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I tried making the pikelets from the everyday cookbook. It said to:

"Melt the butter for 40 seconds at 50C, speed 4. "

 The butter didn't look melted at all after 40 seconds and I wondered for a moment whether I should have pre heated the TMX to 50C and when it stopped flashing then time the 40 sec?   
At the end of the 40sec, the temperature hadn't even started flashing 37C, never mind 50C.

In the end, because it didn't matter, I just kept it going until the butter had actually melted and they turned out fine, but it might not be so easy for other recipes.


Introduce Yourself / excited but a little worried!
« on: May 20, 2009, 12:01:10 pm »

I've just ordered my thermomix today and it should arrive early next week!
My mum in Portugal and sister in England both have one and on their recommendation I have worked hard (VERY) convincing my hubbie that it would be something that could make life in the kitchen easier.

Howeeeeeever, I'm worried that it'll sit there like my slow cooker gathering dust. I have read enough about it that I am sure I will be using it often and for all sorts of things... still I'd hate to give my DH any excuse to say "I told you so" :-). Which is why I've joined this forum - to get lots of ideas for dinners and ultimately get him to say it was one of my best purchases!!!!

Luisa (another one from Perth, W.A!!)

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