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Chit Chat / Re: What other Kitchen thingy would you buy besides a Thermie
« on: October 09, 2013, 11:56:22 pm »
I have the Thermos brand ( Shuttle Chef )  in the 4.5l with the inner pot. Use it way more at home than camping and would buy another tomorrow ! Worth every cent.

Chit Chat / Re: What other Kitchen thingy would you buy besides a Thermie
« on: October 01, 2013, 04:26:31 am »
I have same as you  ( only one TM  :( ) but now looking at a dehydrator

Chit Chat / Re: excalibur food dehydrator
« on: October 01, 2013, 03:41:21 am »
Thanks Andiesenji....can I ask is the 30 year old 5 try still working after all this time?

It looks like it will just make sense to get the bigger one even if I dont always use it full


Chit Chat / Re: excalibur food dehydrator
« on: October 01, 2013, 01:26:48 am »
I got the 9 tray Excalibur a few months ago.  I really only needed the 5 tray

Do you do both fruit and veg ? I was thinking of the 9 tray as when my veggie garden is productive again, I want to be able to dry that ( not that it is right now ) Maybe the 5 tray would be enough ? There seems to be about $100 difference in price and it is only 4 inches higher.
To be honest the idea of dried veg doesn't appeal to me ( this hopefully will change ) but then either does the idea of the prep involved with freezing and canning is out as I just dont have the time and think canned veg tastes yuk anyway.
Although I have not yet bought one I bought a book from amazon about dehydrating foods and some of the things they dry make no sense to me ie: cooking rice to dehydrate it and then it takes 30 or more minutes to redehydrate? WTF ? :o would you not just cook it from scratch?

Anyway any advise will be appreciated tips etc most welcome

Chit Chat / Re: excalibur food dehydrator
« on: September 25, 2013, 06:40:24 am »
I know this post has not been added to for a long time, thinking about getting a dehydrator to go with my Thermomix, should I jump right in and get something like the Excalibur 9 tray or start with say a round ezidry and see how much I use it, I don't plan to do anything life changing with it, just fruit ( son that loves dried mango and eats a packet too fast to justify the supermarket cost! ) and excess from the garden, I also like the idea of dehydrating potatoes to make homemade "instant" mashed potatoes sealed in vac bags  for my FIL so he can make easy mash for one rather than that dreadful packet stuff.
I am thinking that I would like to have something that I can keep well into retirement ( about 10 years off yet !) so upright cost is not the major issue.
Do those of you that bought them last year from this post still use them on a regular basis and if so which brand are you using?
PS also like the idea of proofing bread dough in winter, instead of turning on my oven to do it.

News about Thermomix / Re: Another HO giveaway
« on: August 26, 2013, 11:41:38 pm »
I am Deeau and I am 41!

Chit Chat / Carry Bag
« on: August 20, 2013, 04:37:10 am »
How do you buy a carry/travel bag? I thought it would be on the TM website but I can't seem to see it.
I think that I may need one in the near future, I don't have a Consultant anywhere near me ...that I know of
Thanks in advance

Chit Chat / Re: Good fat/oil v bad fat/oil
« on: July 26, 2013, 05:00:05 am »
Warning contains personal opinions!

This is a really interesting topic and even more interesting to read peoples views based on what they have read.
If I described the way I eat it would be primal/paleo I have done alot of reading on the subject and find that this way of eating allows me to keep me weight down effortlessly, have tons of energy and enjoy food, ( So without hijacking the thread I am a butter and olive oil cook ) We eat virtually no processed food, if I look back at my family 2 generations ago they ate fresh produce, meat dairy  and lots of fat ( compared to these days )  , cooked everything from scratch, most of my relatives  lived  to their 80's or 90's, very few of them were over weight and they didn't have heart or sugar problems, if I compare this to the generation above me...they are overweight, have high blood pressure, diabeties etc etc start there day with a pile of pills the doctors insists they take. They have mainly the same genetics but are nowhere as healthy, the only changes are lifestyle and food, so I have stopped reading/researching past my family history as popular opinion changes with every new lot of research, so I  try to eat as much as possible like my grandparents and their parents.
I would say the majority of the people on this Thermomix forum are here because they are trying to introduce more "unprocessed" foods into their diet so I think we are all doing better than the average consumer these days.

I too have the Shuttle Chef and love it. From what I remember at the time of purchase there are two types of insulation on the outer pot  the foam type stuff with plastic or stainless walls  or the shuttle chef thermos brand that uses vacuum like in a conventional Thermos. It has heavy bases on both the 4.5 and the smaller saucepan.
I use mine occasional for meals at home ( does a great pot roast or silverside ) but I use it weekly to take a meal for my husband and I when my son goes to Air Force cadets ( 60km drive then 4 hour wait ) we take all sorts of things from soups and stews/curries to hot dogs and nachos, last night it kept pies hot for us. I have the 4.5 with the inner pot and also the bain marie, also have the carry bag and cutting board, I think I got it on a mothers day special and got about $70 worth of stuff for free.
It has been the perfect thing for this use, we have saved a fortune as at first we were going out to dinner every time we dropped him off so over the 2 or so years we have had some wonderful meals and found some great locations to eat them in.

I have had really bad burnt pots ( says something about my cooking hey ) simmer water and bicarb, take off heat leave to soak for a few hours, tip out water and put it out in the sun for a day or two, usually the black flakes off  with minimal cleaning

Chit Chat / Freezing meals for Seniors?
« on: July 20, 2013, 12:08:21 am »
My MIL is not well at the moment and she has always done all the cooking, I would like to precook and freeze some meals from them but their tastes are much plainer than my family's, obviously casseroles and stews work well, also a lasagne etc, can anyone else throw out ideas?
They are typically meat and three veg eaters, I was thinking about getting some silicone mini loaf pans and freezing both the meat part and the veg part in this so they could have smaller servings, mashed potato or potato bake also comes to mind that would work in the loaf pan what other veg could you do like this would blanched broccoli work that you could zap all in the microwave?

Chit Chat / Re: How do you use your Thermomix?
« on: July 18, 2013, 12:46:52 am »
I too very rarely use my stove, I was in the process of planning a kitchen renovation when I bought my TM 3 1/2 years ago, after the arrival of my Thermie I rarely used my stove anymore so never spent the $ on a new stove. Instead I had a timber cover made for the gas stove and the TM now lives on that under the rangehood, it quickly moves on the bench if on the rare occasion I want the gas stove.
I do not have a mixer at all so use my TM for all my baking ( of which there is allot ) and about 60 % of my evening meals ( along with my slow/pressure cooker )

Chit Chat / Re: New kitchen advice sought..
« on: June 17, 2013, 01:26:01 am »
I have a Rayburn (poor mans aga ) it was in the house when we moved in and I love it... I was quite surprised that  everypart could be bought new here in Australia. My rayburn is wood so I light it every night in winter but don't really use it much in the summer, I have a  upright gas cooktop/oven and a microwave convection oven, ( oh and a glass turbo oven )  I was replacing my oven with a new one but then I bought my Thermomix,  because of the TM I very rarely use the upright gas stove, I even had a timber top made for and the TM now sits on that under the range hood, I do have so many gadgets in the kitchen ( pressure cooker, slow cooker pizza over etc etc etc ) For the  type of cooking I do the TM and a good oven are the two most used and most important things in my kitchen. Its a shame you cant try the Aga first then do the kitchen reno later once you decide what points you like about it. It honestly took me about two years to get used to cooking in the Rayburn and its still not ever my first choice for cakes and biscuits, but great for sensual slow cooking.

Chit Chat / Re: Recommendations for a good slow cooker recipe book?
« on: June 13, 2013, 05:29:14 am »
Mine is called Miss Vicki's something....... she has a great website too ...I love the book use it all the time lost of references not just recipes.

Chit Chat / Re: Is it possible to buy a bad bag of flour
« on: April 29, 2013, 02:36:45 am »
When I got my TM about 3 years ago I used nothing but Aldi plain was fine for ages  then I started making rocks instead of bread rolls, I only shop monthly so was not uncommon for me to have 10 x 1kilo packs of plain flour in the cupboard, while I was shopping in Aldi I noticed a man bring some packs of flour in for a return and he had had the same problem...anyway after contacting Aldi they had heaps of complaints and they put it down to a different moisture content in the wheat at harvest. The flour was fine for cookies, cakes etc but no good for bread. I then changed to Wallaby, not so long ago the "Stupidmarket" was out of Wallaby so I got the Lauke bread mix in the 10kilo bag...what  a difference it makes my bread has never been better. I do sometimes also use 10kilo bags from Cosco they are OK too but I do think the bread flour is the best....maybe it is like what happened at aldi and the water content is too much in the flour ?

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