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Chit Chat / Re: Going to Cairns with kids on a holiday.. THANKS!
« on: August 24, 2011, 03:13:58 am »
Hello everyone,
our holiday to Cairns seems so long ago!  The weather was perfect, no rain until the last day, and 26 degrees- warm enough for the kids to swim!  Wow what a week.  My hubby was VERY impressed with my organisation! (Thanks thermo family!)
Train up to Kuranda and Skyrail back stopping at each of the stations.  The guide at one of the stations was so informative and loved telling the kids about the rainforest! Passions of paradise was AWESOME!  We had the only children on the cat, Ben had the patience of a saint and took my 7 and 9 year old snorkelling while the elder daughter and I went off ourselves.  The scuba dive was AMAZING!!  The coral and sealife is something else- Mother Nature at her best!  We went jungle Surfing at Cape Tribulation- A MUST DO!!  Upside down on a cable through the rain forest  ;D  Loved that one!  Huge hit with everyone, even the DH scared f heights! Waterfall circuit was sensational, though DS and I christened the hire car  :'(  Cairns markets on Saturday morning good, Port Douglas markets a little too busy for me! Mossman gorge was stunning and the walk well worth it. 
Wow, we had such a great time.  We stayed at Palm Cove, in a self contained apartment overlooking the golf course.  Simply beautiful and an easy stroll to the beach and cafe strip.  Thanks again everyone. Quirky Jo, thanks for the invite, we were so busy though and I think it best for DH to keep things simple!!

Jams and Chutneys / Re: Fruit Spread
« on: June 26, 2011, 03:18:35 am »
I made this today with leftover from lemon/lime cordial.  It tasted really awful I didn't even bother putting it into jars..  It had a nasty bitter taste.  Has anyone had any success with this fruit spread or similar?  I think it is because of the pips/pith, but the original recipe does say not to worry about them... :'(

 :) Thanks everyone!!!  Lots of ideas to now plan our itinerary!!  ;D

Wow!!  My travel plans have been arranged and at no cost!!  Even an invitation (Thanks Quirky Jo!!) We may take you up on the offer!!  By the way, I cooked your fried rice tonight (in between checking your answers!!) It was a hit!!  Leftovers will be in the girls' lunchboxes tomorrow!! I can't believe how good it tasted all steamed!!  The Basmati is so sensational in the thermomix.. 
Looking forward to Cairns!!

Thank you so much!!  We will hire a car from the airport  :D 
Confusion was all mine Quirky!!! I lack common sense sometimes! (it's not so common really is it?)
I am so excited now! I like to go away and have some sort of itinerary in mind..  So far,
Passion reef cruise (1 day)
Kuranda via sky rail and train (1 day)
Waterfall circuit drive (1 day)  Is this the tablelands???

Thanks for the suggestions- keep them coming!! (My hubby will be impressed!!!)  :-))

Wow Thanks!  I have contacted Passions of paradise already to book a cruise! 
I am a little confused, Quirky, you said to hire a car up the top of the skyrail. Debbie, you said to walk around..  I think I will hire a car in cairns, but would obviously leave it behind the day we catch the skyrail / train.  Would I be missing out terribly if I did not have a car at Kuranda?

Thanks Nay-Nay.  Do you need a car to get around Kuranda once you are there? I imagine it to be a bit like Montville in Glasshouse Mountains?

Chit Chat / Going to Cairns with kids on a holiday.. Ideas please!
« on: May 05, 2011, 03:10:37 am »
I am off to Cairns in July with family..  3 kids, 7-10-13.. We're staying in a family friendly resort..
So, should I hire a car?  We are only away for 7 days, and want to make the most of our time. 
I am not big on 'organised tours', preferring to visit places ourself.  I am wanting to go a barrier reef tour though, it will only be snorkelling (due to kids). 
What are the "must sees"?  I don't mind driving to see things (hence need for the car probably?)
Any advice greatly appreciated!!!  I've been to the Sunshine and Goldcoast before- I love them!!  So hold out great expectations for the North!!!

Chit Chat / Re: tupperware insulated bowls
« on: April 23, 2011, 10:19:17 am »
I use the Ikea insulated bowl.  Has a ceramic lid with a 'groove' for the spoon to fit and stainless steel bowl.  24.95 in kitchen section with an insulated gravy jug to match  ;)

Recipe Book Recipe Reviews / Muffin Mix from Lunchbox book
« on: March 23, 2011, 09:10:53 am »
Has anyone made this?  I threw my first batch out.  The muffins tasted really strange.  Today I made a new lot of muffin mix and remade some chocolate muffins.  I think they still taste strange (kids like them, but that's becasue they have the word chocolate in front).
I am not convinced this 'muffin mix' has any advantages and is just another container in my cupboard!  I liked the idea of adding 300 gm of muffin mix to the thermomox and adding other wet ingredients to make a variety of muffins.  Now I'm thinking it's not really necessary.....   ???  What have other thermo users experienced?

Did I read somewhere the Laucke bread mix has yeast in it already??  Then I could get rid of yeast too?  I currently use Defiance Bakers Flour and Lowan yeast...  ???

Thank you Judydawn for clearing that up!!  My family think I am quite mad clearing out my pantry!!!  Not too mad though..  the girls are making butter every week and choc/hazelnut spread every few weeks.  Also have made strawberry and fig jam though both were runny.  Maybe I need to add jamsetta next time.  going to try tomato puree soon too.  I love the stock- still on my first batch.. Oooh love the lemonade too, and have made a yummy ginger ale using water from the sodat stream...  It's all so healthy and without additives!!

Judydawn- True True!!
Dede mentions getting rid of brown sugar..  Don't any of the recipes call for it? Or is there a substitute?

MMM  stock cubes..  I have 3 packs of Massel (different flavours) and don't want to throw out.  I hate wasting things but don't want to use either!!!  oh the dilema..

I have had a search and can't find this topic anywhere.
 I am updating my cupboard and finding a lot of the Tupperware can now be used for something else. 
So far-
Custard powder (GONE!!!!) now will be muffin mix (from lunchbox recipe book)
Rock salt will replace cooking salt (unless someone gives me a reason not to?)
Icing sugar and caster sugar GONE, replaced by raw sugar..  Should I get rid of white sugar too?
Lots of new nuts into containers- cashews, hazelnuts (ooh and chocolate!!!!)

So what have people deleted from their pantries??

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