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Oh Yum! This is a delicious pie.DH and I love it.I served it with mash potatoes and steamed brussel sprouts.Although is says it serves four (they would be huge servings) I only used about 1/3 of the cooked filling to make the pie for us and it was plenty to eat.You could make your own puff pastry but the recipe suggests using bought puff pastry.
No photo as my cooked pie looked very ugly LOL
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My biscuits don't look anything like the photo in the cookbook. :'( I did follow the tip of taking the biscuits out of the oven after five minutes and gently tapping the baking tray on a surface to make them crack but they still didn't crack.They do spread quite a bit so I only cooked six on a tray at a time.They taste good but will up the ginger next time.
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A very tasty ( vegetarian) soup with a mild curry flavour.Perfect to eat on a cold wet day. :D I recommend adding a chilli if you want to up the spice. ;)
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This easy recipe produced a lovely quiche that DH and I enjoyed eating.The mild Lancashire cheese complimented the sweet leeks nicely.The only thing I would do next time would be to add an extra egg to the mixture to make it firmer.
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We loved this recipe and enjoyed every mouthful.It is a bit of a fiddle at the end of the recipe to get everything mixed. I recommend that you have the butter,cream and seasonings already weighed and put aside so you can proceed quickly.
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This recipe makes a thick hearty soup.I thought it was delicious and great to warm you up on a cold day.Very simple and easy to make.It makes four big servings.
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This is a delicious stew.I used Guinness as suggested in the recipe.DH commented that the beef was really tender. I don't think it would serve 6 hungry people though.
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Cookbook Contents / The British Isles on a Plate
« on: November 07, 2015, 04:53:37 pm »
Apple,sultana and cinnamon porridge
St.Patricks Day smoothie
Apple crumble smoothie
Cheddar and Stilton soufflé omelette.
Full English breakfast popover.
Scrambled eggs
Potato farls
Potted eggs with salmon and asparagus
Blackberry jam
Strawberry and raspberry jam

Mulligatawny soup
Pea and mint soup
Irish potato soup
Curried parsnip and apple soup
Arbroath Smokie soup
Cauliflower cheese soup
Welsh rarebit with Branston pickle
Stilton and walnut pâté
Horseradish and chickpea dip
Sausage rolls
Cornish pasty
Raised game pie

Chicken and leek pie
Coronation chicken
Chicken and vegetable soup
Beef in stout
Steak and kidney pudding
Scotch broth
Shepherds pie
Rolled shoulder of lamb
Pulled pork and cider rolls
Toad in the hole
Savoury bread and butter pudding
Haggis and pancetta roulade with whisky sauce
Salmon fishcakes 
Best beer battered fish
Luxury fish pie with Parmesan and garlic sweet potato mash
Veggie Wellington
Leek and Lancashire cheese quiche.

Minted mushy peas with crème fraiche
Jersey Royal potato salad
Red cabbage
Carrot and swede mash
Yorkshire pudding

Beetroot and mint jelly
Apple sauce
Red onion gravy
Tartare sauce
Bread sauce

Victoria sponge
Coffee and walnut cake 
Dundee cake
Cornish fairings
Lavender shortbread
Lemon curd
Eccles cakes
Bakewell tart
Apple Parkin
Bara brith
Millionaires shortbread with a twist
Scottish tablet

Brown bread ice cream with raspberries
Clotted cream and strawberry ice cream
Elton mess parfait with a fresh berry sauce
Lemon posset
Stewed rhubarb with orange
Brambley Apple shortcake
Pear and blueberry crumble
Sticky toffee puddings
Rice pudding
Spotted dick pudding
Chocolate bread and butter pudding

English muffins
White finger rolls
Cottage loaf
Irish soda bread
Walnut scones

Orange squash
Blackcurrant cordial
Elderflower cordial
Strawberry lemonade
Hot apple tea
Horlicks hot chocolate.

I halved the recipe.Very easy to make.This is extremely spicy so watch the amount of chili you use!! I suggest removing the seeds of the chilli to reduce the heat.

I halved the recipe.A very easy recipe to make and tasty.We all enjoyed it.

I have never made Chelsea Buns before so thought I would give this recipe a whirl for the challenge.
Any easy recipe to follow. The only change I made was to heat the milk to 37c before adding the rest of the dough ingredients.
These are really really delicious.A beautiful soft texture.DH and I loved them :)
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A lovely dough to work with and the finished result is delicious.
I did change the method.I zapped the Herb Butter first in the TM bowl then put it aside.I then proceed to mix the dough as I wanted to take advantage of the lovely buttery flavours left in the TM bowl.I also kneaded the dough for 4 minutes not two.
Another thing at the start it says pre-heat your oven.But why? You have to prove your dough and seeing mine took three hours to rise in my kitchen today,I would have had the oven going for all that time :-))
It would make a good pull apart loaf too ;)
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I didn't have a jar of red peppers ( capsicums) so used a yellow jar of peppers in brine that I had in my pantry.My finished result was very sloppy.Maybe because I didn't drain the peppers or chickpeas long enough or a better result would be achieved using peppers in oil.The addition of a clove or two of Tenina's Confit Garlic would be nice.Needs a bit of tweaking to get it to the consistency I like.
DH and I enjoyed it though.

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