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The recipe was quick to make and very easy to follow.   The custards were lush!!   The texture was smooth, creamy & rich.   Id definitely make this again.

The recipe says to place the custard in 4 tea cups and then steam in the varoma.  I love the idea of using tea cups for desserts and have served cold desserts in tea cups in the past, but this was the first time Ive actually cooked in them.  I was a little hesitant in case the heat cracked the cups, but figured Id give it a go and if they did break Id have the perfect excuse to go shopping!  No problems though and the 4 tea cups are the perfect size for the varoma tray.

I really liked the method of steaming the custards in the varoma.  I often make low-fat custards baked in a low oven using coconut flavoured evaporated milk and stevia and I might borrow this steaming method next time I make these.

Comfort food, but packed with vegetables so quite healthy too.
It makes heaps; the recipe says it serves 6 and Im sure you could feed 6 very hungry people with this (even those teenager boys with hollow legs!).

I found I had quite a lot of liquid in my dish once Id taken it out of the oven, it was very sloppy.  I was very careful to drain the zucchini as stated in the recipe, so I think perhaps the liquid came out of the eggplant.  The liquid was a bit off-putting, but easily drained away.

I think if I make it again Id add some chillies or something else to spice it up a bit. My OH loved it and went back for a huge second helping.  For me though there is still something about the texture of mince cooked in Thermie that I find quite strange.  Nothing to do with the recipe though, Im just not a fan of that texture.

An easy recipe to follow that would suit a large family.

Introduce Yourself / Hello & a big thank you!
« on: March 06, 2011, 05:52:47 am »
Hello to everyone from another new Thermomix owner from Semaphore in Adelaide, South Australia.

I've had my Thermomix for about 5 weeks now and like everyone else here, I love it!  I've always been a big "foodie" and love cooking, baking, shopping for food, cookbooks, kitchen equipment, anything really to do with food and cooking.  So a Thermomix is definitely something I had to have!

Since getting Thermie I'm been trying so many new recipes and making things from scratch I normally wouldn't attempt (stock, curry paste, pasta dough, bread etc).  Before trying anything though I've jumped on here to check out everyone's recipes and tips.  Thanks everyone as it's been invaluable.   I'm currently making bread using JudyDawn's "milk loaf" recipe which is looking pretty good.  I'm hoping it will be turn out better than my first attempt at making bread in Thermie (as I made half a dozen very heavy rocks instead of bread rolls, oh well....I turned it into breadcrumbs so it wasn't a waste).  I think with JudyDawn's help today's effort is going to be much better.  Thanks Judy  :)

I"m looking forward to the cooler months, as soup making is something I love.  I'm sure Thermie will whip up some great soups this year!

I only really have one complaint about Thermie partner has discovered a love of cooking now its so easy with Thermie and its a race now to see who can cook dinner!

Cheers, Katie

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