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How can I remove the 'envelop' which shows my mailadress when I post a message? It is on the left side, below my name. I have searched the forum and I can not find it. I have put a mark on the option not to show my mailadres to the public, but doesnot help.

Tips and Tricks / tip for 600 gram rice cooking in varoma
« on: November 28, 2012, 09:01:48 am »

Yesterday my Thermomix arrived and I am now experimenting with it. I am so excited about it.

 I also have a rice cooker in which I normally cook the rice in a metal scale. I place it in the ricecooker, fill it with water and the rice absorpts the water. After 35 minutes the rice is ready. I have now done the same with the TM. I have placed this metal scale  in the Varoma scale. Put three cups (total 600 gram) of rice and three cups of water, and yes my rice has been perfectly steamed.

1) put a metal scale which suits the varoma in the varoma. I have only experience with a metal scale. Maybe other materials e.g glass which stands heat will suit?

For an example for a metal scale: see the link

2)  put rice and water in this scale. e.g. 3 cups of rice and 3 1/2 cups of water. Most of the time the amount of cups of rice equals the amount of cups of water. But I always put al little bit more water .. I have only experience with basmati rice and pandan rice, so i do not know how this method works out for other types of rice...
3) Put water in the mixing bowl in order to create steam

I have now a few questions: do I need to keep the knife in the mixing basker when steaming?
And do you sometimes interrupt the steaming in the varoma by taking it off, filling the steaming basket with e.g. vegetables and then continue steaming with the varoma? By putting my metal basket with the rice in the varoma, there is no place left for steaming vegetables in the vegetables, and I thought maybe I can do this in the small steaming basket. However my basmati rice takes 35 minutes to be steamed, and e.g. my green beens only 15 minutes. so they need then to be taken out earlier.

Introduce Yourself / Hello from Holland
« on: November 22, 2012, 07:46:57 pm »

I ordered my Thermomix two days ago and can not wait to receive it. I am 40 years old, from Holland, Europe. mother of two sons (3 and 5 years old), with a busy job. Love to cook and enjoy a diversity of foods. Hope to learn a lot from you all!!


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