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Recipe Book Recipe Reviews / Re: Recipe Review Chicken in Yoghurt
« on: January 13, 2014, 02:41:55 pm »
I love this recipe.
Usually add some diced par-boiled sweet potato in with it to give some additional bulk and flavour. Tried raw sweet potato (1cm dice) but it didn't cook properly so I had to cook the whole lot for longer... found it frustrating.

As the recipe says, you can double the chicken, which I usually do as the sauce is more than sufficient.


Just made this and I was disappointed.... I felt it was missing some flavour.
I used tomato puree, so perhaps I should have used paste instead?
And probably should have a bit of additional salt too...

I found these delicious. Made them for a kids party, coloured the icing and piped it on. The icing recipe piped really nicely :)

I made this and the smell was amazing! Gave it to my toddlers but couldn't resist some for myself!
Aside for needing a bit of salt, it was yummy!

The toddlers gobbled it up with rice, though weren't so keen on the defrosted leftovers... but that could be just cos they are fickle nearly-two-year-olds....  ;D

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