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Chit Chat / Disappointed with Festive Cooking Class
« on: December 02, 2010, 01:03:47 am »
Hi everyone,

I attended the Festive Cooking Class/Demo in Brisbane last night with 3 friends and we were rather disappointed in it. I enjoyed the recipes, but I thought at $30 it was way overpriced for what we got! Two small tasting plates, a little gift of some cooking and a little bundle of gift cards. No recipes! We had to go and buy the festive cookbook for $10.

I've been to a couple of cooking classes and one of them was a festive one in 2008 and I got a recipe booklet with all the recipes in it and it only cost me $15. I liked having the recipe book to follow along with as they cooked.

Has anyone else been to any of the festive demos?

Chit Chat / Crazy couple of weeks
« on: April 20, 2009, 07:40:35 am »
I don't think I've cooked a meal for over a week!! Oh, I did bacon and eggs on Thurs morning while we were camping, but he had dinner out while camping. I cooked on Mon night last week.

The week before easter I aggravated an old shoulder injury while painting a room in our house. That put me behind everything I had to do, since I was doing most stuff one handed. Had a busy easter weekend with dh working. The older 3 kids went north to central QLD with my parents for a few days, then my dh and youngest and I went up to camp with the kids for 5 days.

On the 2nd day of camping, found out that dh's nana died in NZ. His mum was unable to go to the funeral and dh really wanted to go, so Wed saw me finding tix on the internet and Thurs we packed up and drove home to Brisbane (9 hours). Fri arvo we left the kids with my brother and sil and dh and I flew to Auckland. We had a great time with family over there. Nana wa 91, so it was a celebration of her life. We came home Sun night. I don't know if I've ever travelled so much in 1 week. 18 hours of driving, flights to NZ and back, driving to the town where nana lived and back.

Looking forward to the kids going back to school tomorrow, except I have playgroup, so I need to be organised for that. I want to stay home and organise my life, get back into routine etc.

Off to peruse some recipes to make something quick and easy for dinner tonight. I feel like macaroni cheese, but none of the kids like it!!

Recipe Requests / English Muffins
« on: March 25, 2009, 12:32:06 am »
Does anyone have a recipe for English Muffins? We all love them and I'm forever running out of the shop bought ones. Be heaps easier to add them to my baking routine if I can make them.

Introduce Yourself / Just found this place!
« on: January 14, 2009, 02:10:04 am »
I'm Cathy, from QLD Australia. I've had my Thermomix for, hmm, about 6mths. I love it, of course (who wouldn't) and use it nearly every day, depending on what I'm cooking. I mainly bought it for the kneading because I committed myself to making bread last year. I'm still not completely convinved that the bread is the best, but am experimenting with recipes etc and trying to get it the way I want it. I'll be looking thru the bread thread with great interest. As for everything else... I'm completely happy! I love baking day and can whip thru several batches of biscuits, cakes, pikelets with ease and only have a tiny amount of washing up. Next thing on the agenda will be a whopper oven that can handle the baking part. That's what slows me down  :D


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