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Soups / Cream of Pumpkin
« on: October 23, 2009, 02:30:37 am »
Cream of Pumpkin

Tonight we've had our first snow falling on Montreal, so I was inspired to cook my favorite fall soup. This is also my first adaptation of a regular recipe to the Thermomix, so I'm quite proud of it even if it's very simple.

I use big chunks of thawed frozen pumpkin. I'm not sure that you can use fresh pumpkin, unless you cook it longer...

1    small onion
30g    butter
800g    pumpkin
400g    water
500g    diced spiced tomatoes
50g    pasta
350g    milk
   Salt and pepper

Cut onion in half and put in bowl with butter. Set 3 min at 80° speed 4.

Then add pumpkin, water, pasta, tomatoes, and cook 25 min at 100º, speed 1.

Blitz for 1 minute, speed 4 to 10. Add milk, salt and pepper.

Serve with chunks of ham and shredded cheddar cheese.

Tips and Tricks / Non Thermomix Household tips
« on: June 06, 2009, 03:26:21 pm »
This was too good not to share:

How to retrieve small items fallen down the drain

I made risotto tonight; a recipe I've done a few times without problems, but this time I decided to use the 15 minutes cooking time to steam some veggies in the Varoma. When I poured out my risotto, there was a thick crust of rice stuck in the bottom. This had never happened before, so I'm suspecting that using the Varoma might change some variables of the bowl, like cooking time or heat. Any thought on this?

Main Dishes / Quiche Without Crust
« on: June 04, 2009, 01:15:05 am »
Yep, you've heard this before... This is translated from the French cookbook "À table avec Thermomix". Note that I haven't tried this recipe, either. Maybe I should stop translating and actually cook!  :P

Quiche Without Crust

3        eggs
500 g  milk
100 g  flour
100 g  gruyère
4        slices of ham
Salt, pepper

Preheat oven at 210°C

Put the gruyère chopped in chunks in the bowl and mix 8 sec, speed 7. Reserve.

Place all other ingredients except the ham in the bowl, and mix 30 seconds, speed 5.

Add the grated cheese in the bowl, and mix 5 seconds, reverse, speed 2

Butter a pie dish. Place the diced ham in the dish and cover with the contents of the bowl.

Bake 40 minutes at 210°C

Thermomix tip: Vary the flavor of this quiche by using leftovers from your fridge, like mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, bacon…

members' comments

JD - didn't have any ham so used fresh asparagus.  It is certainly quick and easy and can be adapted to use anything you have in your fridge basically.  Nice one to whip up for unexpected visitors.  Mine lacked a bit of taste with just the asparagus so next time I will put more goodies in it to boost the flavour.

Chelsea - I had read JD's review (thanks JD) so I grabbed some extra goodies out of the fridge for flavour. I used cherry tomatoes, fresh basil, smoked ham and lot's of cracked pepper.  We all really enjoyed it with some crusty bread.  Our guests couldn't believe I had whipped it up so quickly.  I love this recipe and will be making it often.

cathy79 - Can put anything in it - cooked diced chicken, corn, cheese
Asparagus, bacon or ham, tomato
Mushrooms, capsicum, steamed broccoli and carrot
Spinach, tomato, fetta and maybe roast pumpkin? haven't tried this, brainstorming now.
Basically any quiche combination or omelette flavouring.  Need to be careful with anything with too much liquid as it goes soggy.  So not too much tomato for example. This freezes quite well.

I made this last night (with asparagus and bacon) but cooked in individual quiches in my muffin pan.  Made exactly a dozen.  I find there's something more intimate about individual pies, quiches, cakes etc as opposed to a slice of something larger.  And cooks much quicker!  Took half the time.

I gave it a go in the pizza maker (in the frittata dish) and it turned out pretty well.  I used this recipe but just 3/4 of the quantities. It wasn't quite as nice as when cooked in the oven but so fast that I will still do it occasionally for a family meal with a nice garden salad.

NomesFog - I've made this a few times from a Tupperware recipe called Impossible Quiche.
I've noticed that if you want to use a 'wet' ingredient like sliced tomatoes, if you lay it on top of the quiche as it's cooking it will not be so soggy and also it's very pretty and gives you a good guide to slicing it later!

Main Dishes / Quails with raisins and sweet wine
« on: June 03, 2009, 02:12:25 am »
At the risk of sounding like a broken record, here's the disclaimer: This is translated from the French cookbook "À table avec Thermomix". Note that I haven't tried this recipe, so if you do try it, please let me know how it turned out!

Quails with raisins and sweet wine

1           Small onion
1 cube   Chicken broth
800g      Potatoes
4           Quails
Salt, pepper
50g        Raisins
1 tbsp    Cornstarch
1 tbsp    Sweet wine (muscatel or port)

• Put 700g water, onion peeled and cut into two and the broth in the bowl. Put the basket in the cooking bowl and set 5 minutes Varoma temperature, speed 1
• Meanwhile, peel and cut potatoes into large cubes
• Open the quails to flatten (you can ask your butcher to do this at the time of purchase). Put the quails in the Varoma “on their back”, add salt and pepper and sprinkle with raisins
• At the stop of the timer, put the potatoes in the cooking basket; place the Varoma with the quails on the bowl and set 20 minutes Varoma temperature, speed 1
• At the stop of the timer, reserve the potatoes somewhere warm and, if necessary, continue cooking quails another 10 min at Varoma temperature, speed 1 (instead you can put the quails in the oven to brown for 10 min)
• Reserve the cooking juices in the bowl and arrange the quails and potatoes in a warm serving dish
• Add the cornstarch and sweet wine to the cooking juice in the bowl and set 3 min at 100°, speed 3
• Mix 5 sec speed 8
• Decorate the serving dish with sauce and serve the remainder in a gravy boat

Thermomix tip: Instead of potatoes, serve sweet potatoes: It will emphasize the sweet and salty effect of this dish.

members' comments

JD - I tried this recipe but changed it to chicken thighs with sultana grapes and port. I had some mashed potato over from last night so put pumpkin and carrot in the basket and put some cauliflower and broccoli to the varoma tray. Sprinkled a handful of large sultana grapes over the thighs 20 minutes into the cooking for the final 10 minutes. The jury is still out on the sauce but somehow I will try and inject a little more flavour into it next time and will discard  at least half of it before thickening. I had to use 3 tblspns cornflour & 3T Port to get it to the consistency I wanted and there was far too much of it.  Comparing the sauce to the delicious mustard sauce in the Fillet mignon recipe, this one is nowhere near as tasty.  As DH won't eat dried fruit of any description, I remembered an old recipe called Chicken Veronica which used grapes and had no complaints from him with the substitution.

In summing up, the meal was easy to prepare and the only let down was the sauce.  Oh, the onion needs to be blitzed for a short time at the beginning too as it couldn't handle speed 1 just being cut in half.

Main Dishes / Chicken breasts in tomato sauce with mushrooms
« on: June 02, 2009, 03:08:01 am »
This is translated from the French cookbook "À table avec Thermomix". Note that I haven't tried this recipe, so if you do try it, please let me know how it turned out!

Chicken breasts in tomato sauce with mushrooms

4         Chicken breasts
2         Cloves of garlic
100g    Onion
240g    Whole fresh tomatoes or canned crushed
230g    Portobello mushrooms
1 cube Chicken stock
Herbs (from Provence, thyme)
Salt, pepper

• Put in the bowl the garlic, the onion cut in half, the tomatoes halved and drained. Mix 10 seconds at speed 5
• Add the mushrooms, whole chicken breasts, chicken stock cube, salt, pepper and herbs and set, depending on the size of breasts, 15 to 20 minutes at 100°, spoon speed  ^^, reverse  direction  :-:
• At timer stop, remove the chicken and arrange them on a hot serving plate. Coat them with tomato sauce and mushrooms.

Tips: Serve with fresh pasta and sprinkle with Parmesan. If sauce is too liquid, add a little cornstarch and 2 teaspoons of tomato paste and set 3 minutes at 100°, spoon speed  ^^, reverse  direction  :-:.

members' comments

cathy79 - Made this last night, DH says "a definite make again please".  I diced the chicken breasts as I just couldn't see how it would work "whole".  Used 500g chicken (2 breasts) and there was plenty of chicken.  I used MJ's passata instead of tinned tomatoes and added the tomato paste to thicken at the end.  Very nice, and super easy.

Chelsea - Mmmmmm.  This was lovely. I served it with pasta but it would also be yummy with mashed potato and steamed veg.
I used 400g diced chicken breast (3cm dice) and lots of pepper and fresh herbs.  I added the tomato paste in with the other ingredients at the start and then thickened the dish with a little cornflour paste at the end.  I cooked the mix for 6 minutes before adding the chicken and then cooked it for another 7 minutes.  I then added the cornflour paste and cooked it for a further 2 minutes.  The chicken was cooked perfectly in that time. Easy and delish!!!

CC - After CP bumped this recipe in her favourites list I thought I would give it a whirl. I followed Chelsea's "tweak" and it cooked to perfection. We all enjoyed it and I certainly would make it again.

JD - I did my own thing with this recipe tonight.  I had a pack of my Napolitana sauce in the freezer, just 100g mushrooms & 350g chicken breast.  Chopped the onion & garlic 2 sec/speed 5, added a tablespoon olive oil and sauteed 5 mins/100o/reverse/speed 1.
Added the thawed out sauce, mushrooms, 1/8th tsp Bridestowe gourmet Herbes de Provence, 3cm diced chicken, 1/2 tsp chicken stock, some pepper and 1/8th cup water. Cooked 7 mins/100o/reverse/speed 1 then added 180g baby spinach in when there was 1 minute to go.  Delicious and so quick if you use an already prepared sauce.  Enough leftover to serve with pasta tomorrow night.

Amy -  REALLY yummy, definitely a make-again recipe.

Main Dishes / Pork Filet Mignon with Mustard Sauce
« on: June 02, 2009, 02:34:19 am »
This is translated from the French cookbook "À table avec Thermomix". Note that I haven't tried this recipe, so if you do try it, please let me know how it turned out!

Pork Filet mignon with mustard sauce

Preparation time: 5 min + Thermomix 23 min

450g                Pork tenderloin
100g                Portobello mushrooms
75g                 Dry white vermouth or Madeira
100g               Semi-skimmed milk
60g                 Onions
1 clove            Garlic (optional)
2 tsp               Classic Dijon mustard
1 tsp               Hot (English) mustard
1/2 cube         No-fat chicken stock
2 tbsp             Thick fresh cream 15%
1 bulging tbsp  Maizena (Cornstarch)
1 tsp               Salt
A few sprigs of parsley for decoration

• Clean the mushrooms and cut into slices
• Cut the tenderloin into thin slices and put them in the cooking basket, alternating with slices of mushrooms
• Put in bowl: Vermouth, milk, onion, peeled and cut in half, peeled garlic, mustards, half a cube of chicken stock, salt and pepper
• Put the basket in the cooking bowl and set 20 to 25 minutes at 100 ˚, speed 4, mixing the content of the basket midway
• When the timer stops, put the pork and mushrooms aside in a warm place
• Add to the bowl the cream and Mazaina and set 3 minutes at 80 ˚, speed 4
• Serve meat and sauce, decorated with sprigs of parsley

members' comments

JD - OMG, this is amazing. My pork fillet weighed 330 g which is enough for 3 people or 2 very hungry ones!  I cut the meat into 2-1/2 cm slices and the medium sized swiss brown mushrooms into 1 cm thick slices and only cooked it for 15 minutes as pork fillet can dry out if overcooked.  I used full skim milk, not semi-skimmed but other than this, did the recipe exactly as MrSpock so kindly posted for us.  Good enough for a meal for guests for sure - pork fillet is one of my favourite cuts to work with.  The sauce is so good and with the small jugful left over, I am going to toss some steamed vegies and cooked chicken through some pasta and add this sauce.

riv mum - Loved it. I cooked it at varoma temp and steamed vegies on top so left the pork really chunky (about 2 to 3 cm wide by 5 to 7 cm long) to try and reduce overcooking and mushrooms halved. Cooked in 20 min. Could prob reduce time to 18 mins and would check after 15 mins if you want it slightly pink.
Sauce is delicious - would make it to go with corned beef!
I used apple juice instead of the vermouth and 1 tsp vegie stock concentrate instead of chicken stock cube. Was very tasty.
I used a bit over 500 g of meat which was enough or our family of 5.
Next time I might try adding honey to the sauce to make a honey mustard style sauce and use chicken instead of pork.

brazen - we ADORED, INHALED this meal!!! This is dinner party material.

MrSpock - I finally cooked the dish myself tonight. I was convinced DH would hate it but he actually liked it! Enough to be added to our regular rotation. This is a huge victory as he usually likes nothing fancy. I personally loved it. I held the salt, garlic (seemed tasty enough without) and mushrooms as Hubby hates them and would have refused to eat anything with mushrooms in it.

Chickie - This dish is so yummy. Husband loved it and its very easy to make. 5 out of 5. I used beef fillet instead because we don't like pork very much and reduced the cooking time to 16 mins, then continued to cook the sauce for the appropriate time. The beef was a combination of medium and medium rare.

jai9 - It was delicious. I will definitely be making again.


Recipe Requests / Thermomix International and Translation
« on: May 31, 2009, 04:06:50 pm »
Here's a suggestion that might take a bit of investment to start with, but could simplify the life of everyone here in the long run. Since we have members from all around the world, we have access to cookbooks in several different languages. For example, the basic Thermomix book is available in French, English UK version, English Australian version, German, Italian, Spanish and I'm probably missing some. From what I could figure out, not all versions have the same recipes, and it would be great to know what's available in other books. For example, maybe there's a recipe in the German book that I would love to make, but I'll never know it even existed because I can't read German to save my life. So here's what I'm proposing:

How about we take all the books that we have, and we translate the index in English and post it here? Then this thread can become a reference for recipe ideas, and we can ask for translations of specific recipes as needed.

Translating the index can be a lenghty process, so if you're up to it, I suggest you mention it here so we don't have two people working on the same book. You guys in English speaking countries might be able to find book indexes already typed out on the Net.

What do you think?

I'll start with "À table avec Thermomix", the French everyday cookbook. Let me know in this thread if you want any of those recipes translated.

Bisque de crevettes - Shrimp Bisque
Crème de champignons - Cream of Mushroom
Soupe de poisson - Fish soup
Velouté de courgettes – Cream of Zucchini
Velouté de cresson au safran et aux pétoncles Cream of Watercress with saffron and scallops
Velouté de légumes – Cream of vegetables
Velouté de tomates rapide – Quick Cream of tomato

Asperges en sauce hollandaise - Asparagus with hollandaise sauce
Bouchées à la reine – Chicken & Mushroom canapés – I had to Google that one, as I had no idea what it was and the Google translation was, I quote “Bite the queen” BWAH!
Cake surprise – Ham & Cheese bread
Céleri rémoulade - Celery remoulade This seems to be like coleslaw, but with celeriac --> Recipe
Crudités – Finely chopped veggies
Délice de foies au Riesling – Poultry liver paté – Riesling is either a grape or a wine, I can’t tell from the recipe…
Gougères – Cheese puffs
Mousse de coquilles Saint-Jacques sauce cerfeuil – Scallop Mousse with chervil sauce
Œufs Mimosa - Mimosa Eggs
Pâté de campagne – Country Paté – Made with pork, veal, lard and Cogniac
Poireaux à la moutarde – Mustard Leek
Tartare de saumon frais – Fresh salmon tartare

Main Dishes
Épinards à la Florentine - Florentine Spinach – Spinash with hard boiled eggs, cheese and bechamel sauce
Fondue savoyarde – Cheese Fondue
Hachis Parmentier – Ground beef with mashed potatoes
Jambon au Porto - Port ham
Jardinière de légumes et sauce au jambon - Vegetable stew with ham and sauce
Lasagnes - Lasagna
Œufs brouillés - Scrambled Eggs
Pain de saumon - Salmon Loaf
Pâtes au thon - Pasta with tuna
Petit salé aux lentilles – Lentil Gammon
Pizza napolitaine - Neapolitan pizza
Poivrons farcis - Stuffed Peppers
Quiche lorraine - Quiche lorraine
Quiche sans pâte - Quiche without crust --> Recipe
Soufflé rapide Thermomix – Quick Soufflé Thermomix
Spaghettis à la bolognaise - Spaghetti bolognese

Fish and Seafood
Brandade de morue – Cod Brandade – Cod puree
Choucroute de la mer – Sauerkraut of the sea
Couscous de poisson - Fish Couscous
Dos de merlu sauce verte – Back of hake with spinash sauce
Filet de merlan en papillotes de poireaux - Fillet of whiting in leek papillotes
Filets de truite saumonée à la sauce sublime - Salmon trout fillets with cream sauce
Gambas à l’américaine – Giant Shrimps the American way
Lotte à l’armoricaine – Armorican Monkfish
Moules à la provençale – Provencal Mussel
Noix de Saint-Jacques aux poireaux - Scallops with Leeks
Poissons et tomates à la provençale - Fish and Tomatoes Provencal
Roulés de sole et fruits de mer - Sole and seafood rolls
Sardines fraîches en papillotes et leur sauce poivron – Fresh sardines in papillotes with pepper sauce
Waterzoï de poisson – Fish stew

Andouillettes au Vouvray – Tripe sausage in white wine
Boulettes de viande à la sauce aux câpres - Meatballs in caper sauce
Escalopes de veau au poivre vert - Veal scallops with green pepper
Farce pour dinde ou oie - Stuffing for turkey or goose
Farce pour légumes - Stuffing for vegetables
Farce pour viandes et volailles - Stuffing for meat and poultry
Filet mignon à la moutarde - Filet mignon with mustard sauce --> Recipe
Goulasch – Goulash
Lapins aux pruneaux - Rabbit with prunes
Pot-au-feu – Beef Stew
Ragoût de veau - Veal Stew
Steak haché à l’ail et aux fines herbes - Garlic and herbs ground beef
Steak haché à l’italienne – Italian ground beef
Steak haché Thermomix – Thermomix ground beef

Blancs de poulet sauce tomate aux champignons - Chicken whites in tomato sauce with mushrooms --> Recipe
Cailles aux raisins et vin doux - Quails with raisins and sweet wine --> Recipe
Daube de canard au Madiran – Duck marinated in wine
Foies de volailles aux tomates – Poultry livers with tomatoes
Pot-au-feu de poulet – Chicken stew
Poulet Basquaise – Chicken with peppers, tomatoes and white wine
Roulés de blancs de poulet en robe de jambon et sauce chasseur – Rolls of chicken whites in ham dress and sauce chasseur

Gratin de courgettes à la provençale – Zucchini gratin Provencal
Méli-Mélo de poires, légumes d’hiver et leur sauce céleri - Mishmash of pears and winter vegetables with celery sauce
Petits pois à la française – French peas
Pommes dauphine – Fried potato puffs
Pommes papillotes pour gibier - Apples papillotes for game
Purée de carottes – Mashed carrots
Purée de pommes de terre – Mashed potatos
Ratatouille Thermomix – Vegetable stew Thermomix
Riz façon méditerranéenne – Mediterranean rice

Aïoli marseillais – Marseille Aioli
Beurre - Butter
Beurre blanc – Hot Butter Sauce
Coulis de tomates – Tomato sauce
Fumet de poisson – Fish broth
Sauce au thon – Tuna sauce
Sauce béarnaise – Béarnaise sauce
Sauce béchamel – Béchamel sauce
Sauce hollandaise – Hollandaise sauce
Sauce mayonnaise – Mayonnaise sauce
Sauce tartare – Tartar sauce

Bread and dough
Pain brioché – Sweet roll bread
Pain de campagne – bread loaf
Pâte à choux – Choux pastry
Pâte brisée - Pastry
Pâte feuilletée – Puff Pastry
Pâte sablée – Sanded paste

Baba au Rhum – Rum cake
Cake aux fruits confits – Dried fruit cake
Charlotte aux fruits rouges - Red fruit Charlotte
Clafoutis aux cerises – Cherry Clafoutis
Compote de pommes – Apple sauce
Confiture de framboises – Raspberry jam
Coulis de fruits rouges – Red fruits Coulis
Crème anglaise  - Custard
Crème au beurre - buttercream
Crème chantilly – Whipped cream
Crème dessert aux deux saveurs - Two flavors dessert
Crème pâtissière – Pastry cream
Crêpes – Pancakes (but thinner)
Far Breton aux pruneaux - No idea what this is, but here's a picture...
Flan au caramel - Caramel custard
Fondant au chocolat – Chocolate Fudge
Glace à la vanille – Vanilla ice cream
Îles flottantes – Floating islands
Mousse au chocolat – Chocolate mousse
Pêches rafraîchies à la menthe – Fresh peaches with mint
Quatre-quarts – Pound cake
Riz au lait - Rice pudding
Sorbet aux fruits – Fruit sorbet
Tarte aux pommes – Apple pie
Tarte meringuée au citron - Lemon Meringue Pie

Chocolat chaud - Hot Chocolate
Granité de citron – Lemon Granita --> Recipe
Jus de fruits – Fruit juice
Milk-shake à la fraise – Strawberry milkshake
Pina Colada – Pina Colada

Index for the 'Everyday Cooking for Every Family' Cookbook (Australia)
Index for the 'Gluten Free Wheat Free' cookbook

Desserts / Lemon Granité
« on: May 31, 2009, 02:08:01 am »
Lemon Granité

Translated from the "À table avec Thermomix" cookbook.

5              Lemons
300g        Water
200g        Sugar
800g        Ice

  • Wash the lemons carefully. Cut 3 lemons in 8 parts, without peeling them. Remove pits.
  • Peel the reminding lemons and also cut in 8 and remove pits.
  • Put 300g of water and the lemons in the bowl and mix 12 sec at speed 10.
  • Filter the liquid in a salad bowl with the help of the cooking basket, scraping the bowl with the spatula. Rince the bowl.
  • Put the liquid back in the bowl, and add the sugar and ice. Mix 13 sec at speed 6.
  • Serve immediately in cocktail glasses or individual dessert bowl.

Bread / Cranberry-orange Bread
« on: May 31, 2009, 01:14:25 am »
My local grocery store sells this FABULOUS cranberry-orange bread, and I was hoping to make my own. Unfortunately, all the recipes I could find were more like a cake than a bread, so I had to improvise.

I started with a raisin bread recipe published on a French Blog which originally came from the French Thermomix book "Mille et une pâtes...à pain".

Chookie has suggested increasing the water to 230g and the yeast to 10g .

Preparation time : 15 min + Thermomix : 4 min + Rise : 30 min + Oven cooking : 30 min

Total time : 1 h 19 min

200g           Water
1 packet      Baker's yeast
400g           White Flour
50g             Sugar
1/2 tea sp    Salt
1                Peel of 1 orange, grated
125g           Dried Cranberries

Grate the peel off of one big orange with a box cheese grater, using coarser blade. Make sure you only grate the orange skin, and not the white part as it is too bitter. Reserve.

Put the water and yeast in the bowl, and set 2 min / 37° / speed 3.

Add all the other ingredients except the orange and the cranberries. Set 2 min at Dough/Knead  ::

Add the orange peel and the cranberries, and mix 20 sec / reverse / speed 4.

Form the dough into a roll, and place in a floured pan. Slightly push in cranberries with a knife so they don't burn when cooking.

Put in oven 30 minutes at 60° C to raise the dough.

Cook in oven 30 minutes at 200° C

For the original Raisin Bread recipe, replace the orange peel and the cranberries by 150 g of raisins. But trust me, the Cran-orange bread is the best fruit bread you'll ever have  ;)

Chit Chat / Oooops, I did it again
« on: May 22, 2009, 02:02:21 am »
By now, most of you must have realized I'm a complete amateur at that cooking thing... I know the basics, but I want to experiment with my Thermomix, and that pushes the limits of my knowledge  :-[

So... My husband and I stop at a cooking material liquidation warehouse I saw advertized for the first time, and he picks up a few BBQ utensiles for the summer, but *I* spot this baby for almost nothing. We had looked at pasta machines before in regular stores, but figured they were way too expensive to experiment, but this one was really marked down, we figured because the box held together with packing tape.

I get home, untape my new toy, and guess what... No instructions whatsoever! I tried googling for instructions, only to find other people commenting on forums that they bought this machine and no instructions came with it. Yes, just like my pizza stone. My theory here is that all that stuff is now made in China, and the Chinese being smart people, learned from the Japanese who provided us with years of laughing material with their English translations. The Chinese figured, we'll just forego the instructions. Problem solved, and we're the ones laughing now.

So now that I got this out of my system, can anyone tell me how I'm supposed to clean my pasta machine? I figured I better ask y'alls knowledgeable people before I try anything funny...

PS: I'm hoping ONE DAY, I can bring some useful contribution to this community, instead of all those questions  ;)

Chit Chat / How to maintain a pizza stone
« on: May 18, 2009, 12:28:07 am »
Hubby came home with a pizza stone the other night after I had read about it from a cooking blog. there was absolutely no instructions with it, but the bread recipe I used mentionned the basics: Heat the stone before, careful it's hot. So that worked out very well when we made bread.

So today Hubby decides to make pizza, and this thing being called "pizza stone", he figures he'll give it a try. However, not knowing how to transfer a freshly made (thus very soft and unstable) pizza from one surface to the other, he decides to make the pizza directly on the cold stone and cook it that way.

The pizza looked delicious when it came out of the oven, but unfortunately half of it stayed stuck on the stone when he tried to serve it. This adventure prompted us to actually look for some instructions on how to use a pizza stone, so we now know not to use it cold, and to use corn meal to prevent sticking.

However, one thing is not clear: A few websites spoke of "seasonning" the stone by rubbing it with oil and heating it, while some other sites say to never ever under penalty of law season or use oil on a pizza stone.

Anyone has an opinion on this? To season or not to season?

Introduce Yourself / Bonjour from Montreal, Canada
« on: May 15, 2009, 12:47:55 am »
Hi guys!

My name is Marie-Josée, and I'm from Montreal, Canada. Thermomix is virtually unknown here. I heard about it when I asked friends on Facebook for feedback on bread machines. A French colleague of mine told me that I needed a Thermomix instead, and a week after I had mine!

I have a bit of a challenge though, because since I'm French speaking, they gave me a French cook book, but it's in French from France, which is about as different as Mandarin and Cantonese! Well ok, maybe not, but different enough to ruin a perfectly good recipe.

So I'm looking forward to exchanging tips and tricks from all of you guys, but especially the one or two other North American members :)

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