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No added sugar lemon jam.
« on: June 04, 2013, 03:01:15 am »
500g. Lemons, quartered,  I used Meyer. Lemons
500 mls. Water
1 box of ' Jelly lite', this contains 2 packets. Lemon flavour.
Additional sweetener if desired.

Place lemons in TMX bowl and press Turbo button twice.
Add water and cook on REVERSE for 30 mins.(  On Varoma temp until mixture boils, cap in,   Then on 100 for the remaining time, cap out.)
Add jelly and mix on sp5 for 5 seconds.
Taste Jam and add  sweetener if required.  I would use Xylitol.
Pour into sterile jars, put on lids and turn upside down for 10 mins. When cool store in cupboard.
When open store in fridge.

Could do similar with other fruit.  

If you wish to use plain powdered gelatine,  use the amount to set 1 litre of liquid.
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