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Unfortunately I didn't take a pic but we made this for an Easter dessert and it was a huge hit.  Our pastry needed 30g more butter to make it moist enough to work with and we had trouble rolling it out so we just pushed it out in to the tin as you would a crust and it worked fine.  The Filling was easy to make and worked well.  We had to have two goes at making the butter crunch praline topping as we burnt the first batch due to a faulty sugar thermometer.  The second batch worked beautifully.  This dessert was yum and the butter praline really gave it something special.  I'd highly recommend it and I'd definitely make it again.  Everyone loved it and it went really well with vanilla ice-cream.
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Just a note to the mods that this recipe is actually in Keeping It Simple rather than FFS.

I decided to make this for an Easter Dessert.  The recipe for the Basic Shortbread Base says to use a square baking tin but the photo of the cheesecake in the book is round so I just used a 23cm springform round tin which turned out to be a great size.  

This recipe generally worked well although I found that when I added the gelatin mixture I had to mix it by hand a few times after the initial 30 seconds mixing time as the TM just didn't mix it through properly.  I didn't bother with the lemon butter on top although if you are after a strong lemon flavour I think it needs it.  The cheesecake was nice but you didn't get that hit of lemon that you might get from other lemon cheesecakes.  

In summary, this cheesecake certainly received a lot of positive complements but definitely use the optional lemon butter if a strong lemon flavour is desired.


Here's a quick review of Risotto Al Salmone in A Seafood Bounty.

I just used liquid Vegetable Stock instead of stock cubes/concentrate.

I found my risotto was still very watery after 15 minutes so I gave it an extra couple of minutes which made a difference.

I didn't add my smoked salmon pieces whilst cooking as I knew they were likely to get overcooked so I just stirred them through the cooked risotto at the end.  This worked well.

Whilst the risotto technically worked well, it was very bland.  The kids ate it but hubby and I found it lacking in definitely needed some garlic.

Seeing as there are so many other great risotto recipes out there I wouldn't bother making this one again.  I'd give it a 2.5/5.
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Well I tried making the Risotto Al Salmone but it wasn't a winner unfortunately.  I'll post a separate review but I'm not going to try any of the other recipes in this book in a hurry.  Too many other great recipes to try!

Thanks Cecilia, I feel slightly better now!  Still don't know how the one in the book seems to have a much thicker icing but maybe someone else has had success?

Well I guess my advice to anyone making this cake is if you want to decorate the top (like I did as it was being used as a birthday cake), don't use the glaze in the book.  Go with a cream cheese type icing instead.

Having said that, as I mentioned in my original post, this cake is really really yummy and got great comments from everyone who tried it.  It was loved by kids and adults alike and I would definitely make it again (just with different icing)!

Just a question for those who have made this cake -

I made it today and the cake itself was beautiful but my glaze was extremely thin and watery.  It looked nothing like the one in the book or the one in the pics posted on here...I can't see where I went wrong.  Does anyone have any suggestions for how their icing ended up much thicker than mine?

This is the first dish I have made from this one too cookie1.

Some of the dishes have looked ok but I have discovered from experience that most seafood seems to overcook when cooked in the TM bowl.  I usually end up doing sauces in the bowl and steaming the seafood in the Varoma and that seems to work much better but I have been hesitant to try a lot of the recipes in this book for this reason.

I had a disaster with the Pennette with Saffron P65 so am not sure if I am game to try anything else.  Perhaps I'll give one of the risottos a go and see how that turns out.

Made this for dinner last week.  The recipe says you can use butter or olive oil so I went with olive oil.  It doesn't actually tell you what to do with the smoked salmon but based on the picture on P53, we determined that you just stir it through the cooked pasta before serving.

The dish worked really well however we all thought it was slightly lacking something.  I would make it again but perhaps add garlic or use garlic olive oil and see how that goes.


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Thanks judydawn,

Unfortunately I've had a couple of epic fails with two of the main meals in the first book so I've just posted reviews for you.

This was the first dish I made out of this free e-book.  

Whilst the recipe technically works quite well I found the meat stews rather than stir-frys.  While the beef did remain quite tender, it was not a nice dish to eat and lacked the flavour of normal stir-frys.  Unfortunately no-one in the family was a fan of this one and one of my kids wouldn't touch it at all (which is very unlike him) so it is not a dish I'd be making again.

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I'd be interested to know if anyone else has had any success with recipes from this book?  This is the second one I've tried that I've had disappointing results with.

I attempted the Lemon Chicken & Broccoli Penne last week and I hate to say this but it was totally inedible.

The recipe doesn't specify what type of chicken to use so I used cut up thigh fillets.

Technically the recipe works in that everything is cooked in the amount of time specified but there was just way too much lemon.  I desperately tried to save it by adding additional cream to the ricotta cheese sauce and then even went for garlic-infused olive oil and sesame oil but there was no saving it - it tasted horrible and no-one in the family would eat a second mouthful (including my 23 month old son with a huge appetite)!

Not sure if I did something wrong but unfortunately we had to throw it all out and for this reason I'd have to give it a 0/5.
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Recipe Book Recipe Reviews / Re: Vanilla Thriller Tenina's For Foods Sake
« on: January 28, 2014, 04:15:38 am »
Thanks Kimmyh!

I haven't decided on the next challenge yet.  I have a daughter about to start school for the first time tomorrow so the next few recipes I try will probably be lunchbox friendly treats of some sort.  I converted a recipe for Apple & Cinnamon Muffins before from an old PMWU Cookbook I have and they seem to have worked ok.

Have also been playing around heaps with the Ice Cream Maker I got a couple of months ago and trying as many ice cream, sorbet, gelato recipes as I can without eating too much in one go! 

I've been looking forward to giving some of the dessert recipes in In The Mix 1 & 2 a go so I think that's what I might do next.

Same here Aussie Brenda...I think that's the best part!   :)

Just thought I would add a review for Tenina's Rich Choccie Ice-Cream in For Food's Sake.

I followed this recipe up to Step 4 and then cheated and churned it in my ice cream maker.

I had some leftover Berry Coulis and toasted blanched almonds so churned those through towards the end as mix-ins.

I was initially a bit dubious about this recipe as the custard base is a bit different to most conventional ice cream recipes by using whole eggs instead of just the yolks.  However it turns out I didn't need to worry as the ice cream churned up beautifully!

The texture was a little different to many of the ice creams I have made but in a good way.  It was softer, perhaps a bit more like a Gelato.  The flavour was amazing and everyone in our household loved it.  I'd definitely make this one again...5/5 from me!

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Recipe Book Recipe Reviews / Re: Vanilla Thriller Tenina's For Foods Sake
« on: January 21, 2014, 12:00:31 pm »
I have been wanting to try this recipe for ages and finally gave it a go over the weekend.  I really enjoyed the challenge of attempting something this difficult and was reasonably happy with the end result.

Firstly some tips -

Definitely start this recipe a couple of days in advance.  I started on the Friday morning (to serve on a Sunday night).  If you have no other interruptions/commitments you could get away with starting the day before but it is not the kind of recipe you can just decide to make on the spur of the moment.

The Titanium Dioxide I got from The Melbourne Food Ingredient Depot - their website address has changed from the one in book.  It is now -

The Cake Glaze I bought from Peppercorn Deli in Keysborough (Melbourne) through Ebay.  The seller's username is auvicpeter

The Almond Oil I got from Thomas Dux although I believe it is also sold in some health food shops.

Definitely use a shallow pan for the Almond Praline Paste.  I made the mistake of using a small deep pan.  This means the sugar on the outside starts to burn before the sugar in the middle even starts to melt.  Somehow I was able to save it but it took a lot of effort.  Learnt my lesson on that one!  You will also be left with quite a lot of Almond Praline Paste left over.

With the Vanilla Almond Crunch, the final mix in Step 6 was not long enough for me.  I had to do it a couple more times and then use a soft spatula to flatten the ingredients a bit more so they were evenly crushed.

As has been mentioned the Vanilla Glaze is very difficult to work with.  I felt if there had just been slightly more of the glaze then it would have spread evenly by itself as I poured it but there just wasn't quite enough.  I was able to use a soft spatula to get it pushed out into all of the edges of the pan but after that it was too late and the top ended up looking quite uneven.  It didn't really matter though as you couldn't tell once it had been cut into slices.  I served it with a Berry Coulis which worked well.

So would I make this again?  Probably not.  Whilst I enjoyed the taste, I have made other desserts that I have enjoyed more than this one (such as the Salted Caramel Ice Cream Torte).

Upon cutting, I found the top two layers separated from the bottom two very easily so it was very difficult to eat a mouthful with all four layers in it at the same time.  Also the Dacquoise sets very hard and was a real challenge to cut through.  Of course it is also a very expensive and time consuming recipe to make.

I highly recommend anyone looking for a challenge to give it a go though.  The recipe is easy to follow and all of the steps are achievable if you allow enough time and are well prepared.  As Kimmy mentioned though there are just too many other recipes I want to try which would mean I'd be unlikely to make this one again in a hurry.

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