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« on: March 09, 2015, 07:45:47 am »
I whipped this up tonight at the end of our long weekend - popped in  the oven while it was on cooking dinner.
The recipe calls for 2 eggs, I found I only had one, so just carried on (by that stage I had got fairy far through the recipe), and it still worked out really well.  :D
I did add another 1/2 banana just cuz miss22mths had eaten the other half so rather than waste - add!!!

I am having a job stopping little hands snitching pieces of it, so it is getting a huge thumbs up from 4 girls here......just hope there is enough left for their lunchboxes tomorrow  ;D
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Chit Chat / Any advice on selling homes and moving?
« on: January 12, 2015, 10:59:44 pm »
As the only time I have moved house was when I moved in with DH, I have no experience with either selling or moving... :-\ ... and after 4.5years of looking, we think we may have finally found what we are looking for. (another look through tomorrow afternoon)
Our place is not yet on the market, so hoping someone/s could give advise...please?!? on moving? and with kids??  :P
Thanks :)

Bread / My go-to bread/rolls/scrolls recipe
« on: September 28, 2014, 04:34:18 am »
460gm water - 37deg, sp1, 2-3min or until it reaches 37deg, then add:
4t yeast
4t sugar
3t bread improver (optional)
20sec,37deg,sp3, then leave to foam for approx 5min. Then add:
770-790gm flour (I generally use the larger amount)
3t salt
30gm (or1/2 mc) oil.
3min,37deg,closed lid,  ::

This will be a very sticky dough.

Tip into oiled/floured bowl (or wrap in thermomat, but it is quite large), cover (I use oiled gladwrap) and leave to rise until doubled.
Once doubled, shape into rolls/roll out and top for scrolls/pt into bread tin,Cover (once again I use oiled gladwrap)  then leave to rise again.
Bake preheated oven 180deg: 10-15min+ for rolls, 20min+ for loaf, 10min+ for scrolls (obviously ovens vary as do sizes of bread tins, scrolls and rolls, so basically cook til done!! :) )

I have no idea where the original recipe came from, so my apologies if it is yours.  ???
Tho I have changed the method a bit....

Chit Chat / Anyone selling their TM31?
« on: September 13, 2014, 02:05:16 am »
Hope this is not too rude, wondering if there are any TM31s going to be sold from our forum members upgrading??
I'm still undecided which way to go (new TM5 or second hand TM31) but after seeing pics of them together I know that I would be annoyed with them not looking the same if I have one of each side by side on my bench  :-)) :-)) :-)) And I can't afford 2 TM5s  :(, so know I am swaying to a second 31, but DH likes the idea of the touch screen etc, so.....
Anyhow, just thought I'd throw the question out there to see what is about, and maybe others might be wondering the same thing...??

Mods - delete if this is not a suitable thing to ask.

Chit Chat / My review of the Easi slide...
« on: May 09, 2014, 11:41:59 am »
Didn't know where to put this so gave it it's own thread....

On first opening the box, I loved the look of it, and now have tested it on a few different recipes and have to say... I love it  :D :D :D :D  Was not comfortable reviewing before I had made bread, but now I have, and I'm sold.  :D
I am vertically challenged (or just plain short!! ;)) so moving the TM without dragging was not an easy task (especially as I often have a child or two either on stools beside me or actually sitting on the bench beside the TM). Now it has it's own personal slide which just glides over the is even easy to move with just one arm!  ;D
I set it up as soon as I got it, and was very happy with the fit (doesn't stick out each side a long way or anything stupid), so decided it could indeed have a home in my kitchen.  When DH got home, he noticed straight away ( :o :o :o :o) and tried sliding TM across the bench on it etc. He then took the TM off and gave it a complete visual this point I was starting to wonder what he was thinking, til he then said "that's pretty cool, how much did it cost you?" I told him ($25) and he thought that was a reasonable price, even tho he had by then worked out what it was made of etc.... :-)) :)
I have mixed on it from just gravy to bread dough. I have cooked on it up to Varoma temp. I have pureed on sp 10. I have used my TM normally while on the slide and am impressed. Not only does it look good, I feel the scales are much less temperamental, and of makes moving my beloved TM so much easier.  :)
I was worried about it scratching especially as I have high gloss benchtops, but so far I have not noticed a single scratch - and yes, I have looked...closely!!!  :-)) :-[ :)
So far the bottom of the slide has stayed clean too, which is now the only worry I have on the slide... if something boils over and gets under the slide onto the felty stuff, how easy will it be to clean??

So there you have it - my very muddly review of the Thermo Easi Slide.
See here:

Would love to read others' reviews too, obviously everyone will have their own opinion.  :) :)

Starters and Snacks / Egg spread
« on: April 01, 2014, 07:10:24 am »
Egg spread - for sandwiches (Bootobethin used the leftovers as a dip - great idea  :) )

4 warm hard-boiled eggs
2 Tblsp milk (I use soy milk)
1 Tblsp nuttelex/butter
1/4 C finely chopped chives, spring onion and/or parsley
1/4 tsp salt
pepper to taste

put everything except salt and pepper in TM and whizz til smooth (sorry, haven't taken note of times and speeds) adding S&P to taste.
Cover and keep in fridge.

Can add curry powder (yum!!)
Can replace milk and butter with mayo.

Recipe originally from 'school lunches and after school snacks' by Simon and Alison Holst.   :)

Will edit the recipe next time with definite-ish times and speeds  :)

Chit Chat / Re-usable sandwich/snack bags/wraps?
« on: March 29, 2014, 12:59:03 am »
Anyone use them?
and wondering what they would be like at keeping the food fresh?

ATM I use containers but a few containers in the schoolbag makes it pretty heavy  :(

TIA  :)

 ;D ;D ;D ;D
Just whipped a batch of these up while pre-heating the oven for dinner.  :)  
They were very easy, I made them in cupcake size and got 3 dozen, cooked for 10min.Also used soy milk so DF DD can eat them too.

Judging by how many are being stolen from the cooling rack by 3 small girls, I'd say they are a hit.  :D  Was incredible surprised - and chuffed - to see one certain miss7 sneaking a taste off one of her sisters then taking her own 1 2 few of these muffins, this is a child who does not eat bananas any way but raw, nor does she like muesli... :-)) .,She even knew the ingredients - after all, she watched every step... :)

So all in all, a great little recipe, will definitely be doing them again.

Chit Chat / Dishwasher advise please??
« on: January 27, 2014, 06:46:25 am »
Hello all...
well, I have a problem in my kitchen - my dishdrawers have died. :(
DH pulled it apart today to see if he could fix it and what he found was rather scarey - would have only been a matter of time before we could have had a fire (and TM lives just above the dishwasher - we can't have him hurt!!  ;) )
So... now what??
I loved my dishdrawers apart from the fact they never dried properly and we have had minor things go wrong with them off and on the whole time we have lived here - so have decided to go for a dishwasher rather than drawers.
Budget of approx $1100, but dunno what.  ???

Tried to look on Choice reviews but couldn't see the results as we have not subscribed and were not sure if it would be worth the money to do so?

TIA  :-* 

Chit Chat / Lunchbox ideas comp on RC
« on: January 21, 2014, 04:21:25 am »
Have heard there is a lunchbox competition on Recipe Community, but can't find it, anyone know anything about it please?

Recipe Book Recipe Reviews / Mango puree - Baby & Toddler book
« on: December 10, 2013, 10:54:05 pm »
Just made this in a few seconds flat, easy peasy and great.  :D :D :D
Miss nearly6mths has yet to try it but misses2&4 have tried it and enjoyed it (liked it a bit too much I think!  ;) )
Was surprised at just how smooth it was - after just 5 seconds blending!

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Recipe Book Recipe Reviews / Chicken Chasseur - Demonstrator Delights.
« on: November 13, 2013, 04:07:12 am »
This is very yum...but all the ingredients didn't fit into the TM bowl  ??? - let alone give room to cook up.  ???
Would definitely make again, but at 1/2 quantity.  :)
Taste wise all enjoyed  :), cleaning up after having to divide the mix and cook after boiling over, no one enjoyed!!  :(

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Recipe Book Recipe Reviews / Finger Paint - 2013 EDC
« on: October 04, 2013, 05:57:17 am »
 :D :D :D
This recipe is a winner, just the thing for rainy school holidays!
Next time I would probably separate it into more than 3 portions, as it makes alot. (but I only had 3 different colors of food coloring in my pantry!)
The girls are loving it, and I am loving the smiles on their faces.

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Recipe Book Recipe Reviews / Mashed Potato - 2013 EDC Page 93
« on: September 24, 2013, 12:20:03 am »
Made this yesterday to the recipe, turned out just perfect.  :D :D :D
Perfect consistency, much better than the original EDC recipe. :)
Used it for the topping on the shepherd's pie (same book) and the rest in sandwiches with shredded chicken, a bit of gravy and cheese for DH to toast at work.

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