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Title: Thermomix Sauerkraut
Post by: Slice of Health on February 05, 2016, 10:08:01 am
The perfect condiment to include with anything savoury, and full of wonderful healthy pro-biotics. This recipe uses only cabbage, salt and water and is naturally fermented in an ordinary glass jar.

Makes: 1 litre jar


500g cabbage (white or red), cut into large wedges
2 tsp natural himalayan pink sea salt (or pure sea salt)



    Add cabbage and salt to Thermomix: 30 sec, speed 4
    Then: 5 min, reverse speed 5 (to massage the cabbage)
    Pack into a 1 litre wide mouthed jar along with any brine (juice) formed during the 'massaging' process (I only get about 1 tablespoon of liquid normally), push cabbage down and top with water, leaving a few centimetres space to allow for gas buildup
    Place lid on jar and shake well to ensure an evenly mixed salty brine
    Push cabbage down firmly and fold a couple of cabbage leaves, place these on top to keep the chopped cabbage under the brine, this should always be covered with liquid to prevent spoilage

Fermenting Process

    Leave this at room temperature to ferment naturally, place a dish underneath the jar. We live in the tropics and it only takes approx 5 days, depending on your climate it may take a couple of weeks or so.
    Each day (or more), loosen the lid to allow gas to escape, there will be bubbles that rise to the top. There may be some leakage, that is ok (just empty your dish). If the brine level gets too low from the leakage, top with water again and shake, leave to ferment further. Then tighten your lid again.
    The sauerkraut when ready to transfer to the fridge will become pale and translucent in colour (or pink if using purple cabbage), it will have a pleasant clean smell. Don't be afraid to take the lid off and check it out from time to time.
    Transfer to the fridge to ferment further (although it will be at a slower rate).
    It is ready to eat at this point but for maximum pro-biotic advantage, it is reaches its peak after a number of weeks (we eat it straight away).

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Title: Re: Thermomix Sauerkraut
Post by: cookie1 on February 05, 2016, 11:56:38 am
This made for an interesting read, thanks. My MIL used to make brilliant sauerkraut.
Title: Re: Thermomix Sauerkraut
Post by: Cornish Cream on February 05, 2016, 05:52:32 pm
I've never eaten Sauerkraut.Thanks for the recipe Eva.
Title: Re: Thermomix Sauerkraut
Post by: Slice of Health on February 07, 2016, 11:16:39 am
Thanks Cookie and Denise, I also love doing this with a red cabbage and some grated carrot and ginger.  :) so many different variations are possible.
Title: Re: Thermomix Sauerkraut
Post by: meganjane on February 24, 2016, 12:19:43 pm
I've always been taught that you should not put stainless steel anywhere near the cabbage when crushing it. I use  a knife to chop it and hands to massage and crush it with salt and whey from yoghurt. I also add fennel seeds. Yum!
Title: Re: Thermomix Sauerkraut
Post by: Slice of Health on February 25, 2016, 03:20:42 am
Hi MeganJane

Yes come to think of it, I think I may have read that somewhere too about the stainless steel, and had a quick google about it to research further. It seems you aren't meant to actually ferment it in stainless steel but it's fine to prepare it in stainless steel bowl or use knives, its not in thermy bowl for long so it's always been fine and worked perfectly for me. Your version sounds nice, I've done it like this too (prior to getting lazy and letting Thermomix do my chopping) but never tried it with the whey.  ;D