Author Topic: Recipe Review - Vietnamese Beef Broth - Alyce Alexandra Low Carb p.81  (Read 2750 times)

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I love soups and since I had some steak to use up today, I decided to try this recipe, even though I didn't get to the supermarket to pick up the bok choy ad lettuce, as was Plan A.

I was a little flummoxed by the second ingredient on the list - "1.5 kg beef stock" - but nevertheless I made some Beef Stock.

The only Thermomix meat stock recipe I could find easily was on the My Way of Cooking app.  (See separate review.)

That recipe called for 300g meat, so I used 300g rather than 1.5 kg and I assumed that what Alyce meant was 1500 ml water.

I was a good girl for most of the recipe, but as already mentioned I didn't have enough greens on hand, so I substitued celery and carrot.

I was also thrown a bit by the instruction to fry the garlic the old way.  I did hnestly intend to follow that instruction but I got excited and distracted with the lovely taste of the soup as is was coming along and served it straight away, without all the different garnishes.

The photograph in Alyce's book is just wonderful, so I hesitate to share my simplified version, but I do want to encourage you to try this recipe, as the taste was excellent.

Besides the fresh beef stock, the aroma came from fish sauce, lime juice, palm sugar, star anise, coriander and of course the extra meat that is added to the broth right at the end.


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Re: Recipe Review - Vietnamese Beef Broth - Alyce Alexandra Low Carb p.81
« Reply #1 on: January 08, 2015, 11:34:51 am »
Having just come back from a week in Penang, I was amused by my husband suggesting he felt like noodles in broth for dinner. Earlier the same day I had tagged this recipe.
 He actually scored glazed ham salad and mashed potato with extra veggies.

I interpret the 1.5kgs of beef stock to be bone broth. Means I'll be ticking bone broth off my bucket list before I begin this recipe. It looks delicious.