Author Topic: Recipe review - Golden Sauce from Rainbow Recipes  (Read 1944 times)

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Recipe review - Golden Sauce from Rainbow Recipes
« on: January 07, 2013, 09:38:07 pm »
This is a review from Cuildh
Golden Sauce - p. 106

This is a very easy sauce to make - simply put everything into the jug, cook for 20 minutes then zap for 1 minute.  All the ingredients are probably in your pantry, so nothing special or extra to buy.  My one tweak is to add a couple of teaspoons of mustard, but that's purely personal taste.  It really doesn't taste of cheese, of course, but it is by far the most successful substitute I have found for a vegan 'cheese' sauce - it works really well with macaroni to make macaroni cheese, for instance.  I have also used it as a sauce layer in lasagna.
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