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Non Thermomix Recipes / 2 Ingredient Nutella Cake.
« on: December 19, 2019, 04:03:53 pm »
I found this recipe on the online paper today. I haven't made it but I thought it worth a post in case anyone wants to try it. If it's a disaster I will delete the post😁

Steamed Salmon Skewers with Coconut Basil and Lemon Sauce
( a ThermoQueen recipe ) This is delicious 😋
Main Course Ingredients:
500g of Salmon Fillet without skin.
1 Lemon
8 Cherry Tomatoes
1 tsp salt
200g Basmati Rice

Sauce Ingredients:
200g Coconut Milk
Juice 1/2 lemon ( I ran out of lemons so used the juice of a small lime)
2 sprigs Basil
1 tsp Cornflour
Salt and pepper to taste

8 Wooden Skewers

Put 1100g of water plus 1 tsp salt into the mixing bow.
Cook 7 mins/100c/ speed 1
Meanwhile cut the salmon into big cubes of approx 3cm x 3cm and the lemon into 8 wedges.

Alternate salmon, lemon and cherry tomato on the skewers and place in the Varoma. ( I also threaded 8 thin slices of courgette and 8 pieces of orange pepper (capsicum) as I wanted more veg) 
Use both levels if necessary

Add rinsed rice to the internal steaming basket and place it in the TM bowl. Place Varoma on top. Cook 10mins/Varoma/ speed 2

When rice and salmon is cooked, remove and keep warm by covering with foil.If you feel the your fish and rice needs more cooking, cook for a future 2 mins.

Discard contents of the TM bowl. Add all the sauce ingredients. Blend 10sec/ speed 10 then cook 7mins/ 90c / speed 1.

To serve put rice onto a serving plate, then skewers and pour over sauce.

These are delicious. I used Turkey Thigh Mince. I only made six patties although the recipe suggests to make eight. Served them on Stef's Hamburger Buns.

Welcome / MOVED: Hi to all
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Desserts / MOVED: Kheer
« on: May 14, 2017, 06:08:07 pm »

Prawn Bhuna
This is a very mild curry and simple to make. It has flavour but no spicy heat to it. DH loved it, I thought it was okay. The Prawns cooked beautifully in the specified time. I served it with steamed rice.

Timatar Wali Macchi (Cod in Tomato Sauce)

This is another delicious recipe from this book. It's a lovely spicy fish curry which we both enjoyed very much.
I did use thick pieces of Cod Fillet so cooked it in the oven for the full 18 minutes.If using thinner fillets reduce the cooking time. I didn't flash fry the cod fillets as dictated by the recipe.I couldn't see the point of this as the fish is covered by the tomato sauce and cooked in the oven.While the fish was cooking I steamed rice and green beans.

Chicken Akhni
This recipe is also in the Fast and Easy Indian Cookbook (page 106)but has been updated for the new A Taste of India cookbook.
My finished dish didn't look anything like the photo in the cookbook.LOL. My rice was over cooked. I think the one hour cooking in the oven is too long but it might have been due to the quality of my Basmati rice, although I always buy premium quality rice.Next time I think I will try Brown Basmati rice.
We loved it.Another recipe to make again.

Chicken Saag.
Another winning curry.We loved this too. I did use frozen spinach (300g) well drained.
As with all curries it tasted even better next day. Freezes well too.

Chicken Akhni page 60
Chicken Saag page 62
Kofta Curry page 74
Prawn Bhuna page 98
Timatar Wali Macchi ( Cod in Tomato Sauce) page 92

The Kofta ( meatball) recipe can be found in the Fast and Easy Indian cook book (page 65). In the new cookbook a delicious curry sauce has been added to the recipe.I used lamb mince.
We loved this curry , the flavour is delicious.I did cook the meatballs in a frying pan on the hob rather than steaming them in the Varoma. I would definitely make this curry again.

GS and I made these together when he stayed with us recently. Very quick,easy and delicious.We ate ours with Maple Syrup. The recipes says you get 12 pancakes but our batch made 15. Well worth making.

Chit Chat / MOVED: Chilli jam help please
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Cookbook Contents / A Taste of India.
« on: March 10, 2017, 12:09:46 pm »
Ghee page 20
Garam masala  page 21
Madras curry powder page 22
Tikka paste page 24
Tamarind paste page26
Paneer page 28
Coconut milk page 30

Starters and Light Meals.
Curried rhubarb and lentil soup page 34
Sambhar🌶🌶page 36
Baingan bhurta ( Aubergine bhurta) page 38
Onion bhaji page 40
Vegetable samosa filling page 42
Traditional samosa page 44
Puri page 46
Sheer kebab page 48
Aloo beetroot tikki page 50
Dhokla page 52

Main- Meat
Chicken tikka page 56
Chicken tikka masala page 58
Chicken akhni page 60
Chicken saag page 62
Butter chicken page 64
Chicken and mushroom balti page 66
Pulled tandoori chicken page 69
Chicken jalfrezi 🌶 page70
Quick lamb dhansak 🌶 page72
Kofta curry page 74
Lamb rogan josh 🌶 page76
Lamb keema with peas🌶🌶 page78
Beef madras 🌶🌶 page 80
Pork vindaloo 🌶🌶🌶 page 82
Jungli laal maas 🌶🌶🌶 page 84

Mains- Fish and Seafood
Keralan fish curry page 88
Prawn xacuti 🌶 page 90
Timatar wali macchi ( Cod in tomato sauce) page 92
Seafood korma page 94
Dahi wali macchi ( Haddock in yoghurt) page 96
Prawn bhuna page 98
Steamed salmon parcels page 100

Mains - Vegetarian
Pudla with spinach and paneer page 104
Chana masala 🌶 page 107
Tarka dal page 108
Dal makhani page 110
Paneer makhani page 112
Nadan mutta 🌶🌶 ( Egg curry) page 114
Masala kaddu 🌶🌶 ( Pumpkin curry) page 116
Vegetable biryani page 118
Aloo gobi ( Bombay potatoes with cauliflower) page 120

On the side ( Pickles and Salads)
Carrot and coconut salad page 124
Onion relish page 125
Kachumber ( Onion, tomato and cucumber salad) page 126
Coriander chutney page 128
Baingan raita ( Aubergine raita) page 130
Sesame seed and tomato chutney page 131
Brinjal pickle page 132
Mango chutney page 134

Rice and Breads
Cumin rice page 138
Pilau rice page 140
Chapatis page 142
Stuffed parathas page 144
Peshwari naans page 147
Naan bread with onion and cumin page 150

Sweet things and Drinks.
Gulab jamuns page 154
Lychee panna cotta with rose water syrup page 156
Cardamom bread and butter pudding page 158
Kheer with dark chocolate topping page 160
Earl grey kulfi page 162
Masala cherry tiffin page 164
Cardamom and rose shortbread page 166
Mango lassi page 168
Strawberry lassi page 170
Masala chai page 172

🌶 Medium
🌶🌶 Hot
🌶🌶🌶 Very Hot

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