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Hubby has been wanting to buy takeway pizza for about 2 weeks now so was excited that I was making pizza today. 

The dough is really lovely to work with and beautiful, smooth and elastic. Rose as it should in one hour so you do have to be a little prepared.

I decided to make 3 large pizzas instead of the 6 smaller ones suggested.

It says to use 8 buttons mushrooms but I found mine were quite large and 3 were ample. It also says to use 8 bocconcini but I used a whole container of the bambini ones.

It took a lot longer to cook than what it says - 5mins + 7 mins. I think it needed at least double if not triple the time so that the base cooked. The base was not really crispy and I think it needed the pizza pan oiled to crisp it up instead of being put on baking paper. Will try it next time. Also, the pizza sauce is garlic and passatta. I think tomato paste would give a lot more flavour for adults.

It was nice but needed more flavour. Nevertheless, my toddler immediately wanted some when she saw me cutting and eating the first slice. My 6 month old also demanded some (even though she has only just started solids!) and was whinging for it as I was holding her and loved sucking on the pizza. I think this one will be much easier to feed all round.

Here is a photo:

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Re: Recipe Review - Proscuitto & Mushroom Pizza - Baby & Toddler Book
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Made these a couple of days ago. 

The dough is really nice to work with.  They were made with my grandson (3) in mind and I followed the recipe as is but he/we weren't a fan of the topping.  I know that the intention is for a child's palate but he really didn't enjoy the topping as such. 

No matter though as I par cooked the left over doughs in my pizza machine for a couple of mins until they had firmed up a little, then I refrigerated them.

Took them out today and topped them with other toppings and again cooked them in the pizza machine.  Turned out great, enjoyed by all.  I will definitely make these bases again next time we have pizza.  Would like to par cook and freeze some for those days when you want something quick.  :)