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Chit Chat / Do you have a Magic Bullet AND a Thermomix?
« on: September 05, 2013, 02:03:44 am »
Does anyone own both?  I love my TM and use it lots but sometimes I just want to wizz a small amount (like a single serve of something) and I wonder whether it would be worth getting a magic bullet for these times? 

I know it seems excessive to want another gizmo but there is only two of us and DP doesn't always want to share in my "hippy" food, plus I don't/can't always put leftovers in the fridge as they'll lose their nutrients if you know what I mean?

Would love some opinions please, especially those that own both! Also what are the things you use the MB for mostly rather than the TM?

Thanks :)

Does anyone have a recipe for an all in one with meat curry in the bowl, rice cooking in the basket and veggies steaming on top in the varoma pretty please?

I really only need help with the meat curry part - not sure on liquid quantities/time/temp to get the steam going enough for the rice and veg.  If you have any recipes like this with any type of curry (paste or powder) and any style (red/green/tandoori/coconut milk based) it would be a great help to me.

I love the all-in-one recipes but haven't seen many more added to that thread...hint hint lol.

Many thanks in advance!

Hi I hope someone can help.  I think my TM is sick!!!  For a while now when I cook rice (just plain rice from the EDC) the water starts to bubble and spurt out the top, knocking around the MC and causing me much distress as I try to turn it off without getting spurted on.  At first I thought it was the rice - maybe a starchy batch or I didn't rinse it enough but i have made a lot more since then using different packets of rice and rinsing very well and it still does the same thing.  It also does it with other stuff, for example I am cooking the mushroom risotto from the EDC right now, same quantities etc etc and with approx. 6 min to go it started spurting out the top.
People this is freaking me out!  It's so dangerous as I imagine that 100 degree liquid on your hand or in your eye would not be pleasant.  My TM is only about 3 years old.  I am feeling too scared to cook things in it now.  Has anyone else had this problem?  I feel like the TM is heating hotter than it's 100 degrees like the thermostat is out of whack or something.  Oh and the risotto catches on the base too.
I have tried to contact my TM lady, waiting for her to get back to me but thought it worth asking here.  Also a friend of mine who bought a TM not long after me said hers is now doing the same thing.....

Recipe Requests / Coffee - start to finish
« on: August 19, 2011, 11:46:41 pm »
Hi all, hoping someone can help - I've had a search and I can't find what I want...

I'm after the recipe for making proper coffee all in the tm from grinding the beans to frothing the milk.  A lady told me this is how she does it: grind x amount of beans; add water and heat; pour off into plunger/french press; rinse bowl and add milk and heat/froth; plunge coffee and pour; pour froth on top. 

I can work out most of it except the quantity for beans and water and the speed and heat for that part.  The lady couldn't remember the quantities off hand and I'm too impatient to wait for her email lol.  I think she was given the recipe by a consultant.

Thanks in advance :)

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