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Introduce Yourself / HI FROM WHITE PLAINS
« on: July 23, 2009, 10:46:17 pm »
I am the proud owner of a Thermomix for  only 7 days (Note: no representation in the US) and with the new addition in our life it is me and my Thermomix. 
 I have a family of 2 grown kids and a husband,  2 carnivores and 1 vegetarian.
The first day we made raspberry ice cream (high and low calorie), tons of pesto, smoothies, margaritas, two different soups for dinner, 5 minute bread, bread crumbs from old bread that had been waiting to be processed for months, ground coffee and much more.
I am multitasking and I love playing with food and make others happy with my creations.
My life has changed, an organized freezer serving family members small portions with individual needs. I am reducing waste and my family can NOT LIVE without Thermomix as they explore the multiple use!
My life without Thermomix? UNTHINKABLE!
Happy to join this forum.

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