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I made the crumbed chicken when my in-laws were coming for dinner. It was a simple recipe and tasted delicious.

I didn't have wheatgerm in the cupboard so I used pepitas instead - I know that's a no-no the first time you make something...but gee...I live on the wild side don't I???!!!  ;)

Kids loved it, we loved it, everyone loved it. A really tasty meal. I didn't serve it wil the chili mayo as suggested, as the kids wouldn't really go for that. Instead I served it with a homemade plum sauce that I had been given. It would go with so many different sauces too.

Cooking them for 12 minutes as suggested in the recipe was perfect. The were moist on the inside with a delicious crunchy coating. YUM!

There were a few left over which I had sliced up on a wrap for lunch the next day. (hmmm, maybe the wrap defeats the purpose of low-carb...but gee it was tasty!)

Questions? Technical Issues? The Survival Guide / Dairy-free yogurt
« on: January 29, 2013, 12:30:32 pm »
Hi, I love making yogurt in the TM but was wondering where people can suggest I can buy some yogurt starter (so that I don't have to keep buying a tub of yogurt every now and again.

More specifically, I am looking for a DAIRY-FREE yogurt starter? I've read a few recipes lately about a coconut milk yogurt (Co Yo I think it's called!) and was wondering if I could buy a starter to make something like this.

Any ideas would be much appreciated! Thanks! :)

Introduce Yourself / Hi everyone!
« on: August 07, 2012, 11:26:51 am »
Hello! I am a new Thermomixer and I am already in love! I've been reading lots on this forum and I think it is marvelous! I'm looking forward to trying lots of new recipes and making more things from scratch! (I made tahini today and will make some hommus dip out of it tomorrow!)

Thank you all for being such a wonderful, supportive and encouraging community. I'm looking forward to contributing more as I become more confident with my thermomix!

Have fun!  :)

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