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« on: June 30, 2008, 11:52:43 pm »
Please not that this is a non-official Thermomix Forum. This has been created by a fan of the product. This forum has no official recommendation from Vorwerk.

Terms of Use :

As in all existing communities, there are a set of rules that must be followed.
Please read the following rules carefully so that everyone can best enjoy this forum


1. Objective and Responsibility

1.1. The objective of this forum is to make available a platform for all Thermomix lovers to communicate with each other. The service is also designed for asking and replying to questions,  sharing cooking recipes, asking and giving advice, and of course having fun.

1.2. This forum has no links to the Thermomix brands, the manufacturing or supplying company, or any other institutions that relate themselves to the brand.  Therefore this is a non-official site and is completely independent to any company or institutions that represent the Thermomix brand. The brand Thermomix is mentioned so as to identify it’s purpose of this forum.
1.3. The total responsibility of any message posted  and exchanged in this forum lies completely with its author.
1.4. Recipes and content posted and exchanged in this forum can be used by the Administrator for other means.
2. The right to disagree.

2.1. Different points of views and opinions in this forum is healthy and encouraged, just like any other forum. If you disagree with a message from a forum member, you have the right in expressing your opinions freely, as long as they do not cause insults or personal attacks.  The objective of this forum is for everyone to share Thermomix recipes and not to attack personal opinions.

2.2. If you think that a specific message does not have interest, then just simply ignore it. It may be interesting to other people. If a message is completely irrelevant, it will be deleted by the forum Administrator or moderator. If you discover a message that violates the terms of use of the forum, then you should send a message to the Administrator for it to be analysed, by clicking on the link “Report to Moderator”. This link is visible in all messages.

3. The right for respect and politeness in the community.

3.1. Offensive, explicit or obscene language (including and not only limited to swearing), aggressive behaviour and/or abusive attacks on people or institutions will not be tolerated. If you feel very strongly about a point of view, think before you post your reply. If you feel that a message offends you in any way, or that it breaks the forum rules, then send a message to the webmaster or click on the link “Report to Moderator”. This link is visible in all messages.

3.2. The posting of pornography; discriminatory remarks which are sexually explicit, harmful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive; excessive obscene or vulgar language; posts which discuss or illustrate illegal activity; providing links to sites that contain any of the aforementioned IS PROHIBITED.

4. Exchange of information, personal and business contacts.
4.1. Personal information (yours or third party), phone numbers, addresses etc, should not be posted in the forum. Business or institutional contacts are also not permitted.
5. Advertising and commercial information, including competitor products.

5.1.This forum is not a place for free advertising. Messages that contain links to informative sites are allowed and encouraged. Messages with pure commercial content or links (URL’s) to competitor commercial selling sites are not allowed and will be removed. You can post links to generic commercial selling sites that do not compete with Thermomix products and it's accessories.

5.2 The exception to rule 5.1 are OFFICIAL Thermomix related products,; including books, accessories, courses. If you have courses or have written books, then we encourage you to share in this forum. We like to give recognition to hard work that can benefit other members.

5.3 It is forbidden to mention prices of competitor products and accessories in this forum. If people want to know prices of such articles, then please use private messages to each other. We reserve the right to amend this rule at any time, without giving notice. You may however quote prices on food/drink, recipes, and other general domestic products (kitchenware, household goods etc), that do not directly affect Thermomix and it's accessories.

5.3 Nicknames that contain competitor product names will not be approved in the forum. It is seen as advertising.

5.4 Links and posts concerning direct competitor (non Thermomix) product sites, courses, recipes, meet ups etc are not allowed and will be removed.

5.5 You MAY chat about other competitor products, to give opinons and experiences. Posts on this subject will be closely monitored. Any that are deemed to be of commercial nature or biased against Thermomix, shall be removed. You may mention good points or bad points of competitor products, but please do not compare to Thermomix

5.6 Links that are obviously and purely trying to push traffic to one's personal sites/blogs for commercial purposes will be removed by our moderators. Deletion of links will be at the discretion of the moderators as this would cover some instances where the link is acceptable. You will be notified if a link is deemed to be suspicious.

6. Writing in topic areas and sharing of messages.

6.1. Forum users should keep the forum free from unnecessary messages. Please keep the forum free of duplicated messages. If for any reason you have posted the message several times by mistake, delete the duplicates. This way, the forum will be a lot cleaner.  

6.2. Do not write in capital letters (FOR EXAMPLE, LIKE THIS). This is considered the same as shouting, which is not a necessary manner in being heard in this forum.

6.3. Post your messages in the relevant areas of the forum. Placing fish recipes in meat category, or asking help about a technical problem in the deserts area, causes confusion. Categories have been created, in order to cover (as much as possible) all areas which are relevant to Thermomix.  If you feel it necessary to create a new recipe category, use the topic Suggestions and Complaints.

6.4. You should not deliberately post messages in the wrong areas, on the basis of thinking that a specific area has a higher volume of traffic and therefore obtaining an answer more rapidly. Messages posted in wrong subject areas will be moved or even removed. It is more probable that you would get a quicker reply if you post your message in the right area.  

6.5 Messages published in the forum must have the objective in exchanging information quickly and not starting conversations. Therefore, members should use the alternative channels available in the forum, such as PM (private messages). We even suggest that members share Messenger addresses (or even other messaging solutions), as this allows for long conversations. This allows the forum to remain as a quick and concise solution in exchanging and posting information.

7. New members and veterans.

7.1. New members should consult the Welcome section, which contains important information in how to post messages.

7.2. For the more experienced members we recommend them in being helpful towards the new members. Those that know well the spirit and functionality of this forum , it is vital that these attributes are passed on to the new arrivals.

7.3. Even if a new member has posted a message or an opinion that seems out of context, it is always better to answer in a polite way.  Remember that good advice benefits the whole forum and its members. We recommend that you use the private message (PM) in giving these types of opinions and advice.

7.4. The nature of some messages may not cause interest to the community in general.  Topics that you wish to discuss in private, resolving a misunderstanding etc, are examples of subjects in which the use of the Private Messaging service is more appropriate. If a member sends you a PM, respect his or her privacy by not publishing the content in the public areas (except in the case of both party agreement).

7.5. If you receive an offensive PM in which you feel the terms of use have been broken, then please contact the moderator or administrator.

8. Creation of multiple accounts by the same user.
8.1. In certain cases, there may be more than one username associated to a certain member. This can happen due to different reasons and is registered in our systems. Normally the user in question is simply using a new registered account. As long as no rules are broken by the user, then no action will be taken.  However, if a user with multiple accounts breaks any of the forum rules, then all accounts corresponding to that user will be deleted and access to the forum will be blocked.

8.2. If you have any questions about the site or wish to report another user, please use the Contact Administrator function. Do not create a new account for personal attacks or other reasons which violate the rules of this community.

9. Language

9.1. Please use English when posting on the forums as a courtesy to other players, unless the forum channel is specifically created for discussions in another language.


If any message in this forum violates any of the above rules, it will be removed immediately. Depending on the seriousness or repetition of the case, the user will be banned from entering the forum again.

If any of your messages have been deleted and you are not sure about the reason for such action, please refer to the terms of use of the forum. Do not post any protest messages ifsuch a case happens. It will be removed.

If you have any questions, please contact the moderator or administrator by sending a PM, available in the form.

If you do not agree with any of the Terms of Use, please  do not use this Forum.

 Thank you
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Re: The Rules. PLEASE READ!
« Reply #1 on: October 18, 2012, 12:28:20 am »
Just bumping this thread as MM updated the rules yesterday - please note Rule 5 in particular as this needs to be read and adhered to.  The moderators will also be clamping down on the use of swear words on the forum so please assist us in this regard. 
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