the TMX is with a toddler under my feet while I am feeding-don't have to worry about her running around and knocking hot pans off the stove!

Anyway, I cooked corn and broccoli in the Varoma the other night-here's what I did so you can tell me where I went wrong. 

I put about 1.25L water in the bowl and put the Varoma on top with three ears of corn (shucked) in the bottom section and some asparagus and broccoli in the top section.  I put it on Varoma temperature for 20 min, sp 1.  After that time the asparagus was perfect (I did check once or twice because I expected it to cook faster) but the corn and broccoli were still uncooked.  The corn was unevenly steamed-one side was completely raw and not really warm and the other was just undercooked.

Sorry for all the detail but I am hoping someone can tell me where I went wrong!  I love the idea of steaming my vegies in the TMX but so far I'm not winning...

Thanks in advance for any tips or tricks you have!

Recipe Requests / Harissa paste?
« on: November 30, 2010, 04:03:48 am »
Hi there!

So I'm thinking of including a harissa paste in my christmas hamper this year-does anyone have a go to recipe? 


Bread / Zucchini Bread (with photo)
« on: October 17, 2010, 11:56:28 am »
Zucchini Bread

Makes 2 loaves

2 med-large zucchini, roughly chopped
3 eggs
1 c TMX applesauce (EDC recipe)
2T vegetable oil
2 c white sugar
2t vanilla extract
3 c plain flour (I used 1 c white, 2 c wholemeal)
3t plain cinnamon
1t baking soda
1/4 t baking powder
1/2 c chopped walnuts (I omitted this time)

Preheat oven to 160 C, grease and line 2 loaf pans

Chop zucchini speed 3 for 3-5 sec
Rinse TMX bowl.  Does not need to be bone dry.
Insert butterfly, beat eggs on speed 4 until foamy, approximately 1.5 min
Add oil, applesauce and sugar, mix sp 6 for 15 sec

In large bowl, combine remaining ingredients, gradually fold in egg mixture.  Do not overmix.

Pour into prepared pans, bake 60-70 min or until done.

Nice and moist-you could use 1 c oil total instead of the applesauce as well.  Next time I will reduce the sugar as it was almost too sweet for me!  The original recipe is here:

Starters and Snacks / Spinach and Feta Dip
« on: September 07, 2010, 06:06:21 am »
Spinach and Feta Dip:


Made this afternoon as a quick (mostly!) healthy snack with some crudites.

1 clove garlic

1/2 small brown onion

Olive oil or butter for cooking above

130g baby spinach (could use English spinach)

230g creamy feta (I used Danish)

2 heaping T sour cream (I used light)


Chop onion and garlic sp 7 for 5 sec.

Saute onion and garlic until aromatic (100C for 2 min, sp 1). 

Wash spinach and spin dry and cook 100C 2 min sp3. Add feta (cubed) and sour cream, increase to speed 5 for 30-45 seconds.   

Serve with pita bread, grilled flat bread or cut up vegies!

Sorry no photos as battery in the camera is charging!

I don't like a strong garlic or onion flavour but you could def add more as most of the flavour from this came from the feta.   Drain the spinach as much as possible or the end result will be watery.

I hope this works for others!  My first attempt at converting a recipe in the TM!

Chit Chat / Demo menus
« on: September 05, 2010, 07:19:32 am »

I'm new to the forum so apologise if I'm posting in the wrong section!

My TMX was delivered less than a month ago and already I can't imagine how I did without it!  Lots to say (all positive!) but made DH eggs benedict with smoked salmon today which was the first time I've ever attempted a hollandaise sauce-and the TMX was even easy to clean afterwards.  Fantastic.  My notoriously picky toddler has eaten every. single. thing that I've made in it.  Solid gold as far as I'm concerned!!

Anyhoo, that's just a lead in to my first post-which is really to ask about demos. I've had two-delivery demo and my first demo which was when I decided to buy my TMX.  I have two friends who are seriously considering it and was thinking of having a Varoma demo in the future.  I've read a thread expressing concern that the Varoma demo may not show off the machine;topic=3944.0

I guess my questions are:

1.  For those who have had a Varoma demo, how did you feel it compared to the standard demo?  Consultants please feel free to chime in-my consultant is very keen for me to have the Varoma demo and I am too from my point of view but just wondered how newbie friendly it is??

2.  How often do the menus change for demos?  The two that I had were a year apart but the menu was the same-I think some of the girls will go for it but I don't want to invite them if it's just going to be the same thing, and I'd rather the newbies see the basics of the machine rather than it looking like a fancy steamer (when we all know it's a lot more than that!!).

Thanks for making it this far if you have!!

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