Author Topic: Thermomix broken - does anyone have same problem with TM5 as myself?  (Read 517 times)

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      As of 1íst of November 2017 I have acquired from HLK Trade SRL a kitchen robot Thermomix model TM5 with Chip RO, having a guarantee period of 2 years.
-       As of 3rd of January 2018 I realized that the robot did not start anymore, showing a message error C34.
-       I mention that I am the owner of a same brand robot Thermomix TM31, acquired from the same company as of 16.10.2013. I have successfully used Thermomix TM31 for 4 years, the robot is still functional, but I wanted the upgraded version.
-       Thermomix TM31 and Thermomix model TM5 have the same closing system, and I have used both robots in the same way.
-       I highlight the fact that I am the only user of the acquired robot: Thermomix model TM5, and I have 4 years of experience using this type of robot.
-       As of 11íh of January I have been announced by a Thermomix Romania technician, that I have wrongly used the robot, and there are liquids which have touched the motor of the robot, so the guarantee does not cover the reparation price.

-       Considering the fact that both models Thermomix TM31 and Thermomix model TM5 have the same closing system, they cannot be used in case they are not properly closed, and I have successfully used Thermomix TM31  for 4 years (the robot has never been broken), I used Thermomix TM5 in the same way as the previous model, without having any particular incident, I am absolutely convinced that the robot did not break because of me.

I am absolutely sure that I did not use wrongly the robot, so how can it be possible to have liquids in the motor? Have there been cases like mine?
Thanks for your answer.
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Re: Thermomix broken
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Hi Ligia. As we are not affiliated with the makers of the Thermomix we cannot give you any advice on your problem.  I would suggest you contact Vorwerk direct through this link if you are not getting any satisfaction from the service department in your country.
Good luck, it is a worry for you.
Judy from North Haven, South Australia

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