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Soups / Gazpacho Andaluz (cold Spanish soup)
« on: February 05, 2009, 07:53:36 pm »
Gazpacho Andaluz (Cold soup)

6-8 servings

1000g very red ripe tomatoes(unpeeled)
2 cloves garlic
50g green pepper
40g onion
70g cucumber
40g wine vinegar
10g salt
50g olive oil
8 ice cubes
200g water
100g extra ice

Place all the ingredients roughly chopped in THX and the 8 ice cubes (except the water, ice and olive oil).
 Programme 30 seconds on 5, and then 3 mins on 10.
Add water and ice, 2 mins on 8.
And finally, add the olive oil 30 seconds on 5.

Tips/Hints:Olive oil to be added at the end to stop the Gazpacho from separating, if left for a few days in the fridge. If you find it too thick, add more water, I personally prefer more water.

If you add bread, its a little more fattening and obviously thicker, to be eaten with a spoon, but in Malaga we prefer to drink it in a glass with some ice. If you do decide to add bread, soak it in water so its soggy and then add it. Plus stale bread is the best.

Very refreshing, in Andalucia we have Gazpacho as a drink, in a glass to accompany our lunch in the summer.

Members' comments
brazen20au - OMG, delicious.

farfallina - It was easy and so delicious! It was so refreshing in such a hot day! Thank you so much for the recipe.

bluesed  - Very nice and basic recipe for Gazpacho. As mentioned you can add bread and you will get a more thick but more soft flavoured Gazpacho. Gazpacho with bread is called a Salmorejo and is actually the more traditional way of making Gazpacho in Andalusia.

To get the best flavour out of tomatoes it matters what kind of vinegar you use. Tomatoes has a very similar acid to apples so using a vinegar made of apples enhances the tomato flavour.

Also following the recipe might not get you the best possible result as tomatoes never tastes the same so you might need to add more salt or vinegar in the end to adjust the flavour.

Another nice addition to Gazpacho and tomatoes in general is sugar. For gazpacho i recommend using approx 20g sugar to each kg tomatoes. Adding sugar has the purpose of balancing the sournes of the tomatoes and enhances more subtle flavours.

To end this i just want to mention some of the flavours i might add when i prepare Gazpacho. You can add some of them or all of them as you like. I recommend you add your "extra" flavour in the beginning of the Gazpacho and then adjust in the end so you don't dim your senses.

Here are some of the ingredients I use for gazpacho to change it

Lemon Juice
Orange Juice

If you want a more smooth texture of the gazpacho peeling the cucumber and also the tomatoes makes it smoother.


Introduce Yourself / Hi from Southern Spain....
« on: February 05, 2009, 06:37:11 pm »
Hi everyone....
Have just bought a Thermomix as my xmas pressie (to myself) and it's the best thing I have ever done!  ;D
I have lived in Spain for over 20 years now,  I am originally from London, but I guess I am probably more Spanishy now than English! However they are just certain things here in Spain that lack a little, like desserts and cakes...which is how I found you!!! Looking for yummy desserts, to surprise all my friends with.
I have great Spanish recipes for you all, so if anybody would like something Spanishy...just let me know
Look forward to exchanging stuff....

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