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I made these last night using the recipe chip again.  They were extremely easy to make and were a tasty, soft-with-a-crunchy-outside cookie.

They didn't come out looking as good as in the picture - they ended spreading into quite odd shapes.  I would recommend rolling them into a ball rather than just shaping with 2 teaspoons.  They also flatten a lot while baking.

I have frozen some of them to bake fresh when we have visitors sometime so will update when I serve them.

For the chocolate I acutally used an old Easter egg i found in the back of the cupboard (reduced after Easter!) It was ideal.  
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This is a delicious loaf.  I made it with soya milk rather than regular milk and used 30g of sugar.  The butter and the sugar added an extra tasty dimension.  Very straightfoward to make, and I dont think i would make changes to the basic recipe so I'll definitely be going back to the recipe chip for this again and again!

Maybe one thing I would change is rise it a little longer than 30 mins for the second rising as it was just a little dense.  More than double it in size maybe for an hour.

I made this on Sunday for visitors fresh, it looked really good plaited, and it was excellent as toast the next day.  (only it didn't neatly fit into my toaster but anyway!)
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Recipe Book Recipe Reviews / TM5 Cookbook (UK) Lemon Curd
« on: October 24, 2014, 08:25:09 am »
This recipe is cooked a lot longer than the UK Fast & Easy Cooking version.  I think it is a better version tho, as it contains more lemon juice and is more tangy.

Particularly while still warm scraped out of the bowl... yum!
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Recipe Book Recipe Reviews / TM5 Cookbook (UK) Butter Biscuits
« on: October 24, 2014, 08:21:16 am »
These are very straightforward to make, and turn out crunchy and tasty - perfect with a cup of coffee.  

I used demerera for dipping them in and used plenty of it.  I'd like to try them with some of the suggested natural flavours - lemon zest sounds good.  I would also like to try substituting some cornflour instead of regular flour for a lighter, more shortbread texture.  
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