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Babies and Kids / Re: Re: Homemade Milo (GF DF)
« on: May 29, 2012, 11:52:40 am »
I don't now if this helps anyone else but I made 'guy' version of this recipe. :) I used raw sugar instead of rapadurra though...

Linseed 40g
Sesame seeds 25g

Speed 9 approx 20 seconds

Sunflower seeds 20g
Almonds 75g
Brazil nuts 30g
Cashews 35g
Pecan nuts 30g
Pumpkin kernels (pepitas) 25g

Speed 9 approx 5-10 seconds

Raw sugar 220g
Cocoa 50g

Speed 7 approx 3 seconds


Special Diets / Re: Sugar free tomato sauce/ketchup
« on: January 30, 2011, 12:33:46 pm »
Thanks for the recipe this sounds really good.

I finished reading 'Sweat Poison' a few weeks back and it scared the living daylights out of me. I am a major sweet-tooth as you will notice from the recipes I've shared. I thought of this forum while reading the book and wondered if anyone else in here had read the book at had some good ideas. A quick search led to this page!

I really do recommend this book to everyone as it's a real eye opener. Even to the point where I'd seriously consider taking my super sweet recipes off this forum so as not to cause any harm to anyone. As all this is new to me does anyone else know any really good sugar free websites?

Just to clarify sucrose (sugar) is made up of 53% glucose and 47% fructose. Like fuel is for a car, glucose is our energy for the body. All our body does for the most part is convert everything to glucose in order to make use of it. The fructose is the bad stuff. The less of that the better. It's basically hidden fat. If you can avoid it as much as possible and still live your normal eating habits other than this, you'll start dropping weight like nobody's business.

There is so much sugar in our diet now and this I believe is the main reason we in the western world are getting fatter and fatter. It's not from the fat, its the darn sugar lol. Who'd of thought?!?

Here is something that helped me think about this, which I got from the book...

Our body is really good at telling us we are full when it comes to fatty foods. It is terrible when it comes to fructose induced foods though. Apples have fructose in them but they also have some really good stuff in them that tells us when we are feeling full. Not many of you could stomach more than four large apples in one sitting. Thats cos our body knows when to say stop. The problem though is that four large apples is equivalent to 250ml of apple juice. We can all drink way more fruit juice in one sitting than we can full apples. This is where we are going wrong.

That's just natural fruit. It gets worse when we look at all the other stuff found on the supermarkets shelves. One shocker would BBQ sauce, an Aussie favourite. It's like 60% sugar or something! I could go on as this book really shocked me. I'm not overweight, I have a very physical job that keeps me fit. But I did eat like a trooper when it came to sweet stuff. I would skip meals just to get a larger helping of dessert. After reading this book I stopped all of that cold turkey.

I cannot recommend this book enough. Please take a serious look at it.

So we need

Desserts / Re: Mars Bar Slice
« on: June 21, 2010, 01:06:17 am »
However you have 2 other different Coco Pops in Australia which don't exist here
And apparently in Italy there are 4 others which don't exist there
It's a bit confusing  :-)) 
Same brand, same product line.. You'd expect that they would be the same wouldn't you? Instead they are not! :)

Wow you did your research, well done! I knew there were different Coco Pops here in Australia but as you can tell from the box cover they are distinctly different from each other so I didn't think anyone would be confused about. What I didn't know is the variety you have there in Italy and how similar they are to each other! I understand the confusion now hehe.

If I said they were simply chocolate flavored Rice Bubbles by looking at them would that clarify it do you think? A quick Google search for images of Rice Bubbles tells me they are pretty much the same world wide yes?

Desserts / Re: Mars Bar Slice
« on: June 20, 2010, 05:32:24 am »
Actually its already in there...

Desserts / Re: Mars Bar Slice
« on: June 20, 2010, 05:28:32 am »
Haha sorry ladies. Maybe I should put a picture of the Coco Pops box in the actual recipe!

Desserts / Re: Mars Bar Slice
« on: June 20, 2010, 12:06:01 am »
I've been using a 240ml measuring cup. I don't heap the Coco Pops either. Too many Coco Pops can dry it out a bit. Soft and gooey and at room temperature is the best was to consume IMHO. 8)

Suggestions and Complaints / Re: iPhone App for Thermomix Forum
« on: June 19, 2010, 01:30:21 pm »

Suggestions and Complaints / Re: iPhone App for Thermomix Forum
« on: June 19, 2010, 05:01:25 am »
Jad you can access the forum through safari and log on just like you do on your pc and then just expand the screen to make it larger to read if you need to. For ages there, the only way I could get on the forum (time wise lol) was through my phone when sitting in Dr's surgrey's  :-))

Oh yes this is long realized faffa. The iPhone app I am talking about though loads faster, uses less data as it doesn't have to reload the browser window again like safari does, and it is so much more user friendly than expanding the screen and all that, as cool fun as that is.

Check out the app for yourself. You can install the free version to get an idea of what it's like. Search in the app store for Forum Runner.

Suggestions and Complaints / Re: iPhone App for Thermomix Forum
« on: June 18, 2010, 10:47:37 pm »
Yeh I use the blog reader on my iPhone as well. It works really nice. But to have all these fine recipes on this forum in like manner, in my fingertips so easily, that would be lovely!

Desserts / Re: Mars Bar Slice
« on: June 18, 2010, 10:43:47 pm »
Jad, I haven't seen you on the forum before. Welcome and keep the recipes coming if they are as good as this one. Thanks for posting and the photos are great.

Hi Roxy! I've done one other recipe, well kinda. How to make a good cappuccino at home...

I'll keep working on some more though. I'm gonna try this Mars Bar Slice with Snickers instead and see how it goes. I shall call it Snickers Slice hehe. Very original lol.

Suggestions and Complaints / iPhone App for Thermomix Forum
« on: June 17, 2010, 08:43:42 am »
Hello admin,

I just found this cool little free add-on for forums such as this one that let you browse, read and edit message boards on your iPhone with great ease using the iPhone app Forum Runner. Do you guys have this installed?

Recipe Requests / Re: Pesto Pasta
« on: May 23, 2009, 11:35:21 pm »
Hi Bron,

Thanks for the recipe idea I really appreciate it. I totally agree on the liquid quantities btw. My first trial run was not running enough. I like a thick creamy sauce but my 625g of pasta with only 100g of water and 300g cream dried up pretty quick lol. I also use veal tortellini pasta which once the liquid dried up the TM just started mulching my pasta up into slosh lol, even on :-::-[

Anyway I was hoping the liquid would keep the pasta stirring nice and evenly through. It would have been fine with less pasta I think, and some dried pasta chopped in half like fettuccine or something. I will try it again however and incorporate some of your recipe as well so thanks for the tips.

Recipe Requests / Pesto Pasta
« on: May 23, 2009, 09:02:28 am »
I love a good pesto pasta and I've found some great recipes for making the sauce but I was kinda hoping there was a way to cook the sauce and the pasta together, like the recipe in the TM book for the Creamy Tomato and Salami Fettuccine.

Of the pesto sauce recipes I've found they all seen rather thick and it seems it would be better to make the sauce in the TM and just boil the pasta in a pot on the stove the good ol' fashioned way.

The Creamy Tomato and Salami Fettuccine recipe has cream and water added to it so I'm thinking maybe just add that to one of the pesto sauce recipes and then use the aforementioned TM recipe times and temperatures as a guideline to create a unique TM Creamy Pesto Pasta recipe. What do you think?

Desserts / Re: Mars Bar Slice
« on: May 15, 2009, 09:22:16 am »
I'm with you.  Annette Sym of the Symply cookbooks has a recipe using 2 x 44.5g lite Mars bars (50% less fat) and some golden syrup for the goo part which wasn't bad but obviously no where near as tasty as the full on one.  I'm not dieting now so I would do the full-on one but when you are dieting it is nice to have the option of something 'naughty' once in a while.  But, as I said, I haven't seen the light ones around for years now.

Ah that's good to know thanks Judy.

I work at Woolworths here in VIC and we still have the lite Mars Bars. Actually they were on special a couple of weeks ago.  ;) :D

Desserts / Re: Mars Bar Slice
« on: May 15, 2009, 08:12:58 am »
No, they were definitely lower in fat content - I checked it out at the time.  You used to be able to buy them in those snack packs.  Probably something in them which was not good for our health (other than fat I mean).

But they were smaller in size though, considerably. Compared to the 60g version I use in the recipe. You'd perhaps have to use 4 or 5 lite versions to make up for it. And there I am not sure just how much more 'low fat' it's going to be if you know what I mean.

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