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Introduce Yourself / Another newbie here!...
« on: December 14, 2012, 07:18:46 am »
Hi Everybody! I have finally taken the plunge and bought a TM yesterday after thinking long and hard, and watching my first demo almost 2 years ago.  What really tipped me was wanting to put healthier food on the table and in my kids' lunch boxes, and to do it with ease in terms of effort and time.  I'm really time-poor (like most people) and anything that makes life easier is a bonus.

I joined the forum a few months back to learn more about TM recipes from members, and find out if there are any complaints or disadvantages to the TM machine as compared to other thermal mixers in the market now.  In the end, my decision came down to after sales support, printed TM cookbooks and having a community of 'thermies' to share TM cooking success and failures with.

I enjoy cooking but my repertoire is rather limited to a few dishes due to lack of cooking experience and also limited time. I also tend to rely on supermarket seasoning packets which is quick and easy.  Hopefully, this will change with the TM.   Hence, I look forward to learning from you all, and hopefully have some early successes with my cooking using the TM. 

Thanking you all in advance and look forward to sharing with you my cooking as well!  I can't wait to take delivery of my machine, and hopefully before Christmas!  Woohoo!!


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