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Nutella Tart (with photo)

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If you like chocolate tarts I believe this is gonna be one of your favourites!
I used Nutella that I made with Thermomix (
It was super yummy.
I made it also with normal nutella that I bought from supermarket.
The both ways are just great so it is up to you which to use ;)

Nutella Tart

150g toasted hazelnuts
300g flour
10g baking powder
5g vanillin sugar
100g sugar
150g butter
1 egg + 1 egg yolk
450g Nutella

    * Put hazelnuts in TM Bowl. 7 seconds / Speed 7
    * Sift in flour. Add baking powder, sugar, butter, egg and egg yolk. Mix for 40 seconds on Speed 5 (You will have a crumbling kind base so don't worry)
    * Set aside approx 200g of base
    * Grease tart tin and sprinkle with a little flour. Spread the base covering also the sides of your tart tin. (I used 28cm diameter tart tin)
    * Spread Nutella over the base with spatula
    * Get the 200g  piece that you previously set aside and crumble it on the top by your hands
    * Bake it in the preheated oven at 160C for 30-35 minutes



members' comments

Uni - thanks farfallina for this lovely tart recipe.
I made this again, it was a big hit loved by all. I always try a find an easier way in a recipe so instead of 150 g toasted hazelnuts I used 150 g of almond meal.

Looks gorgeous, this will go on my list of 'one's to make'...urgently. :)


I believe you won't regret!
Let me know when you make it :)

Thanks Farfallina,  looks good and I will make it next time we have visitors.

It certainly does look good, but in this house a visitors only one, otherwise we will be the shape of oranges.


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