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What size bread tin


I am a newbie here and to Thermomix.  However, my husband and I had a go at making the basic bread and it was pretty good although we really didn't have the correct tin.  I went to Scullerymade for the correct bread tin but wasn't sure of the size for the ingredients in the recipe.  I bought both the 450g and 680g tins just in case - so can anyone advise?

Hi sammidog and welcome. There has been a lot of discussion lately about bread and bread tins. Just go to the search window and type in bread tins and you will find various threads . You might need a good half hour to browse :-)) :-)) :-))


Welcome Sammidog. I've bought 3 bread tins trying to find the perfect one. I now have a bread tin for each type of bread I make. :P :P

Welcone sammidog - sounds like you're in Melbourne.  The 680g one for the Basic TM31 recipe - from memory there is 500g flour?  Will check the veal recipe when I get home.

Thanks everyone for your suggestions.  Yes, for the basic bread recipe, about 100g of (I use) barley and 400-420g of baker's flour.  I will try again with the larger size tin and report in!  Thanks again.  And yes, I am in Melbourne.   :)


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