Author Topic: Red Lentil, Butternut and Coconut Curry.  (Read 3016 times)

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Red Lentil, Butternut and Coconut Curry.
« on: September 20, 2014, 05:11:33 pm »
Copying over from the Introduction thread - if you try it, I hope you enjoy it.

Red lentil, butternut and coconut curry.

Serves 4.

1tbsp vegetable oil (I used rapeseed)
2 onions (I used red onions)
2 green chillies (ermmm I used green ones)
100g fresh root ginger
200g baby leaf greens
1tbsp mild curry powder (I had to use medium as that was all we had)
150g split red lentils
500ml coconut water
250ml water
500g butternut squash

First off I should point out that this recipe is NOT mine, but one that I took from the September issue of Waitrose Kitchen magazine (I hope this doesn't cause any issues! Apologies in advance if it does).

The above ingredients were introduced into the TMX in the following fashion / way. (I have tried to emulate the writing style of other helpful recipes on here and clearly this is what transpired for me. Those in the know, more experience will probably adapt accordingly, specifically chopping times and speeds!  :-[

1) Onions, Chillies, Ginger in the TMX Speed 7, 10 seconds - OMG.........what have I done? There is just his colourful finely chopped but oh so fragrant mess all up the sides of the mixing bowl. I think less speed and time will probably suffice next time. :-[

2) Oil into the mixer (clearly after scraping down the sides to ensure it actually sautÚs 'something') - 6mins, reverse 3, 100deg.

3) Coriander, curry powder (see the note above about the 'heat' of the powder. I used medium and it turned out just fine but I like hot food - suggestion is adjust to personal taste.) 3mins reverse speed 3 100deg.

4) Add the coconut water, water, lentils and the butterfly attachment. 30mins, reverse 2, 80degs (measuring cup removed but basket to prevent any splatters). Again, this duration and heat will be dependant upon how you all like your lentils. I personally prefer a little bite to mine and not a stodgy mess. Its up to you  Grin

5) Add the butternut squash (carefully to avoid hot splash back)12mins, reverse 2, 80degs - See the above note about personal preference.

6) Right at the end, add the light greens (spinach) 2mins, reverse 2, 100deg.

nb - There are clearly a couple of things that you can do to amend this to your choice etc. I am thinking of using a hotter chilli the next time we make it and using less powder but that is just me. If you like a creamier texture then I would use some coconut milk in addition to the coconut water or one could always add a touch of cream, creme fraiche etc it is totally up to the individual.


Remember - the little blade at the rear goes really fast and makes a big mess. Stay away from it!

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Re: Red Lentil, Butternut and Coconut Curry.
« Reply #1 on: September 21, 2014, 12:08:01 am »
RC,  looks good.  Thanks for posting.