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Thanks Tarasis!  I am sure I shall use it every day as we eat a lot of rice and pasta and standing over a hob (ours is very slow to heat) is not my idea of fun.  Glad to hear you are using yours more  :)

Leesmac78, I have taken a photograph but don't know to how add it on here.  Not terribly good as it is a typical dull English day and the light is poor.  It is on Flickr

Yes, Cornish Cream, it arrived at 11:45 and am so excited!!!  Quite right Bedlam, I have been too busy playing  ;D


Introduce Yourself / Re: Got my thermie yesterday!!!
« on: October 24, 2011, 08:12:10 am »
Is your steamed bread recipe this one from Full Steam Ahead page 160 JB? Check out the interesting sultana bread variation on this link, I've made that as well as the plain bread for toasting.

Judydawn, I don't have the book but it is almost exactly the same recipe.  I got it from here  Seems the video is a collaboration between Thermomix and Canal Cocina.  The sultana version seems interesting as well. 


Introduce Yourself / Re: Got my thermie yesterday!!!
« on: October 23, 2011, 07:49:45 pm »
Hi Fundj!  Yes, am almost ready but not as ready as Rosiejayne appears to have been.  I have been looking at Spanish recipes for the TMX and I love the idea of the bread steamed in the Varoma which is not suitable for eating unless toasted, ie think of toasting it and rubbing it with garlic and tomato as a simple breakfast.  It is from Canal Cocina and I will not add the recipe until I have perfected it to suit all tastes.


Introduce Yourself / Re: Got my thermie yesterday!!!
« on: October 23, 2011, 12:22:05 pm »
Hi Rosiejayne, you certainly seem to have got going with it quickly enough.  Mine arrives tomorrow ...


Hi Katya, I hope to adapt a garlic soup recipe I have and adapt it to the TM and also include some carrots as well.

Dede, I'm that excited I doubt if I will be able to sleep!  :(


Thanks leesmac.   :) The waiting is awful, but am trying to keep busy.  I cannot track it at the moment as we are not told the tracking number until the morning of the delivery day.  I have never come across this before when buying stuff, but it appears that that is the way TM UK works.

A friend bought one but she hardly uses it even though I have encouraged her with recipes and cooking with her.

Good grief!  Maybe there should be a law made to prevent the neglect of Thermomixes.  ;D

Thank you Cornish Cream - nice to know that there is someone in the UK using a TM.  I know that they are gaining popularity here but no-one I know has ever even heard of them.  In fact I only discovered their existence myself by surfing Spanish cookery websites back in 2009 and have wanted one ever since.


Thank you all for your welcome and advice.  I have started a mini spring clean already and will certainly think about what I am going to make.  Probably will be bread and soup as advised.  I make most of my bread anyway so it will be a new experience to make it in the TM and I have just realised that it peels garlic, which is godsend as I eat tons of the stuff. 

Thanks again for your help and i will certainly share my recipes with you!


Hi, I live in Gloucestershire (UK) and my TM will arrive on Monday.  As I ordered one too late in the week, I will be stressed for the whole weekend.  I cannot wait to get hold of my beauty.  Has anyone else been in this situation where 'non-working days' get in the way?   Would love to know how I can cope with over the weekend !!!!!!!!!!

Introduce Yourself / Hello!
« on: October 06, 2010, 12:32:58 pm »
I am not yet the proud owner of a Thermomix but am very interested in buying one, once I am convinced that it is for me.  I know that they are very popular in Spain but not very common here in the UK.  I am hoping that someone out there will be able to convince me that I need one ;D ;D

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