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Vegan / Vegan Mexican Chocolate Pudding
« on: May 12, 2010, 02:01:02 pm »
Hi, I'm a "newbie" and having more trouble working out how to use the forum rather than the TM, so I hope I have put this recipe in the right place!
I adapted this recipe for my vegan daughter and my new TM.
Ingreds: 1/2 cup raw sugar
             1/2 cup water
              375g firm silken tofu
              200g dark chocolate
              1 tsp cinnamon powder
               1 tsp pure vanilla essence
               1/4 tsp chilli powder
Method: Combine sugar & water in TM at 100deg for 2 mins at speed 1
             Let it cool a little, then break chocolate into pieces into TM bowl. When choc has melted a bit, add rest of ingredients and whoosh to a smooth mix (about 20 - 30 seconds on speed 7).
serve in individual ramekins or in one big bowl.
The original recipe said to chill the pudding for at least 1/2 an hour before serving - its never made it to the fridge at my house - gets eaten straight off (even by non-tofu lovers!)

Update from sourpuss:
We have eaten the pudding room temp or slightly warmer, and the texture is really smooth like a good custard, and it doesn't taste like soy milk or tofu.  Made some yesterday and there is a bit left in the fridge - texture rather firmer, not sure how to describe it - not as appealing to my palate! I think unchilled is better. The chilli powder is to give it the Mexican touch, and add a bit of zing and supposedly to add some "depth" to the flavour. Unless you are a chilli lover, I reckon leave it out. You could probably experiment with some orange flavoured chocolate, or a roasted nut choc...hmmm, might try it myself and let you know. S

Kiera: You'd need to get a dairy free version of the choc for this recipe to be truly vegan :-D

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