Author Topic: What is going on on Facebook?  (Read 20906 times)

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Re: What is going on on Facebook?
« Reply #75 on: May 04, 2012, 09:54:54 pm »
Yup you are right about sales people who earn commissions from certain products. Added incentives ditto. My I pad was my first Apple product and I was gobsmacked.  I am waiting for my phone to die so I can justify an iPhone. I bought the new iPad when it came out and gave my iPad 2 to my  DH. My daughter's partner runs his  Estate business with his  iPhone and iPad.  I rarely use my laptop and haven't touched my desktop in over a year.

The only thing I really hate about the iPad is that it does not support adobe flash.

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Re: What is going on on Facebook?
« Reply #76 on: May 05, 2012, 02:13:18 pm »
I love my iPhone and iPad. I've never been really techie, but since I upgraded from my basic prepaid Nokia to my iPhone I haven't looked back. I use it to take photos, I've abandoned my paper diary and use the calendar function to keep track of all the things I am supposed to be doing, I read my emails, surf the web and read this forum. I,m addicted to playing Words with Friends. And I can make calls on it too.
Last year we bought a laptop for the kids for school and my DH bought an iPad for himself. The kids hardly touched the laptop, and everyone queued up to use the iPad. We gave the laptop to my BIL, as his had broken and ours hardly got used. It took the kids about 3 weeks to realise that the laptop was gone. My DH got frustrated at not being able to use the iPad because one of the kids was on it or I was cooking dinner from it, that he went out an bought another one.
I have downloaded Tapatalk and now it is so easy to read the forum and post up photos. The camera in the ipad3 is really good - I keep pinching my DH 's iPad to post photos on the forum, so he's threatening to buy another one. I rarely use the computer at home these days. The iPad does almost all I need. I can read books on it too. When we go on holidays, we tether it to our phones as we can use the Internet on the iPad then. My dad bought one so that he could Skype us when he went overseas, and my mother keeps using it too. She has trouble using the computer, but finds the iPad really intuitive.
Sometimes I get frustrated at the autocorrect function, (I could turn it off) and sometimes the lack of a mouse when you want to edit text is frustrating. I love the fact that you can turn it sideways and get a larger keypad so that you can touch type on your lap.
I have copied recipes that I want to make in Evernote, and I use the iPad as a recipe book as I cook. I couldn't imagine life without it now.
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Re: What is going on on Facebook?
« Reply #77 on: May 05, 2012, 03:05:19 pm »
wow - what an interesting post!

I think people some people in HO clearly need to take a step back....this is a kitchen appliance - a bloody good one - but just an appliance. Get a grip and grow up, people will 'like' who they want and follow who they want. There's nothing i hate more than going into a shop and listening to them bag out a competitor (almost as bad as listening to our politicians bag each other!). The only thing it compels me to do is take my money elsewhere.

The service I have had from dealing with both Tenina and Helene has been fantastic - both ladies are working very hard to make a business and a living for themselves.

All I can say is rise above it - even if you don't make as much money as other people, at least you can sleep at night knowing you conduct yourself in a professional, enthusiastic manner.

You have my 100% support :)

***rant is over!***

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Re: What is going on on Facebook?
« Reply #78 on: May 05, 2012, 06:24:24 pm »
One of the guys in my computer club, who is in with some of the gurus in Cupertino, says that there have been hints that there will be a pocket-sized scanner for an iPad future generation, with OCR (optical character recognition for text) so printed articles can be scanned as well as photos (not large ones).
There are already a couple of apps, not 100% effective yet, that enable a bluetooth barcode scanner for the iPad - for taking inventory. It does require the use of an external hard drive because of memory constraints (time not volume).

According to my friend, this is being formulated at the request of university post-grad students who need to do a lot of research in old documents that are nowhere available other than in print. 

Isn't it fantastic to be alive in the 21st century when all these things that were only speculated about when we were children are available for us to own and play with?  I remember reading Dick Tracy comics in the 1940s when a wrist radio was a total fantasy.

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