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This was seriously good and so very easy as everything, including the pasta is cooked in the bowl. I didn't have umami or her stock so added a splash of soy sauce and 1 tsp commercial chicken stock power.
I thought the sauce would be too runny but it firmed up nicely and ended up just the right consistency. I used spaghetti added through the hole and cooked for 9 mins and it was just right. I did have to stop and push the pasta down though, probably because there was so much sauce in the bottom of the jug. It was also good the next day. 5/5 and will definitely make regularly.

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CHRISTMAS / Christmas Ice-cream Cake
« on: December 17, 2011, 09:15:06 am »
This was given to me by a friend and is very easy...


2 ltrs good quality vanilla ice-cream
1 Woolies light fruit cake
100g - 200g roasted almonds


Remove ice-cream from freezer and allow to soften slightly.
Tip into a mixing bowl and add roughly crumbled fruit cake.
Place almonds inTMX  bowl and pulse a couple of times till roughly chopped (not too fine).
Add to ice cream and cake and mix through.
Return to freezer until ready to serve.

Questions? Technical Issues? The Survival Guide / UK Condensed Milk
« on: October 22, 2011, 02:41:10 am »
Does anyone know if the condensed milk in the UK is the same as our Aussie Sweetened Condensed Milk?  And also what size is a can? It is listed as an ingredient in The British Larder recipe for Lemon Curd Tarts and just says one can of condensed milk. There is no sugar in the recipe so I think it might be the same but just want to make sure. Also not sure of the can size.

Questions? Technical Issues? The Survival Guide / Sushi Rice?
« on: July 29, 2011, 12:39:09 am »
This might be a really dumb question, but do you cook sushi rice the same way as the basmati rice in the EDC?

Introduce Yourself / Hi - still deciding
« on: March 13, 2011, 02:22:32 am »
Hi all, I have been looking at your forum for a few weeks now as I am still trying to decide whether to invest in one. Thank you all so much for such a fantastic and useful resource. It's lovely to see how helpful and encouraging people can be.

My biggest reason for hesitating is whether I will be able to fit enough in the bowl for a family of 2 adults and 3 very hungry and rapidly growing boys.  So much of the appeal is being able to make dishes just with the one appliance so this is a bit of a sticking point for me. My demonstrator was lovely and very helpful but she has 2 girls so a family of 4 not 5.  Is there anyone who can advise with this?  Thanks

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