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Uses for Dukkah

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I'd like to know how long dukkah will last. I made some about a month ago & still have lots left, so now that I have some new ideas on how to use it I might be able to use it quicker. But I'd still like to know the best way to store it & how long I can keep it for.

Good question SoBlessed.  I'm keeping mine in the fridge just to be sure it doesn't go off.  Sent home a jar with SIL, still plenty left for me to use it in many different ways.

Like the idea of 1/2 and 1/2 maddy - more for the fact that I won't have to peel those troublesome little hazelnuts, that is what took the longest when making the dukkah. Stubborn skins wouldn't come off with the rubbing in the teatowel so had to use my nails to scrape it off at times.  Pistachios only have to be shelled, don't they?

I make dukkah with almonds - no peeling!
I also store any extra in the freezer.  Nuts freeze very well and this helps the spices to hold on to their flavour a little longer.  If you don't freeze then I would imagine that the oil in the nuts would go rancid.
Anyway, I find that freezing works well. ;D


--- Quote from: judydawn on April 04, 2010, 07:01:14 am --- Pistachios only have to be shelled, don't they?

--- End quote ---

Yes, supermarkets usually sell them that way.   I buy them without  shells in a big bag from a whole foods company......I think it was around $8 for 500gm.
I also keep the dukkah in the  freezer too.  You can make 1/2 quantities and mix the flavours up a bit.  My next lot will include maybe garlic powder or some different spices.....personal preference really.

Ok, thanks. Mine's in the fridge, so I'll go get it into the freezer ASAP!


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